60 Family Feud Questions and Answers to Add More Fun in Your Family Gatherings

60 Family Feud Questions and Answers to Add More Fun in Your Family Gatherings
Family Feud Questions and Answers - Photo by Gem Codes from Flickr

Tripboba.com - As a fan of the iconic TV show Family Feud, you also kind of want to create your own game at your own house. No more “maybe” this time! You can actually do it the next time you and your family are gathering. This television game show is definitely perfect for your family gatherings.

You can make your next family game night even more fun by hosting your own home version games of Family Feud. Despite playing on our television for generations, Family Feud questions and answers for this game night will have everyone smiling and having fun.

If you’re looking for inspiration on Family Feud questions and answer, Tripboba is here to help you as we have collected some of the best ones for you and your family to have fun in your next gathering. Let’s find out for more!

Family Feud Questions and Answers

Family Feud Questions and Answers - Photo by TeamBonding Corporate Team Building from Flickr

In order to play, you have to have two families or teams playing and competing with each other to correctly guess the most popular responses to Family Feud survey questions.

For each answer a team guesses correctly, the team receives a number of points that correspond to the number of people surveyed who gave that answer. In another word, if 36 people say a dog is their favorite pet, and your team guesses "dog," you will earn 36 points. And the first team to reach 300 points, wins! Since you’re playing with your family, there is no fast money to get, instead lots of fun and great memories!

Next, Team Captains face each other by trying to beat each other to ring the bell and answer the question first. The Team Captain who pressed the bell first had five seconds to give the answer listed on the Family Feud question and answer sheet. If the first Team Captain fails to provide the correct answer, the other Team Captains get a chance to guess.

The team whose Captain gives the correct answer first gets a chance to win and play this round of the game. If they don't want to, they can give the opportunity to play the round to the opposing team. The team that chooses to play this round gets a chance to guess the remaining top answers to the question.

Each team member gets a chance to provide answers, one at a time, until they find all the answers or get three wrong answers (or a warning). The team gets three strokes during the round, and any wrong answers given count as one stroke. When the team gives the correct answer, the host adds the correct number of points (Important note: the correct points for each answer are listed in brackets next to the answer).

When a team uses their three attacks, the turn passes to the second team. The second team gets one chance to provide one of the top answers to the question. If they succeed answering the question, they will steal all the other team's points from that round and win the round.

If the opposing team fails, the first team retains their points for that round. At the end of the round, the host reads off the first question and must add up the points of each team and write them down on the scorecard.

To start the second round, a new member from each team must come to the front of the room and prepare to answer the next question.

Now, let’s all play Family Feud and take a look at these Family Feud questions and answers below. This list of questions are a great starter for your game:

1. "Name a house you never want to be in."

Haunted house (27)

Jail/big house (11)

Doghouse (8)

Drug house (7)

Small house (7)

Glass house (6)

Cat house (5)

Outhouse (5)

2. "Name something associated with vampires."

Twilight (33)

Blood/bloodsucker (29)

Garlic (9)

Bat (7)

Cape (7)

Dracula (5)

Fangs (4)

Halloween (4)

3. "Name something in a bakery a baker might call his wife."

Honey/buns (32)

His oven (9)

Sweet/sweetie (9)

Cupcake (8)

Muffin (7)

Sugar (5)

Donut (5)

Doughy (4)

4. "Name something in a person’s closet that only comes out on special occasions."

Suit/tux (35)

Dress (26)

Jewelry (10)

Dress shoes (6)

Shotgun (4)

5. "If you could go to the land of oz, what would you ask the wizard for?"

Money (37)

Health/a new heart (17)

A brain (7)

Hot bod (5)

Peace on earth (4)

Love (4)

Happiness (4)

Magic power/to fly (4)

6. "Name something you might see a commercial for during a baseball game."

Car/Truck (28)

Baseball Equipment/Jerseys (26)

Baseball Games/Tickets (25)

Restaurants (9)

Medication (6)

Beer (4)

7. "Tell me a word that rhymes with “election”

Selection (32)

Erection (23)

Perfection (6)

Detection (6)

Protection (5)

Rejection (4)

Collection (4)

Section (4)

8. "When you enter a bathroom, what color do you really hope not to see in the toilet bowl?"

Brown (61)

Yellow (11)

Red (10)

Green (10)

Black (2)

Pink (1)

9. "If your dog ran away, name something you’d be surprised he took with him."

The cat (23)

Leash/collar (17)

Food/bowl (16)

His bone (9)

Clothes/shoe (6)

Bed/pillow (6)

Favorite toy (4)

Wallet/money (4)

10. "What’s something you keep in your car, just in case?"

Money/coins (19)

Food/water (18)

First aid kit (18)

Spare tire (15)

Map (7)

Jumper cables (7)

Spare clothes/shoes (5)

Gas Can (2)

Flare (2)

11. "Name an occasion for which you might wear your lucky underwear."

Hot Date (30)

Job Interview (16)

Casino/Gambling (11)

Sporting Event (9)

Wedding/Night (7)

Anniversary (5)

Valentine’s Day (4)

Exam/Finals (4)

12. "Name something you find in a breakfast buffet."

Eggs (25)

Bacon (24)

Sausage (19)

Potatoes/hash browns (12)

Juice (7)

Coffee (6)

Melon (2)

Cereal (2)

13. "If there was a store that only sold husbands, most people would try to buy one with what?"

Job (24)

Personality/humor (15)

Warranty/guarantee (14)

Heart/character (12)

Bank account (10)

Bod/butt (9)

Head of Hair (3)

Brain (2)

14. "Name a Professional Sport Where the Players Make a Lot of Money."

Football (29)

Baseball (27)

Basketball (24)

Soccer (7)

Tennis (7)

Darts (2)

15. "Name Something You’d Do if the Person Sitting Next to You on an Airplane Had B.O."

Change seats (39)

Cover nose/mask (24)

Turn head (6)

Endure/enjoy it (6)

Spray perfume (6)

“You reek, yo!” (3)

Sleep (3)

Hang in the bathroom (3)

Family Feud Questions and Answers 2020 and 2021

Family Feud Questions and Answers - Photo by Encouragement & Rescue from Flickr

The fun must continue with these Family Feud questions and answers. You try playing Family Feud game in your guest room, or while vacationing. There is nothing better than the fun vibes with your family and loved ones by playing fun game like this Family Feud.

For more Family Feud questions and answers, here is what Tripboba found (and if you’re looking for Family Feud questions for kids, they are even fun to play with your little ones):

16. "Name Marvel’s Avengers."

Captain America (22)

Iron Man (22)

Black Panther (20)

The Hulk (15)

Thor (15)

Black Widow (9)

Spiderman (3)

Hawkeye (3)

17. "In horror movies, name a place teenagers go where there’s always a killer on the loose."

Cabin/camp/woods (49)

Graveyard (12)

Movie theater/drive-in (6)

Basement/cellar (6)

Closet (5)

Bathroom/shower (4)

Bedroom/bed (4)

A party (4)

18. "Name a state that has a lot of sports teams."

New York (33)

California (30)

Florida (18)

Texas (13)

Pennsylvania (3)

Illinois (2)

19. "Name something snowmen might have nightmares about."

Sun/beach weather (62)

Fire/flame throwers (14)

Blow dryers (3)

Rain (3)

Snowplow/Shovel (3)

Drought (2)

Snowballs (2)

Peeing dogs/pee (2)

20. "Name a common candy bar component."

Chocolate (36)

Peanuts (22)

Caramel (15)

Almonds (12)

Nougat (10)

Coconut (6)

21. "Name a place where if her husband took her there for her anniversary, a wife would be mad."

Tacky restaurant (43)

Strip joint (19)

Sporting event (12)

Bar/club (6)

Bowling alley (4)

His parent’s house (4)

The Movies (2)

Car Show (2)

22. "Name a type of insurance."

Car (28)

Health/dental (22)

Life (15)

Home (10)

Renter’s (8)

Flood (6)

Travel (4)

Blackjack (2)

23. "Name something a woman with a crush on Santa might leave out for him instead of cookies."

Candy/better food (23)

Lingerie (14)

Her phone number (13)

Herself (12)

Sexy pictures (12)

Booze (6)

Mistletoe (6)

Love letter (4)

24. "Name something you would buy after getting engaged."

Dress (44)

Ring (31)

Champagne/drinks (11)

Dinner (6)

25. "Name something that might be full of holes."

Swiss cheese (40)

Clothes/socks (16)

Alibi/story (14)

Net/fishing net (9)

Colander/strainer (8)

Golf course (2)

Screen (2)

Road/street (2)

26. "Other than letters, name something people get in the mail."

Junk mail/ads (24)

Magazines (22)

Bills (17)

Packages (14)

Postcards (5)

Checks (4)

27. "Name something a naughty kid does to Santa."

Pulls his beard (40)

Hit/kick/bite (21)

Go to the bathroom on his lap (10)

No Cookies/eats them (9)

Bad/poison milk (5)

Cuss out/yells (4)

Farts on him (2)

Stays up/spies (2)

28. "Name a country with a large population."

China (45)

India (28)

United States (20)

Brazil (5)

Mexico (2)

Indonesia (2)

29. "Name something a squirrel might get in a fight with if it tried to take his nuts."

Bird/crow (30)

Another squirrel (23)

Chipmunk (12)

Cat (10)

Raccoon (8)

Dog (5)

Rabbit (4)

Human (3)

30. "Name a type of building where it always seems to be cold."

Doctor office (44)

Work (19)

Classroom (14)

DMV (4)

Hotel room (4)

Igloo (2)

Funny Family Feud Questions and Answers List

Family Feud Questions and Answers - Photo by Alfred State from Flickr

When fun and funny are combined, you got double treatment that’s unforgettable. Here is to more fun and funny Family Feud questions and answers:

31. "Name Something People Do to Their Armpits."

Shave/Wax Them (63)

32. Put deodorant on them (10)

Make noise/fart (9)

Scratch/rub them (6)

Sniff them (6)

Wash them (6)

33. "Name something that might make you suspect your new house is haunted."

Noises/Voices (50)

Moving objects (18)

Flickering lights (12)

Doors open/close (7)

Ghosts (6)

Weird odors (2)

34. "Name something that grows faster than you want it to."

Hair/unibrow (48)

Lawn/weeds (14)

Kids/babies (13)

Belly/weight (13)

Nails (6)

Debt/expenses (4)

35. "Name something that might be brewing."

Coffee (37)

Beer (28)

Tea (17)

Trouble (8)

A Storm (5)

A Plot (3)

36. "Name an occupation that begins with the letter “J”

Janitor (62)

Judge/justice (19)

jeweler (5)

jockey (4)

journalist (4)

juggler (3)

37. "name something you’ve seen your neighbor doing outside while wearing a bathrobe."

Getting newspaper (57)

Watering grass (17)

Taking out the trash (16)

Washing the car (3)

Kissing spouse (2)

Gardening (2)

38. "Name something that starts with the word “chow”

Chow mein (57)

chowder (12)

chowhound (8)

Chow chow (8)

Chow down (6)

Chowtime (6)

39. "Name something that has to be licked."

Lollipop (33)

Ice cream/cone (32)

Stamp (11)

Popsicle (10)

Envelope (9)

Your lips (2)

40. "When you call in sick to work or school, name something you do to make it believable."

Cough (68)

Hoarse/weak voice (18)

Fake puke (3)

Moan/groan (3)

Fake doctor’s/parent note (2)

Sneeze/sniffle (2)

41. "Name an activity that requires using your lips."

Kissing (56)

Talking (23)

Whistling (7)

Singling (4)

Playing flute/horn (4)

Licking Your Lips (2)

42. "Name an animal a snake can swallow whole."

Mouse/rat (73)

Alligator/crocodile (9)

Rabbit (5)

Dog (3)

Pig (3)

Cat (2)

43. "Name a word you can use instead of “woman”

Lady (36)

Girl (24)

Female (17)

Chick (7)

Broad (6)

Gal (5)

44. "Name something you see outside that would make you want to stay inside."

Bad weather/tornado (71)

Bear/animal (13)

Zombies (3)

Apocalypse (2)

Fire/smoke (2)

Bad celebrities (2)

45. "Name something specific about mickey mouse that other mice might make fun of."

Gigantic ears (36)

Clothes/gloves (29)

Voice/laugh (19)

His huge feet (3)

BFFs with a duck (3)

Honker/big nose (3)

46. "Fill in the blank: “Raging ____?”

Bull (74)

Waters (7)

Fire (3)

Hormones (3)

River (3)

Rapids (3)

Family Feud Game Questions and Answers

Family Feud Questions and Answers - Photo by Alfred State from Flickr

Family Feud game is totally fun to play in any occasion, whether it’s during Christmas or Halloween. Here are more Family Feud questions and answers that Tripboba has found for you:

47. "Name something that shakes, rattles, and rolls."

An old car (31)

A rattle/toy (29)

A rattlesnake (15)

Music/singers (8)

Dancing bod/booty (4)

Dice (4)

48. "Name an animal starting with the letter “c” that you’d never want to eat."

Cat (64)

Camel (8)

Cougar (8)

Cow (4)

Cheetah (3)

Coyote (3)

49. "Other than feet, name something that runs."

Water/toilet (37)

Engine/car (24)

Refrigerator (10)

Nose (8)

Pantyhose (8)

Clock (3)

50. "Name something a person might keep in a cellar."

Wine (54)

Canned goods/food (23)

Dead bodies (4)

Tools/hooks (3)

Furnace (2)

Gun (2)

51. "Give me another word people say for “rear end”

Butt/buttocks (54)

Arse (18)

Backside (6)

Derriere (4)

Bottom (3)

Heine (3)

52. "Tell me a nickname someone gives their lover that starts with the word “sugar”

Sugar pie (27)

Sugar bear (27)

Sugar baby/babe (12)

Sugar daddy (8)

Sugarplum (8)

Sugar lips (5)

53. "Name an activity that’s easier to do when it’s windy."

Fly a kite (89)

Sail (7)

Surf (2)

Air dry clothes (2)

54. "Name something that might get rained out."

Sporting event (84)

Picnic/BBQ (8)

Parade (5)

Outdoor concert (2)

55. "Name something kids line up for at school."

Lunch/snack (78)

Recess (12)

Fire drill (5)

School bus (4)

56. "Name the most useful body part that begins with the letter “L”

Legs (77)

Lips (12)

Lungs (6)

Liver (4)

57. "Name a term used in a game of bowling."

Strike (67)

Spare (27)

Pin (3)

Turkey (2)

58. "Name something you did every day in kindergarten that you wish you could do every day now."

Nap (64)

Play/toys/recess (19)

Color/paint (12)

Get free snacks (4)

59. "Name something a hardcore football fan wears to the stadium on game day."

Jersey/team color (63)

Face/body paint (24)

Hat/cheesehead (10)

Foam hand/finger (2)

60. "Name a word that rhymes with “honey”

Money (62)

Bunny (24)

Funny (7)

Sunny (6)


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