50 Best Video Game Quotes from Inspirational, Badass, to Hilarious


Badass video game quotes

Video Game Quotes - Photo by bayonetta.fandom.com

  • “Steel wins battles, Gold wins wars.” -Davion, the Dragon Knight, DOTA 2
  • "Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. Their silence is your answer." –Javik, MASS EFFECT
  • “Yeah, I’m still the Queen Bitch of the Universe.” -Kerrigan, Starcraft 2
  • "When you are ready to begin the Tea-Party, please smack Mister Flesh Stick in his bitch face." -Tiny Tina, Borderlands 2
  • “I’ve got a fever and my only cure is more dead angels.” -Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2
  • ‘Not even death can save you from me.’ Diablo, Diablo II
  • “I'm the grim reaper, Lardass, and you're my next customer.” -Manny Calavera, Grim Fandango
  • ‘It's not over until I teabag every last one of you alien mother f*&%krs!’ -Sam:, Serious Sam 3:
  • “There are two ways of doing this. My way, or the he's a dead motherf#$%*@ way: You pick.” -The Boss, Conker’s bad Fur Day
  • “Shut up, sit down. I'll tell you what we're gonna do. You're gonna find out who took our cocaine, and then, I'm gonna kill them.” -Tommy Vercetti, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • “All your base are belong to us.” -Cats, Zero Wing
  • “To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive.” -Ellie, The Last of Us
  • “This match….I think I learned something from this.  You’re nothing!” -Ryu, Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact.
  • “Stop right there, criminal scum!” – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


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