Moving to Asia and Start Your Own Lifestyle Business: Six Reasons You Should Know

Pixabay - You should totally do it!

Mar 07, 2020 12:00 PM

Are you starting to plan a new business? Maybe Asia is the right way to answer it all. This blog contains an idea of building a business in Asia. Living in Asia not only gives you free time to run your business, but it also makes you think that financial viability while money is extremely tight considering our future is very important. Below, are the following reasons why you should start a lifestyle business in Asia:

1.      Food and Drink are Cheap!

Living in expensive nations, such as the UK or Australia you have to spend a lot of money on your food and drink. Especially, if you build a business and constantly out meeting people or just socializing with your colleagues. In Portland, you will spend around $50 or more in a night. This would be an interesting part when you know you should not spend a lot of money on food.

In Asia almost all the food and drink are cheap and delicious, there is a variety of food you can taste. In Saigon, you just only spend around 35K for a bowl of pho. It’s under $2, local beer here just 12K or $0.517. Most importantly is that every city is different, for example, China is not cheaper than living in a western country. But, it’s still affordable when you visit Bali, Bangkok, Phomph Pnem, and Manila.

2. Easy Transportation.

Things you might have loved about spending time in Bangkok when you just paid around $20 and never realized when you could be on a tropical beach for less than 12 hours. Not only that, but you can also be more efficient with getting cheap airline tickets and the bus system around South East Asian is not only easy but affordable.

3. Easy to Make Contact.

Just start by asking “ where are you from” it’s the easiest intro ever and you can go to any place which exists with tourist bars across Asia by using that sentence. Usually, if you want to communicate with Asians who just cannot speak English and they have a way with body language so that both foreigners and Asians know what they will say. 

4. Feel Like Every Day is an Adventure.

In the previous, you might understand how amazing living in Thailand is for the first time when you see an elephant crossing the road. Seriously, that was the sight you will have never seen before. When in Bali you will get a natural atmosphere, a lot of green scenery and locals often using motorcycles for their mobility. Also, there are a lot of beautiful beaches with great views, it's worth visiting. 

5. Fresh Start: The Opportunity.

This is a very cool air when you can open your eyes widely to start a new business, precisely in Asia. This would allow you to build the business, develop it and continue that sense of excitement long after you might be bored living in a crowded city. 

6. The Amazing Story.

In this case, Asia will give you memorable memories and every moment you spend are matters. As you can see, Asia is not just a matter of cheap living costs. But, you will enjoy exploring around with amazing adventures, meeting new people who are friendly and especially starting a new lifestyle business and making things happen.