150+ Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story to Build A Deeper Relationship with Your Followers

150+ Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story to Build A Deeper Relationship with Your Followers
Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Instagram Question Sticker is finally available for all Instagram users all over the world. Now, with this questions sticker, people can open a simple Q&A session on their Instagram easily.

Indeed, it's a big chance for you to interact with people you know on Instagram, whether it's your friends, colleagues, or some new followers that you know little about them.

Don't be worried if you don't have a great question inside your head, Tripboba will help you by providing more than 150 funny questions to ask on Instagram story!

Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Below are some funny questions to ask on Instagram story for you.

  • "What are your weekend plans for today?"

  • "Lowest marks you have ever scored?"

  • "Mountains or beaches."

  • "Your preferred genre."

  • "Which 2 things do you want after the apocalypse?"

  • "PUBG or Free Fire?"

  • "Your anime crush."

  • "Android or iOS?"

  • "Your current favorite song?"

  • "Heaviest weight you have lifted."

  • "Chainsmokers or Coldplay?" (some of their favorite musicians)

  • "Longest plank."

  • "First trip after COVID."

  • "Doremon gadget you could have."

  • "Where would you go using the anywhere door?"

  • "Cartoon theme song you remember."

  • "First thing you would draw using a magic pencil.

  • "Last search on internet explorer."

  • "Ever bought scented erasers."Hey, I have planned a great weekend will you join me in the evening?"

  • "Can you suggest some interesting ideas to celebrate weekends?"

  • "Do weekends really help you to chill after a hectic week?"

  • "If given a task that you have to be at your home during the whole weekend what will be your answer?"

  • "Do you work during your weekends?"

  • "What is your best memorable moment to date?"

  • "What is your most hilarious memory?"

  • "Which moment was your moment of achievement?"

  • "Fame or money?"

  • "Childhood life or adult life?"

  • "Move on or Hold on?"

  • "Western outfit or traditional outfit?"

Best Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Best Funny Questions to Ask on Instagram Story
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Make a great impression in a Q&A session using these funny questions to ask on Instagram story.

  • "Your fashion perception is amazing, whom do you follow to style yourself?"

  • "The arrangement of your feed is amazing, can you help me in making me feel better?"

  • "Your muscles are so attractive, what kind of workout do you follow?"

  • "Such glowing skin you have, can I know the secret behind it?"

  • "Can I know the name of the filter that you use to click your pictures?"

  • "All colors of garments suit you, what is your favorite color in clothing?"

  • "Your hair is very pretty, what is the secret behind it?"

  • "Can you share some hacks to get glowing skin like you

  • "Other than your original profession what is your favorite hobby that you do to pass your time?"

  • "What is your favorite Bollywood movie and why do you like that movie?"

  • "Amongst all the actors and actresses of Bollywood who is your dream girl or dream guy?"

  • "What part of your daily schedule is your favorite part of the day?"

  • "What kind of places do you like to go on a date?"

  • "What is your favorite food and what quantity can you eat to show your love?"

  • "What is your favorite song that you hear on a loop?"

  • "What is your favorite Cafe that you would surely love to go to anytime?"

  • "What was your favorite childhood treat?"

  • "What is the most exciting moment of your life that still excites you?"

  • "What is your best school or college memory?"

  • "Do you believe in recollecting memories?"

  • "If you had been given a chance to go back to your best memory what would it be?"

  • "Tea or coffee?"

  • "EDM or Bollywood?"

  • "Love or career?"

  • "Name a book that you would cherish for a lifetime."

  • "Tell us about your biggest fashion disaster?"

  • "Name a movie sequel you wish for."

  • "Your Favorite Series that was worth a binge-watch."

  • "Alfredo pasta or Arrabiata pasta?"

  • "A crime you would like to be caught for."

  • "Your anytime movie."

  • "Your favorite character from ...(their favorite movie or tv show)."

Questions to Ask on Instagram Story Funny

Questions to Ask on Instagram Story Funny
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you don't know how to ask some Instagram story questions, just read these funny questions to ask on Instagram story as your references.

  • "Have you ever witnessed UFOs or any alien things?"

  • "What happens if we all look the same?"

  • "What are things that you feel tired of seeing or hearing from the society/world?"

  • "What is special about 2021?"

  • "What are your new year’s resolutions?"

  • "Share the most important lessons you learned from 2020."

  • "What is your greatest lesson from a failed date?"

  • "Which actor or actress do you hate to watch in any movie?"

  • "Name a celebrity, you truly admire and why."

  • "Share a creative message just using “emojis.”

  • "Which movies or fiction relate to your life the most?"

  • "What makes you unique?"

  • "Suggest a list of movies to watch this weekend."

  • "What’s the first thing you do, after knowing all the secret spells and magic tricks?"

  • "Name the greatest trilogy of all time."

  • "Which 80’s movie that you enjoyed the most? Mine is, Back to the future."

  • "What makes millennials the best generation of all time?"

  • "Who is your favorite YouTuber?"

  • "What makes your face palmed from the present time?"

  • "Life without the internet. Share your views.

  • "Which negative habits are you going to remove from your life?"

Best Questions to Ask on Instagram Story Funny

Best Questions to Ask on Instagram Story Funny
Photo by Andrea Piacquadios from Pexels

If you search for some fun questions to ask on your story, lots of funny questions to ask on Instagram story below are the answers you need.

  • "Can you challenge yourself to live without social media, for one year?"

  • "What is your favorite song that you hear on a loop?"

  • "One Instagram account is enough?"

  • "What is the funniest joke you've ever heard or read?"

  • "A thing you recently purchased impulsively."

  • "Dish you regret tasting."

  • "Which is your favorite meme."

  • "What is better, Books or movie adaptation."

  • "Cats or dogs what’s your favorite?"

  • "Max no. of pushups in 1 set you achieved."

  • "Max no. of pull-ups or chin-ups you did."

  • "An app you wish existed."

  • "A fictional movie you want to experience IRL.(in real life)"

  • "Biggest mischief you did and weren’t caught?"

  • "Share your school event about which you are still ashamed."

  • "If you have the ability to mix two animals, and can make new species. What it’ll be?"

  • "What is the most embarrassing moment you have faced ever at a job/school/college?"

  • "That one scary movie incident that you’ve never shared with anyone."

  • "Are you daydreaming?" Share the craziest incident of the same."

  • "Have you ever caught sleeping in the office during work?"

  • "The funniest fact that you ever see, and still can’t agree with it."

  • "That celebrity you are obsessed about."

  • "Name one Underrated and Overrated celebrity. Give a reason why."

  • "Describe yourself in one “funny” sentence."

  • "If this is your last day on earth what will you do and with whom?"

  • "Strange office rules that you have to follow at the new office."

  • "Which animal you want to be and WHY?"

  • "Name a celebrity, you wish to send them in space."

  • "The funniest Wi-Fi name you’ve ever seen."

  • "What’s your Wi-Fi password?"

  • "If you go invisible for one day, what will you do?"

  • "How to insult someone hilariously?"

  • "Scale your confidence level (0-10) in front of the opposite gender."

  • "That popular singer, you think…"is not deserved to be famous."

  • "Your secret talent that no one knows or appreciates about you."

Funny Quiz Questions to Ask on Instagram Story

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

You can use this Question Sticker to make a short quiz in your Instagram story. For this moment, you might need these funny questions to ask on Instagram story.

  • "I was born in…"

  • "How old am I?"

  • "How long have (name) and I been married?"

  • "What’s my job?"

  • "Which is my favorite season?"

  • "My biggest dream is…"

  • "My biggest fear:"

  • "My biggest pet peeve is…"

  • "My favorite TV show…"

  • "My favorite movie…"

  • "If I were a celebrity I would be…" ?"

  • "My spirit animal is…"

  • "Which is my favorite food?"

  • "I’m allergic to:"

  • "Guess my favorite (ice cream/anything you want)

  • "How many tattoos do I have?"

  • "What instrument do I play?"

  • "My hidden talent is:"

  • "The scariest thing I did in my life:"

  • "The best gift I got:"

  • "My favorite song / band:"

  • "Never have I ever broken a bone?"

  • "Never have I ever tried to cut my own hair?"

  • "Never have I ever dyed my hair a crazy color?"

  • "Never have I ever been trapped in an elevator?"

  • "Never have I ever been on TV or the radio?"

  • "Never have I ever got a speeding ticket?"

  • "Never have I ever ate a whole pizza by myself?"

  • "Never have I ever taken food out of a trash can and eaten it?"

  • "Never have I ever eaten food that fell on the floor?"

  • "Never have I ever been arrested?"

  • "Never have I ever bungee jumped?"

  • "Never have I ever stayed up for more than 24 hours?"

  • "Never have I ever dropped my phone in the toilet?"

Overall, more than 150 funny questions to ask on Instagram story provided by Tripboba.

With all these questions, you can get so many random answers that will help you to gain some new insights that you actually don't know you need it.
Also, you can start a great conversation and build your relationship with your old or new friends that follow you on Instagram.


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