These Photos from “Ugly Designs” are Actually Pieces of Art, Here's Why!

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Jul 29, 2020 03:00 PM

Nice and expensive designs are everywhere, but how about ugly designs? Well, Jonas Nyffenegger and Sebastien Mathys has compiled all the ugliest designs and posted them in their @uglydesign account on Instagram.

As how they put in their bio, “Only the crème de la crème”. This account is now followed by 581k followers – who probably enjoy looking and cringing at ugly designs.

In this article, Tripboba has listed the posts from Ugly Design that will make you cringe. While we’re no experts in designs, you should see them for yourself and decide if they are that ugly or it's actually a piece of art?

Also, don’t take this as an offense. The founder himself said that he considers ugly to be beautiful, saying “I would cry if there weren’t any ugly designers anymore, if all our surrounding objects and items looked the same,”

1. La crème of heels

Have you ever seen a heel – with the tip shaping exactly like your toes? And to make it worse, the toes part is colored differently in striking colors. Golden straps are attached as well to the heels, making the heels secure to the feet of anyone who wears it.

2. Terrace with apple products cemented

Well, it seems like the owner of the building has lots of unused iPads and iPhones, and then decided to just plant them at the terrace. What’s their intention? We don’t know.

What we want to know more is why they planted it neatly on the highest stair and then messily on the second and third.

3. Rose-biting mask

We don’t know what’s the motivation behind this grandma wearing this mask – and whether she made it herself. But it looks like a good mask for Halloween.

4. Pizza Nail Art

Nail arts definitely can be the wildest creation sometimes. This one is inspired by pizza slices, complete with the pepperoni and pizza crust. Does it make you hungry?

5. Lobby, but you won’t be able to get there

We don’t know if there are things such as secret door to access this area but Tarzan’s going to approve this. With the chandelier in the middle, we should improvise, adapt, and overcome.

6. Fish tank or bra?

Totally a marina-life look on a budget. Are you inspired to do the same? Just make sure that you don’t wear this for very long or else the fish will lose oxygen!

7. Mineral water backpack

Because the most important thing in life is to stay hydrated.

Ugly Design was first started in 2015 in Tumblr and then it hopped over to Instagram where it gained a lot of popularity, committing to “disrupting people’s perfect feed.” So, what do you think? Interested in having or wearing these designs?