100+ Two Word Quotes for Tattoos, Greeting Cards, Messages, and More

100+ Two Word Quotes for Tattoos, Greeting Cards, Messages, and More
Two Word Quotes - Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Words are powerful, so if you choose the words carefully and wisely, even pairing just two words can evoke a far range of emotions and communicate your intentions. It’s no wonder that Winston Churchill once said, “Short words are best and old words when short are best of all.”—conciseness is truly a virtue.

Short words are proven to be more readable and time-saving. We also tend to love concise, catchy phrases because they tend to display more clarity. So, when it comes to telling other people about what you feel or what you think, it’d better to keep it short yet memorable.

So, if you’ve been looking for some short two word quotes or sayings to send to your loved ones or for tattoo ideas, then Tripboba has got your back! We have gathered up a bunch of two word quotes that are rich in meanings and powers. From funny sayings to inspirational quotes, these two word quotes will truly catch your attention!

Funny two word quotes

Two Word Quotes - Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

If you’re looking for some funny two word quotes, then we’ve totally got you! You may have seen some of them somewhere—perhaps on Twitter—or heard them from someone, so yep we’ve also provided you with some popular slang words that you’d love in the following list!

  • “God speed.”
  • “Hakuna Matata.”
  • “I’m blushing.”
  • “Oh, Lord.”
  • “Eat me.”
  • “FIRE, RUN!”
  • “But why?”
  • “Couch potato.”
  • “Fully empty.”
  • “Exact estimate.”
  • “Eat ass.”
  • “Clap back.”
  • “Big mood.”
  • “Feeling salty.”
  • “Throwing shade.”
  • “Hot tea.”
  • “Sexy AF.”
  • “My bae.”
  • “Stan BTS!”
  • “Wig snatching!”
  • “My OTP.”
  • “Ship it.”
  • “Lit AF.”
  • “You’re extra.”
  • “Aww, yasss!”
  • “For real.”
  • “Just sayin…”
  • “Shit happens.”
  • “Spill tea.”
  • “Trolling you.”
  • “That’s fab.”

Two word inspirational quotes about life

Two Word Quotes - Photo by Julian Jagtenberg from Pexels

If you often hear “Just Do It”, “Think Different”, “Open Happiness”, “I’m Lovin It”, etc., these short phrases are taglines from famous brands (Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds).

Each tagline just consists of two to three words, but it states a company's overall purpose. So, there’s no way you wouldn’t get any inspiration from these two word quotes just because they are too short!

  • “Dream Big.”
  • “Be fearless.”
  • “I am.”
  • “Accept yourself.”
  • “Be spontaneous.”
  • “Dance today.”
  • “Time heals.”
  • “Let God.”
  • “Look within.”
  •  “Miracle happens.”
  • “Start living.”
  • “What if?”
  • “You can.”
  • “Rock on.”
  • “Never settle.”
  • “Believe me.”
  •  “Let go.”
  • “Think twice.”
  • “Be honest.”
  • “Be still.”
  • “Let's chill.”
  • “Don't panic.”
  • “Follow through.”
  • “For life”
  • “Hold on.”
  • “Inhale exhale.”
  • “Just because”
  • “Not yet.”
  • “Not today.”
  • “Slow down.”
  • “Have faith.”
  • “Aim high”
  • “Everything counts”

Famous two word quotes

  • “Fear not”
  • “Game on”
  • “Give thanks”
  • “Good job”
  • “Good vibes”
  • “Keep calm”
  • “Limited edition”
  • “Stay tuned”
  • “You matter”
  • “Don’t stop.”
  • “Keep going.”
  • “Try again!”
  • “Find yourself.”
  • “Find balance.”
  • “Friends forever.”
  • “Don’t care.”
  • “Forever free.”
  • “Dream bird.”
  • “Getting there.”
  • “Forever young.”
  • “Fairy dust.”
  • “Explore magic.”
  • “It works.”
  • “Enjoy life.”
  • “Enjoy today.”
  • “I can.”
  • “Imperfectly perfect.”
  • “Infinite possibilities.”
  • “Invite tranquillity.”
  • “Make believe.”
  • “Laughter heals.”
  • “Loosen up.”
  • “Notice things.”
  • “Perfectly content.”
  • “Perfectly fabulous.”
  • “Pretty awesome.”
  • “Respect me.”
  • “Rise above.”
  • “Shine on.”
  • “Sing today.”
  • “Slow down.”
  • “Stay focused.”
  • “Stay strong.”
  • “Stay true.”
  • “Think first.”
  • “Think different.”
  • “Treasure today.”

Two word love quotes

Two Word Quotes - Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels

If you’re madly in love with someone, just show your love to him/her with these concise yet powerful two word quotes.

  • “Love fiercely.”
  • “Love you.”
  • “Kiss me.”
  • “Unconditional love.”
  • “Platonic love.”
  • “Beautiful disaster.”
  • “Beautiful chaos.”
  • “Crazy beautiful.”
  • “Mad love.”
  • “Love endures.”
  • “Love fearlessly.”
  • “Got love?”
  • “Happy ending.”
  • “End game.”
  • “Trust me.”
  • “Love me.”
  • “Wanna play?”
  • “What if?”
  • “Why not?”
  • “DM me.”
  • “Hug me.”
  • “Endless love.”
  • “Miss you.”
  • “Be mine.”


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