45+ Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes Collections You Have to Know Existing!

45+ Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes Collections You Have to Know Existing!
Darkest Dungeon Quotes - Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Darkest Dungeon is the first video game released for Microsoft Windows and OS X in 2016. This is a role-playing game developed by Red Hook Studios. Darkest Dungeon is published by Merge Games. If you like to play a game in single-player mode, then Darkest Dungeon could be your choice to play. 

In this article, Tripboba has collected more than 45 awesome darkest dungeon quotes that you can check down below. We have put 45+ selections of darkest dungeon quotes into a list down below. Please stay tuned to the very end of this article, so you will not miss any of the darkest dungeon quotes. 

Without any further ado, let's get this article on the darkest dungeon quotes selections started.

Darkest Dungeon Narrator Quotes

Darkest Dungeon Quotes - Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

Welcome to the collections of darkest dungeon quotes that you should never miss. If you like to play this game or you want to know more about it, make sure you are not missing any of it!

  • "Slowly, Gently, This is how a life is taken." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Many fall in the face of chaos, but not this one. Not today." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Welcome home, such as it is. This is Squalid Hamlet. These Corrupted Lands, they are yours now, and you are bound to them." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Injury and despondence set the stage for heroism... or cowardice." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "A star-spawned horror." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "There is a sickness in the ancient pitted cobbles of the old road, and on its writhing path you will face viciousness, violence, and perhaps other damnably transcendent terrors." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Leave nothing unchecked, there is much to be found in forgotten places." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "And now the true test... hold fast, or expire?" - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Prodigious size alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Great adversity has a beauty - it is the fire that tempers the blade." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "This sprawling estate, a Mecca of Madness and Morbidity. Your work begins..." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Monstrous size has no intrinsic merit unless inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Ruin has come to our family." - Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Ancestor Quotes

Darkest Dungeon Ancestor Quotes
Darkest Dungeon Quotes - Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

You may also like this awesome list of darkest dungeon quotes that have been collected by Tripboba down below. Take a look at the list of darkest dungeon quotes here and pick the one that you like.

  • "In truth, I cannot tell how much time has passed since I sent that letter." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth." - Darkest  Dungeon
  • "Make no mistake, we will face ever-greater threats. Our soldiers must be ready." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "You answered the letter — now like me, you are part of this place." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "I see something long-absent in the sunken faces of passersby - a glimmer of hope." -  Darkest Dungeon
  • "Alone in the woods or tunnels, survival is the same. Prepare, persist, and overcome." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings..." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Great heroes can be found even here, in the mud and rain." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "I can still see their angry faces as they stormed the manor, but I was dead before they found me, and the letter was on its way." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "The cost of preparedness - measured now in gold, later in blood." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "I remember days when the sun shone, and laughter could be heard from the tavern." - Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Heart of Darkness Quotes

Darkest Dungeon Quotes - Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

  • "No fear can stand up to hunger, no patience can wear it out, disgust simply does not exist where hunger is; and as to superstition, beliefs, and what you may call principles, they are less than chaff in a breeze." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "The flesh is immortal, it is undying. Pray it does not take too hideous a form." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "No, it is impossible; it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one’s existence–that which makes its truth, its meaning–its subtle and penetrating essence. It is impossible. We live, as we dream—alone." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Behold the heart of the world! A progenitor of life, Father and Mother, Alpha and Omega! Our creator... and our destroyer." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "I don’t like work — no man does — but I like what is in work — the chance to find yourself. Your reality — for yourself, not for others — what no other man can ever know." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Self-preservation is paramount - at any cost!" - Darkest Dungeon
  • "You still foolishly consider yourself an entity separate from the whole. I know better. And I. Will. Show you." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "We live in the flicker — may it last as long as the old earth keeps rolling! But darkness was here yesterday." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Madness - sublimity of the intelligence, or so it has been said." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "The flesh is fluid, it can be changed, reshaped, remade!" - Darkest Dungeon
  • "A moment of valor shines brightest against a backdrop of despair." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Perhaps all the wisdom, and all truth, and all sincerity, are just compressed into that inappreciable moment of time in which we step over the threshold of the invisible." - Darkest  Dungeon

Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes

Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes
Darkest Dungeon Quotes - Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

Here comes more of the darkest dungeon quotes collections that you can check. Go through the collections of darkest dungeon quotes down below and select your favorite.

  • "True desperation is known only when escape is impossible." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "The sin is not in being outmatched, but in failing to recognize it." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "A hand-breadth from becoming unwound..." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "These nightmarish creatures can be felled! They can be beaten!" - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Ringing ears, blurred vision - the end approaches..." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "A time to perform beyond one's limits!" - Darkest Dungeon
  • "The mind cannot hope to withstand such an assault." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Compassion is a rarity in the fevered pitch of battle." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Another life wasted in the pursuit of glory and gold." - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Festering fear consumes the mind!" - Darkest Dungeon
  • "Impressive haul! If you value such things." - Darkest Dungeon

Those are all the list of darkest dungeon quotes that you can check. From all 45+ collections of darkest dungeon quotes above, which one is your favorite?


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