50 Rejection Quotes to Help You See That It's Not the End of the World

50 Rejection Quotes to Help You See That It's Not the End of the World
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Tripboba.com - Rejection is something that we have at least experienced once in life. Rejection is a hard emotion to deal with because it can make us feel worthless and question our own ability.

Although it’s easier said than done, it’s important to see the positive sides of rejection. Because rejection is a chance to learn, improve, and look for another opportunity that is better for us.

If you’re having difficult times because of a rejection, Tripboba has rejection quotes that can make you feel a little bit better. These rejection quotes might also represent what you really feel at the moment.

Read on and find out which rejection quotes can inspire you the most!

Quotes About Rejection

Quotes About Rejection
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Rejection is not the end of the world. In fact, it might be a chance to seek another new world that fits you better. These rejection quotes might be able to give you a little push in looking for new opportunities.

  • “I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject.” ― Jeanette Winterson
  • “Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” ― Steve Maraboli
  • “I know that when a door closes, it can feel like all doors are closing. A rejection letter can feel like everyone will reject us. But a closed-door leads to clarity. It's really an arrow. Because we cannot go through that door, we will go somewhere else. That somewhere else is your true life.” ― Tama J. Kieves
  • “Rejection is a challenge.” ― Veronica Purcell
  • “Have you had a failure or rejection? You could get bitter. That's one way to deal with it. Or...you could just get BETTER. What do you think?” ― Destiny Booze
  • “There is no doubt; even a rejection can be the shadow of a caress.” ― José Ortega y Gasset
  • “Rejection is more valuable than inaction. All that I have learned until now has been because of rejections. Inaction didn’t teach me a thing.” ― Neeraj Agnihotri
  • “So many people will tell you ”no”, and you need to find something you believe in so hard that you just smile and tell them ”watch me”. Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove people wrong. Be unstoppable. Refuse to give up, no matter what. It’s the best skill you can ever learn.” ― Charlotte Eriksson
  • “It’s common to reject or punish yourself when you’ve been rejected by others. When you experience disappointment from the way your family or others treat you, that’s the time to take special care of yourself. What are you doing to nurture yourself? What are you doing to protect yourself? Find a healthy way to express your pain.” ― Christina Enevoldsen
  • “Being angry, resentful, or saddened by rejection can suck the sweetness out of acceptance.” ― Charles F. Glassman
  • “The person who accept the rejection in pure ways never claims for acceptance.” ― Sonal Takalkar
  • “When a door is slammed shut in your face, don't stand there twiddling your fingers, begging. Open your eyes, look around. There are countless doors waiting to let you in. But remember, sometimes, you have to pull the handle. Other times, just kick it open...Keep trying. Never let rejection define you.” ― Adaora O.
  • “You have to take all the rejections that life will throw at you. We do not grow in happiness, but we grow in sadness. Each rejection teaches us something new.” ― Avijeet Das
  • “Rejection leads to redirection.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  • “Don't loose your hope until you get rejected, because once you lose your respect you will get rejected.” ― Allan Bridjith

Fear of Rejection Quotes

Fear of Rejection Quotes
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Fearing rejection is a debilitating feeling that makes us not able to take action. These fear of rejection quotes might motivate you to face your fear and finally, chase your goals without being afraid of rejection. 

  • “I really wish I was less of a thinking man and more of a fool not afraid of rejection.” ― Billy Joel
  • “Many of us live in denial of who we truly are because we fear losing someone or something and there are times that if we don't rock the boat, too often the one we lose is ourselves...It feels good to be accepted, loved, and approved of by others, but often the membership fee to belong to that club is far too high of a price to pay.” ― Dennis Merritt Jones
  • “Facing the fear of rejection and humiliation is critical for self-growth and no one is ever happy or content until they venture outside themselves to learn what dwells in other people’s hearts.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls
  • “When you are not afraid of rejection and it feels like you have nothing to lose, Amazing things can happen.” ― Jia Jiang
  • “In the heart of appeasement there's the fear of rejection, and in acts of fear there are mirrors of oppression.” ― Criss Jami, Healology
  • “It is not rejection itself that people fear, it is the possible consequences of rejection. Preparing to accept those consequences and viewing rejection as a learning experience that will bring you closer to success, will not only help you to conquer the fear of rejection but help you to appreciate rejection itself.” ― Robert Foster Bennett
  • “Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don't base your self-esteem on their opinions.” ― Harvey Mackay
  • “Refuse to let the fear of rejection hold you back. Remember, rejection is never personal.” ― Brian Tracy
  • “The fear of rejection really kind of stunts your growth as a person.  I mean, it's like a friend of mine says, who cares if you fail?  Who cares if you fail?  It's like babies try to get up and walk all the time and they keep falling down.  If we just gave up, we'd all be crawling around.” ― John Rzeznik
  • “The better you are at communicating, negotiating, and handling your fear of rejection, the easier life is.” ― Robert Kiyosaki
  • “Rejection and the fear of rejection is the biggest impediment we face to choosing ourselves.” ― James Altucher
  • “The fear of not getting the reward becomes the fear of rejection. The fear of not being good enough... is what makes us try to change, what makes us create an image.” ― Miguel Angel Ruiz
  • “I realized that I could have been in galleries much sooner. I just needed to get past the fear of rejection. I still feel nervous when I approach a new gallery, although it has become more like a job now. The first step on this long road was getting past that initial fear.” ― Mark Edward
  • “Evolution has programmed us to feel rejection in our guts. This is how the tribe enforced obedience, by wielding the threat of expulsion. Fear of rejection isn't just psychological; it's biological. It's in our cells.” ― Steven Pressfield
  • “As a writer, the worst thing you can do is work in an environment of fear of rejection.” ― Carol Leifer

Love Rejection Quotes

Love Rejection Quotes
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  • Being rejected by someone that you love is one of the worst feelings in the world. If you have been rejected by someone you love, these love rejection quotes might be able to describe what you feel perfect.
  • “I gave him my heart, and he took and pinched it to death; and flung it back to me. People feel with their hearts, Ellen, and since he has destroyed mine, I have not power to feel for him.” ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights
  • “Was I bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet ass I was hurt. Who doesn't feel a part of their heartbreak at rejection. You ask yourself every question you can think of, what, why, how come, and then your sadness turns to anger. That's my favorite part. It drives me, feeds me, and makes one hell of a story.” ― Jennifer Salaiz
  • “It's easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.” ― Chuck Palahniuk
  • “The dream of a perfect love is gone and all that remains is disappointment and rejection.” ― Marty Rubin
  • “Rejection, though--it could make the loss of someone you weren't even that crazy about feel gut-wrenching and world ending.” ― Deb Caletti
  • “Isn’t that the greatest tragedy? When someone rejects us, no matter how they abuse our love, we hope against reason that somehow they will come back to us.” ― Suzanne E. Anderson
  • “To live in a hallucination of being loved is more painful than rejection.” ― Vinaya Panicker
  • “For a long time, my hidden shame had made me push everyone away. I'd rejected them before they could reject me. I ran away from close relationships even with the people who loved me. I was a blind man fallen into the ocean.” ― Qiu Miaojin
  • “You can't get hurt when you love someone from the other side of an estuary. All the years she rejected him, she survived because he was somewhere in the marsh, waiting. But now perhaps he would no longer be there.” ― Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing
  • “The man who leaves you is simply clearing the way for the one you deserve.” ― Naide P Obiang
  • “And it would have been one thing, all of these suitors agreed, to have been rejected for a reason, but to be passed over simply because one was, in some vague way, not good enough—that was an unequivocal blow.” ― Kristen Roupenian, You Know You Want This
  • “I didn’t love until rejection which said nothing about him, but everything about me.” ― Dominic Riccitello
  • “Somewhere, somehow, maybe I can find someone who can make my heartbeat again. For every day that I pine for your love, and for every single time you reject me, I start to die deep inside. That throbbing pain has slowly turned into numbing emptiness.” ― Laarni Venus Marie
  • “And once a boy has suffered rejection, he will find rejection even where it does not exist or, worse, will draw it forth from people simply by expecting it.” ― John Steinbeck
  • “I'd been rejected, but I was still in love, so I decided to start over.” ― Steve Jobs

Funny Rejection Quotes

Rejection can also be taken with humor. These funny rejection quotes are proof that you can also still laugh after being rejected.

  • “There's nothing like rejection to make you do an inventory of yourself.” ― James Lee Burke
  • “I used to save all my rejection slips because I told myself, one day I'm going to autograph these and auction them. And then I lost the box.” ― James Lee Burke
  • “I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.” ― Sylvester Stallone
  • “If I went by all the rejection I've had in my career, I should have given up a long time ago.” ― Mike Myers
  • “I wrote poems in my corner of the Brooks Street station. I sent them to two editors who rejected them right off. I read those letters of rejection years later and I agreed with those editors.” ― Carl Sandburg


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