Best Vegan Jokes

Best Vegan Jokes
Photo by Vegan Liftz on Pexels
  • Q: Why are vegan jokes healthy? A: They're not cheesy at all.
  • Q: What do zombies eat as a vegan breakfast? A: Grains.
  • Q: What is a heated discussion between a bunch of vegan people called? A: Plant-based beef.
  • Q: Why did the woman's friends get worried after she went vegan? A: It felt like they'd never met herbivore.
  • Q: Why was the vegan person removed from his post? A: He didn't meat his employer's requirements.
  • Q: Why was the vegan person always involved in arguments? A: She had a habit of getting into corn-frontations.
  • Q: What do you call a Viking who turns vegan? A: Norvegan.
  • Q: What did the vegan say to his friend when he accidentally ate meat? A: "It was a meat-steak!"
  • Q: Why did they only serve vegan food at the high school football game? A: It was full of pro-teens.
  • Q: What did the vegan person say to the waiter who got him a cake with egg in it? A: "Bring me a vegan cake- no egg-scuses!"
  • Q: What did the vegan man say to the fruit when he was hungry? A: Man-go and get me some good food.
  • Q: What did the woman say to the DJ at the vegan festival? A: Can you turnip the sick beets?
  • Q: What did the vegan pacifist say when the chef forgot to add peas to the soup at the buffet? A: All I want is peas for everyone.
  • Q: How did a woman suddenly realize she wanted to go vegan? A: She got a wake-up kale.
  • Q: Why did the vegan not take the job at the grocery store? A: He thought the celery was insufficient.


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