100+ One Piece Quotes That Will Bring You to the Good Old Time

100+ One Piece Quotes That Will Bring You to the Good Old Time
Photo by Bertha Fransiska

Tripboba.com - "Ore wa kaizoku ou ni naru!" If you know who said this quote, you are a truly One Piece fan. As a One Piece fan, you know that this manga and also anime is a true masterpiece.

Inside this article, Tripboba will give you lots of One Piece quotes from the best characters you love and hate that will inspire you.

Best One Piece Quotes

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These are some best One Piece quotes you could cite to inspire you.

  • “It may be hard right now… But you must silence those thoughts! Stop counting only those things that you have lost! What is gone, is gone!” – Jinbei

  • “Loneliness” is no longer part of my vocabulary.” – Brook

  • “Death is never an apology.” – Brook

  • “What do you know of death? Have you ever died? You think death will preserve your cause forever? Ridiculous! Death leaves nothing behind! Once a person passes on, nothing remains but dead bones. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a person with no respect for life.” – Brook

  • “If you lose credibility by just admitting fault, then you didn’t have any in the first place.” – Fujitora

  • “Don’t try to find a reason for somebody’s love.” – Sengoku The Buddha

  • "If you think I'm just another cute girl, you're dead wrong!" - Nami

  • "It's sunny today, with a chance of mirages and squalls in some areas. Watch out for stormy weather!" - Nami

  • "This is mine starting now! If you try and take it, you won't get off easy." - Nami

  • “Protecting what we cherish most as men is the reason why we formed this pirate crew!” – Usopp

  • “Fools who don’t respect the past are likely to repeat it.” – Nico Robin

  • “Sometimes the only thing you have to doubt is your own common sense.” – Nico Robin

  • “There is a difference in the look of the ordinary vagabond and that of a determined man.” – Doflamingo

  • “I lost my mother when I was 8…and killed my father when I was 10. Those with the title of “Executive” or above…are my “family”, with whom I’ve shared my joys and sorrows. They’re the only thing I have! I won’t forgive anyone that laughs at my family. Understood?” – Doflamingo

  • “Destiny. Fate. Dreams. These unstoppable ideas are held deep in the heart of man. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the Earth.” – Gold D. Rodger

  • “There are things you can’t see unless you change your standing.” – Trafalgar Law

  • “You can’t see the whole picture until you look at it from the outside.” – Trafalgar Law

  • “Wake up, princess. I’m tired of your useless ideals. It’s gotten pathetic. What good are your happy ideals if you can’t do anything to make them a reality? They’re nothing but dreams, and your dreams don’t stand a chance.” – Sir Crocodile

  • “I couldn’t confess my feelings for you, so I watched you from afar, being happy with someone else.” – Sanji

  • “Don’t start a fight if you can’t end it.” – Sanji

  • “A real man is someone who forgives a woman for her lies!” – Sanji

  • “I don’t care if you’re a god. If you lay even one finger on Nami-san, I’ll become the Devil of the Blue Sea!” – Sanji

One Piece Luffy Quotes

One Piece Luffy Quotes
Photo by Bertha Fransiska

Check some One Piece quotes by Mugiwara D. Luffy, the future Pirate King.

  • “I love heroes, but I don’t want to be one. Do you even know what a hero is!? For example, you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat, but the hero will distribute it among the people! I want to eat meat!”

  • "I don’t want to conquer anything. I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean… is the Pirate King!"

  • "If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future."

  • "I’ve set myself to become the King of Pirates… and if I die trying… then at least I tried."

  • "If I give up now, I’m going to regret it."

  • "Are we friends? Or are we foes? That kind of thing you decide for yourselves!"

  • "If I die fighting for it, that’s fine. I will fight…"

  • "I don’t care who you are! I will surpass you!"

  • "Power isn’t determined by your size but the size of your heart and dreams."

  • "Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar."

  • "I have Nakama who are not strong… But I still want them to be with me! So I have to be stronger than anybody else… or else I’ll lose them all!"

  • "Being alone is more painful than getting hurt."

  • "No matter how hard or how impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal."

  • "So, you don’t like to get hit, huh? Well, you’re about to have a very bad day."

  • "We already came this far. Anyway, we’re gonna save you (Nico Robin). And then, if you still want to die. You can die after we save you."

  • "It’s not about whether it’s impossible or not, I’m doing it because I want to."

  • "You want to keep everyone from dying? That’s naive. It’s war, people die."

  • "Then just become stronger. I have my ambition, you have your ambition too. Which means you should just keep walking forward towards that goal."

  • "If you hurt somebody… or if somebody hurts you, the same red blood will be shed."

  • "If you ask this old man anything about it here and now… Then I’ll quit being a pirate! I don’t want to go on a boring adventure like that!"

  • "There is something mysterious about the life of a pirate."

  • "I am going to save you even if it kills me."

  • "It’s not like “thanks” are something I can eat."

  • "Don’t you dare make my navigator cry!"

  • "You wait out here for us, ok, Usopp? We’re gonna level that stupid house to the ground."

Zoro One Piece Quotes

Zoro One Piece Quotes
Photo by Bertha Fransiska

Check some One Piece quotes by Roronoa Zoro, the Vice-Captain of Mugiwara Pirate.

  • “You need to accept the fact that you’re not the best and have all the will to strive to be better than anyone you face.”

  • “Only those who have suffered long can see the light within the shadows.”

  • “Bring on the hardship. It’s preferred in a path of carnage.”

  • “Either in belief or doubt, if I lean to one of these sides, my reaction time will be dulled if my heart thinks the opposite of what I choose.”

  • “When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. It’s not like somebody’s gonna save you if you start babbling excuses.”

  • “When you decided to go to the sea, it was your own decision. Whatever happens to you on the sea, it depends on what you’ve done! Don’t blame others!”

  • “When I decided to follow my dream, I had already discarded my life.”  

  • "You sure can talk the talk, but you’re not quite ready to walk the walk. Time’s up, it’s my turn."

  • "If I die here, then I’m a man that could only make it this far."

  • "Being strong isn’t just about having power or move, it about one’s spirit."

  • "If I lose to someone as pitiful as you, with such a small injury… my fate is already sealed."

  • "When you decided to go to the sea, it was your own decision. Whatever happens to you on the sea, it depends on what you’ve done! Don’t blame others!"

  • "It’s okay to lose your way… just don’t lose sight of what you have decided."

  • "I do things my own way! So don’t give me any lip about it!"

  • "I’m going to be the world’s greatest swordsman! All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous… but it’s gonna shake the world!"

  • "A scar on the back is a shame for a swordsman."

  • "I don’t care what the society says. I’ve never regretted doing anything. I will survive and do what I want to."

  • "I’ll become stronger for her! Until my name reaches Heaven itself… I’ll become stronger!… I’ll become the strongest swordsman in the world!"

  • "You’ve underestimated me, snow woman. When you thought you couldn’t beat me, you should have run."

  • "It’s true that there are some things that I’d rather not cut… But let me ask you… Have you ever met a beast… That you were sure would never bite?"

  • "Convey my will to this blade… now, let’s see if I am able to cut Steel."

  • "The fact that you can fight better as a giraffe… and the fact that you can use four swords… are all completely irrelevant… when you’re FACING ME!"

  • "When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. It’s not like somebody’s gonna save you if you start babbling excuses."

  • "Bring on the hardship. It’s preferred in a path of carnage."

  • "There is someone that I must meet again. And until that day… not even Death himself can take my life away! "

  • "If you do anything that would cause me to abandon my ambitions… You will end your own life on my sword!"

  • "You need to accept the fact that you’re not the best and have all the will to strive to be better than anyone you face."

  • "Well, how about this. My “luck” versus this thing’s “curse”… wanna see what’s stronger…? If I lose, then I’m just that much of a man anyways…"

  • "When I decided to follow my dream, I had already discarded my life."

  • "Ha, you want to kill me? You couldn’t even kill my boredom…"

  • "Over the nine mountains, across the eight seas, there is nothing I cannot cut."

  • "So, are you stupid enough to fall for such a stupid trap that such stupid people set up?"

One Piece Ace Quotes

One Piece Ace Quotes
Photo by Bertha Fransiska

Even though Portgas D. Ace is dead, what he did and said will always be remembered by all his friends and enemies, especially by his lovely brother, Luffy. Check some One Piece quotes by Ace.

  • "We have to live a life of no regrets."

  • "Old man, everyone! And you, Luffy. Even though I've been good for nothing my whole life, even though I have the blood of a demon within me. You guys still loved me! Thank you so much!"

  • "I don't wanna live a thousand years. If I just live through today, that'll be enough."

  • "Thank you... for loving me!"

  • “Start Living before you start dying”

  • "I don't owe anything to anyone, not even a god. That's what it means to be a pirate right?"

  • "Sometimes the blood rushes to my head, and I feel like if I run I'll lose something important."

  • "I bear the mark of Whitebeard. I could never lose."

  • "I am fire itself. You can't even touch me."

  • "Once I start a fight, neither side ever escapes."

  • "I'm aiming for the Pirate's Summit! And until I get there, I'm not stopping!"

  • “You haven't changed at all have you Luffy?”

  • "Luffy, always doing such ridiculous things! But I'm surprised! You've really gotten strong!"

  • "You've committed the worst crime you can commit on a pirate's ship. Now I have to deal with you, as commander."

  • "I sure do get hungry after a big victory!"

  • "Whoa! Not good, I was in the middle of eating."

  • "Glad that's finally taken care of."

  • "This is the Whitebeard Pirates' territory now."

Funny One Piece Quotes

Photo by Bertha Fransiska

We know that how silly and funny One Piece is. So, these are some One Piece quotes that will make you laugh.

  • "By The Way, Can You Poop?" - Luffy

  • "Save me! They'll kill me! Ah, but I'm already dead." - Brook

  • Franky: "That's Den-chan, brother of Tom, my shipwright master doing the recoating for us."
    Luffy: "So, he's a shipwright who coating Franky's brother?"
    Franky: "...Yeah, something like that."
  • "Wha! The shell is making fun of Usopp!" - Luffy

  • "Oh, come on! Getting caught between your appetite and your reason?" - Sanji

  • Franky "Whaaat!? Oi! What are you doing, Robin? Just dock to my left arm quickly!
    Robin: "No way. It's embarrassing as a human being... It's embarrassing as a human being."
    Usopp, Franky, Chopper: "She said it twice!"
  • Usopp: "Now, about the cost..."
    Nami: "Mirage Tempo."
    Usopp: "Don’t try to run!"
  • "Don't trust yourself" - Sanji to Zoro
  • Luffy: "Three-Sword Style
    Usopp: "Hey, wait, Luffy. "Three-Sword Style" isn't an insult."
    Luffy: "...Four-Sword Style."
  • Crocus: "You'd better not, or someone will die."
    Sanji: "Oh? Just who're you saying will die?
    Crocus: "Me?"
  • "If you go tho the forest alone, you won't make it three steps without getting lost!" - Sanji

  • "Just leave it to luck." - Zoro

  • "Zoro, I'll try making some medicine that works on hopelessness." - Chopper


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