50+ Interesting Mean People Quotes to Give You New Perspectives

50+ Interesting Mean People Quotes to Give You New Perspectives
Mean People Quotes - Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Looking for some mean people quotes? Are you wondering how someone can be so mean? If you have a bad person in your life, you will most likely experience the dark side of human nature. The existence of him or her might annoy you as well as with their bad attitudes.

On this page, Tripboba provides inspirational mean people quotes that will make you look at life differently. Also, they will help you live a meaningful life. Enjoy.

Quotes About People Being Mean

Mean People Quotes - Photo by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

People can be so mean and always want to take you down. Let these mean people quotes make you feel okay again.

  • “Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.” – Michael Bassey Johnson
  • “Be kind to unkind people; they need it the most!” – Buddhism
  • “Presents don’t really mean much to me. I don’t want to sound mawkish, but – it was the realization that I have a great many people in my life who really love me, and who I really love.” – Gabriel Byrne
  • “Being mean about other people isn’t on my radar.” – Geri Halliwell
  • “Mean people are no fun.” – Thom Filicia
  • “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by *ssh*les.” – William Gibson
  • “People aren’t stupid. I mean, people remember in 1990, the unemployment rate was 10 percent. Now it’s 4 percent. We’ve got 1/4 million jobs that we’ve created.” – William Weld
  • “The moment you feel you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away.” – Alysia Harris
  • “Being nice to those who treat you badly isn’t being fake. Your spiritual maturity has risen above the desire for vengeance.” – Michael Binot
  • “No matter how nice you are to some people, they’ll turn their back on you the second they get the chance.” – Jeff Kinney

Quotes for Mean People

Quotes for Mean People
Mean People Quotes - Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Mean people’s words can be like knives against somebody. If you meet one of them, hit them with these mean people quotes.

  • “In life’s journey, you will meet all sorts of characters. Always remember, never shed a tear for the heartless, corrupt or insensitive.” – Krystal
  • “One does evil enough when one does nothing good.” – German Proverb
  • “People don’t mind being mean; but they never want to be ridiculous.” – Moliere
  • “In life you’ll meet a lot of jerks. If they hurt you, tell yourself that it’s because they’re stupid. That will help keep you from reacting to their cruelty. Because there is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance… Always keep your dignity and be true to yourself.” – Marjane Satrapi
  • “People who are mean or unkind or rigid – think about it – cannot laugh at themselves.” – Eileen Brennan
  • “There are people much less fortunate than us, and I don’t mean people hungry sleeping in the streets either.” – Della Reese
  • “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – Booker T. Washington
  • “In high school I spent most of my time in jeans and T-shirts or Juicy sweats. We’re such a laid-back town. I mean, people wore bikinis under their clothes half the time, so you didn’t really get dressed up to go to school.” – Lauren Conrad
  • “I mean people up here aren’t stupid, I’m lower gene pool and I kind of sit in amazement at watching some of them because they are pretty damn smart.” – Doug Ose
  • “I mean people have compared us to like the Grateful Dead and all these like psychedelic sixties bands.” – Jon Fishman


People Are Mean Quotes

Mean People Quotes - Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Mean people can knock you off your feet and make you feel like you are nothing. Read these mean people quotes to make you feel better.

  • “Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.” – Will Smith
  • “Since the nature of people is bad, to become corrected they must be taught by teachers and to be orderly they must acquire ritual and moral principles.” – Xun Zi
  • “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” – Wayne Dyer
  • “Mean people are no fun.” – Thom Filicia
  • “I mean people just have a way of – y’know they’ll review your record in two sentences and put you in this little stupid box that you don’t want to be in.” – Elliott Smith
  • “Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out!” – Robert Tew
  • “If you treat people right they will treat you right ninety percent of the time.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • “Do not eat the bread of a man who is stingy; do not desire his delicacies, for he is like one who is inwardly calculating.? Eat and drink!? he says to you, but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsels that you have eaten, and waste your pl.” – Proverbs 23:6-8
  • “Mean people don’t bother me a bit. Mean people who disguise themselves as nice people bother me a whole lot.” – Unknown
  • “We must never remain silent in the face of bigotry. We must condemn those who seek to divide us. In all quarters and at all times, we must teach tolerance and denounce racism, anti-Semitism and all ethnic or religious bigotry wherever they exist as unacceptable evils. We have no place for haters in America none, whatsoever.” – Ronald Reagan

Quotes About Mean People

Quotes About Mean People
Mean People Quotes - Photo by shauking from Pixabay

Mean people can be so selfish. They are liars and pathetic. Hit them with these mean people quotes.

  • “When we really see other people as they are without taking it personally, we can never be hurt by what they say or do.” – Miguel Angel Ruiz
  • “When we believe or say we have been offended, we usually mean we feel insulted, mistreated, snubbed, or disrespected. And certainly clumsy, embarrassing, unprincipled, and mean-spirited things do occur in our interactions with other people that would allow us to take offense. However, it ultimately is impossible for another person to offend you or to offend me. Indeed, believing that another person offended us is fundamentally false. To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else.” – David A. Bednar
  • “A hurtful act is the transference to others of the degradation which we bear in ourselves.” – Simone Weil
  • “The Bully has a Jekyll and Hyde nature is vile, vicious and vindictive in private, but innocent and charming in front of witnesses; no-one can (or wants to) believe this individual has a vindictive nature only the current target of the serial bully’s aggression sees both sides; whilst the Jekyll side is described as “charming” and convincing enough to deceive personnel, management and a tribunal, the Hyde side is frequently described as “evil”; Hyde is the real person, Jekyll is an act.” – Tim Field
  • “Liars are always most disposed to swear.” – Vittorio Alfieri
  • “What goes around comes around, and if you fight fire with fire, you are going to create more fire. The question is do you want to be right, or do you want what you want. What people says and do is their Karma, how you respond is yours.” – Sarah Rigotti
  • “The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.” – Bryant H. McGill
  • “Try to ignore and walk away. After a while, it gets easier and they will also see that you renot responding to their ways, so will leave you alone.” – Eiko Mendoza
  • “Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Don’t take it personally be silent.” — Unknown
  • “If you’re really a mean person you’re going to come back as a fly and eat poop.” —  Kurt Cobain


Quotes on Mean People

Mean People Quotes - Photo by Astrid Pereira from Pixabay

People can be so mean since they fear, hurt, and have weaknesses. May these mean people quotes make you more understand about it.

  • “Always ignore hateful attitude and rude behavior of the people. They are powerless without your response.” – Bushra Zarrar Rana
  • “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” – Matthew
  • “Rudeness degrades primarily those who are rude.” – Unknown
  • “Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.” – Umar
  • “The worst people on earth are not only those who commit evil, but those who stand by and turn a blind eye.” – Emmanuel Jal
  • “The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people? The more peaceful your life will become.” – Mandy Hale
  • “People will hurt you. But don’t use that as an excuse for your poor choices, use it as motivation to make the right ones.” – LeCrae
  • “Treat them with the contempt that they deserve. Being confrontational and responding to the abuse is not conducive to a peaceful, stress-free life. Be conveniently deaf, blind and dumb. It’s so much more effective when yours is not the expected reaction.” – Margaret Young
  • “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein
  • “If people say something rude or off-color, you have to take it with a grain of salt, because they don’t know you.” – Chris Daughtry
  • “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.” – Dave Barry


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