South Mountain State Park, Here are 7 Important Things You Need to Know

South Mountain State Park, Here are 7 Important Things You Need to Know
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SHARE - Welcome to North Carolina! If you are looking for a perfect destination for your mountain holiday, then NC is all yours! North Carolina is home to South Mountains and the preserve park which is famous for its scenic waterfall. 

South Mountains are an ancient mountain range in the western part of North Carolina. It has approximately 100,000 acres of areas in the neighboring counties including Burke and Cleveland.

The mountains of this range are deeply eroded. And thanks to the water erosion from numerous rivers and streams, the mountains have many amazing narrow ridges and green valleys that will spoil you.

The famous South Mountain State Park is where we’re going to take you. The park is located in Burke County which is also part of the South Mountains. You can do pretty much anything there! To help you maximize your trip to South Mountain State Park, here are some highlights of the site specially compiled by Tripboba.

South Mountain State Park North Carolina

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South Mountain State Park is part of the North Carolina State Park System, a group of protected areas in NC. Located near Connellys Springs, the park was once a gold mine that is now transformed into the local state park system for preservation.

The park features abundant amenities, such as elevations to 3,000 feet, an 80-foot waterfall, and mountain streams. There are also more than 40 miles of trails for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers. No need to hurry because there are numerous campsites available to book.

Besides, South Mountain State Park is a perfect site for trout fishing, too. They also provide two picnic areas and a picnic shelter for groups. You must go to the visitor center. It's where you'll find the exhibits related to the cultural and natural history of the South Mountains. You will definitely have a memorable time there!


South Mountain State Park Weather

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Good news for travelers! You can visit the park all year round, anytime you want. For many fun options of activities, visiting the park in summer will be the best choice. It’s important to note that you shouldn't be surprised by the fact that the site may be packed with visitors around this time.

On milder days, hiking to the peaks will be quite worthwhile. Sometimes, February brings a fake spring to South Mountain State Park. The temperature rises, and this is the time best for nature viewing. During this time, you will witness amazing views with peculiar vibes of a premature spring. It’s also a fantastic time to flyfish trout.

Winter days may be cold and even freezing, but you know that South Mountain Park is still the best place you should go to. It’s perfect for hiking and wildlife viewing. There are not many visitors around this time, too.

South Mountain State Park Map

Here’s the park map to get better ideas about the site.

South Mountain State Park Waterfall


High Shoals Falls South Mountain State Park is the most visited spot in South Mountain State Park because of its picturesque trails. It leads the visitors to the scenic view offered by the falls. There are many trails through the state park, and the most popular is the High Shoals Falls Loop Trail.

It is situated on Jacob's Fork River along with other nearby waterfalls like McGalliard Falls, Catawba Falls, and Upper Catawba Falls. There’s a large and deep pool down the High Shoals Falls. Here, you can enjoy the view and take photos. But remember that swimming is prohibited because it’s dangerous for your safety.

South Mountain State Park Hiking

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The park has 17 great hiking trails, running trails, views trails and more. You don’t need to worry about getting lost and all. The park provides you with a comprehensive trail map to guide your walk.

You can hike in the winter to warm your muscles. It’s important to always check the weather forecast and snow report beforehand for the sake of your own safety. Better check it beforehand than freezing while hiking!

If you fancy other activities such as trekking the trails, then mountain biking and horseback riding are also recommended. They are accommodated on the same trail system. So you don't need to dig other information.

South Mountain State Park Fishing

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South Mountain State Park is famous for trout fishing. Before setting up your fishing rod, it’s important to understand the basic regulations on trout fishing. Only single-hook artificial lures can be used from October through the first Friday in June.

Please note that fishing in this park is not for consumption. Instead, you must free the fish every time you catch it. A special license is also needed for trout fishing. 

South Mountain State Park Camping

The campsites are available all year round which is categorized into Summer (April 1 to October 31) and Winter (November 1 to March 31). The charge differs depending on the time you choose and also the type of camping site.

Some of RV campsites have complete electric hookups, while the others have different amenities. Tent/trailer campsites without hookups are cheaper. There are also backpacking campsites and equestrian campsites in this park.

Even though it's free to enter and explore the park, permits and fees are required to camp in South Mountain State Park. You need to go visit the visitor center beforehand to fill out the permit and pay the fees. Note that you need to pay an additional fee for the horse stall.


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