Questions to Ask on Instagram Story Funny

Questions to Ask on Instagram Story Funny
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you don't know how to ask some Instagram story questions, just read these funny questions to ask on Instagram story as your references.

  • "Have you ever witnessed UFOs or any alien things?"

  • "What happens if we all look the same?"

  • "What are things that you feel tired of seeing or hearing from the society/world?"

  • "What is special about 2021?"

  • "What are your new year’s resolutions?"

  • "Share the most important lessons you learned from 2020."

  • "What is your greatest lesson from a failed date?"

  • "Which actor or actress do you hate to watch in any movie?"

  • "Name a celebrity, you truly admire and why."

  • "Share a creative message just using “emojis.”

  • "Which movies or fiction relate to your life the most?"

  • "What makes you unique?"

  • "Suggest a list of movies to watch this weekend."

  • "What’s the first thing you do, after knowing all the secret spells and magic tricks?"

  • "Name the greatest trilogy of all time."

  • "Which 80’s movie that you enjoyed the most? Mine is, Back to the future."

  • "What makes millennials the best generation of all time?"

  • "Who is your favorite YouTuber?"

  • "What makes your face palmed from the present time?"

  • "Life without the internet. Share your views.

  • "Which negative habits are you going to remove from your life?"


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