48 Best Looking for Alaska Quotes with Page Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind

48 Best Looking for Alaska Quotes with Page Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind
Looking for Alaska Quotes - Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

Tripboba.com - Firstly published in March 2005, Looking for Alaska is John Green's first novel. This novel was born due to John Green’s desire to create meaningful young adult fiction. No wonder, that every word from this novel is relatable for the readers.

If you are also read the novel, then you may ever read the following Looking for Alaska quotes. Below, Tripboba will share with you the 48 best Looking for Alaska quotes. Just in case you are still planning to read the novel, then the following Looking for Alaska may become a good sneak peek.

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Looking for Alaska Labyrinth Quotes

Looking for Alaska Labyrinth Quotes
Looking for Alaska Quotes - Photo by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

  • "I did not hear her words so much as the cadence of her voice. She’d obviously read the book many times before, and so she read flawlessly and confidently, and I could hear her smile in the reading of it, and the sound of that smile made me think that maybe I would like novels better if Alaska Young read them to me." - Page 81
  • "Suffering,” she said. “Doing wrong and having wrong things happen to you. That’s the problem. Bolivar was talking about the pain, not about the living or dying. How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering" - Page 82
  • "Hold on.” He grabbed a pencil and scrawled excitedly at the paper as if he’d just made a mathematical breakthrough and then looked back up to me. “I just did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit." - Page 78
  • "We can’t love our neighbors until we know how crooked their hearts are. Don’t you like porn?” she asked, smiling." - Page 85
  • "Don’t you know who you love, Pudge? You love the girl who makes you laugh and shows you porn and drinks wine with you. You don’t love the crazy, sullen bitch." - Page 96
  • "There comes a time when we realize that our parents cannot save themselves or save us, that everyone who wades through time eventually gets dragged out to sea by the undertow—that, in short, we are all going." - Page 120
  • "We are all going,” McKinley said to his wife, and we sure are. There’s your labyrinth of suffering. We are all going. Find your way out of that maze." - Page 121
  • "Christ,” the Colonel said quite loudly. “That wretched beast, drama, draws nigh." - Page 131
  • "I knew he was only trying to help, but he didn’t get it. There was pain. A dull endless pain in my gut that wouldn’t go away even when I knelt on the stingingly frozen tile of the bathroom, dry-heaving." - 146
  • "Ashes to ashes. Garage sale to garage sale." - Page 154
  • "Forgive me. Not at my best." - Page 179
  • "It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things." - Page 213

Looking for Alaska Quotes with Page Numbers

Looking for Alaska Quotes with Page Numbers
Looking for Alaska Quotes - Photo by ree-Photos from Pixabay

  • "The only thing worse than having a party that no one attends is having a party attended only by two vastly, deeply uninteresting people." - Page 4
  • "Because you simply cannot draw these things out forever. At some point, you just pull off the Band-Aid and it hurts, but then it’s over and you’re relieved." - Page 7
  • "That’s the mystery, isn’t it? Is the labyrinth living or dying? Which is he trying to escape—the world or the end of it?" - Page 19
  • "I really would give you this clover. Except luck is for suckers.” She pinched the runt petal between the nails of her thumb and finger and plucked it. “There,” she said to the clover as she dropped it onto the ground. “Now you’re not a genetic freak anymore." - Page 41
  • "Y’all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die." - Page 44
  • "Why would you try to kill this guy, Kevin? He’s a genius. Nuts to your truce." - Page 47
  • "That’s because you have eight functioning brain cells." - Page 52
  • "I may die young,” she said. “But at least I’ll die smart. Now, back to tangents." - Page 52
  • "You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present." - Page 54
  • "Sometimes you lose a battle. But mischief always wins the war." - Page 56
  • "Well, I usually can’t, but neither the book nor the conversation is particularly intellectually challenging." - Page 59
  • "You can fight with me,” I said. I put my controller down and leaned back on our foam couch and was asleep. As I drifted off, I heard the Colonel say, “I can’t be mad at you, you harmless skinny bastard." - Page 65

Looking for Alaska Quotes and Page Numbers

Looking for Alaska Quotes and Page Numbers
Looking for Alaska Quotes - Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

  • "So this guy,” I said, standing in the doorway of the living room. “Francois Rabelais. He was a poet. And his last words were ‘I go to seek a Great Perhaps.’ That’s why I’m going. So I don’t have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps." - Page 5
  • "That swan is the spawn of Satan. Never get closer to it than we are now." - Page 16
  • "I guess I stay with her because she stays with me. And that’s not an easy thing to do. I’m a bad boyfriend. She’s a bad girlfriend. We deserve each other." - Page 38
  • "Like Emily Dickenson, I ain’t  afraid of slant rhyme / And that’s the end of this verse; emcee’s out on a high." - Page 44
  • "It reminds me of when the Germans demanded that the U.S. surrender at the Battle of the Bulge,” I said. “I guess I’d say to this truce offer what General McAuliffe said to that one: Nuts." - Page 47
  • "As Alaska zipped through something obvious about linear equation, stoner/baller Hank Walsten said, “Wait, wait. I don’t get it." - Page 52
  • "Studies show that marijuana is better for your health than those cigarettes." - Page 52
  • "Jesus, I’m not going to be one of those people who sit around talking about what they’re gonna do. I’m just going to do it. Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia." - Page 54
  • "You’re awfully philosophical for a girl that just got busted".
  •  - Page 56
  •  "How can you read and talk at the same time?" - Page 59
  •  "Yes.” The Colonel smiled and leaned over to look at her from his top bunk. “You would. The big white whale is a metaphor for everything. You live for pretentious metaphors." - Page 59
  •  "I’m really not up for answering any questions that start with how, when, where, why, or what." - Page 68

Best Looking for Alaska Quotes

Looking for Alaska Quotes - Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

  • "It’s not because I want to make out with her." - Page 78
  • "Pretty good? Sure, and bufriedos are pretty good. Sex is pretty fun. The sun is pretty hot. Jesus, it says so much about love and brokenness—it’s perfect." - Page 85
  • "All right. The snow may be falling in the winter of my discontent, but at least I’ve got sarcastic company. Sit down, will ya?" - page 89
  • "People, I thought, wanted security. They couldn’t bear the idea of death being a big black nothing, couldn’t bear the thought of their loved ones not existing, and couldn’t even imagine themselves not existing. I finally decided that people believed in an afterlife because they couldn’t bear not to." - Page 100
  • "Because no one can catch the motherfucking fox." - Page 104
  • "Pudge, what you must understand about me is that I am a deeply unhappy person." - Page 124
  • "At least it was instant. At least there wasn’t any pain." - Page 146
  • "God. These books she’ll never read. Her Life’s Library." - Page 154
  • "With a sigh, he grabbed hold of his chair and lifted himself out of it, then wrote on the blackboard: How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?" - Page 158
  • "Funny thing, talking to ghosts,” he said. “You can’t tell if you’re making up their answers or if they are really talking to you." - Page 193
  • "Thomas Edison’s last words were: “It’s very beautiful over there.” I don’t know where there is, but I believe it’s somewhere, and I hope it’s beautiful." - Page 221

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