60 Hacker Quotes to Learn About the Mind of a Hacker

60 Hacker Quotes to Learn About the Mind of a Hacker
Hacker Quotes - Photo by Clint Patterson from Unsplash

Tripboba.com - Are you looking for hacker quotes? If so, you’ve come in the right time as Tripboba has gathered 60 hacker quotes for you to read.

We’re writing on anonymous hacker quotes, funny hacker quotes, hacker movie quotes, as well as other hacker quotes and sayings.

Let’s get into it!

Anonymous Hacker Quotes

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Explore our collection of anonymous hacker quotes that can be inspired. Let’s take a look below:

  • “Your ignorance is their power.” – Anonymous
  • “We are anonymous. We represent freedom. We oppose oppression. We are simply an evolution of the technological system. Where liberty is at risk, expect us.” – Anonymous
  • “The corrupt fear us, the heroic join us.” – Anonymous
  • “Knowledge is free. We are anonymous. We are legion. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Expect us.” – Anonymous
  • “We are hacking the world and you can’t do anything about it. The more you try to bring us down, more will stand up and fight back. Power to the people.” – Anonymous
  • “We do what we can because we can.” – Anonymous

Funny Hacker Quotes

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Let’s all laugh along at these funny hacker quotes. Mind you, these hacker quotes are said by real hackers and real people.

  • "I'm a hacker, but I'm the good kind of hackers. And I've never been a criminal." – Mikko Hypponen
  • "Very smart people are often tricked by hackers, by phishing. I don't exclude myself from that. It's about being smarter than a hacker. Not about being smart." – Harper Reed
  • "I never hear from most of my high school classmates unless their email account gets hacked." – Unknown
  • "My PC was hacked and all I got was this lousy wallpaper." – Unknown
  • "But we are hackers and hackers have black terminals with green font colors." – Unknown
  • "Yesterday I changed my Wi-Fi name to "hack if you can." When I checked it today, it was "challenge accepted."" – Unknown
  • "I changed all my passwords to 'incorrect'. So my computer just tells me when I forget." – John Waters
  • "Human Stupidity, that's why hackers always win." – John Waters
  • "What fashion has started from hackers? They have bad posture, and they don't go out. I wish I had a hacker boyfriend - they stay at home up in the bedroom." – John Waters
  • "Garbage can provide important details for hackers: names, telephone numbers, a company's internal jargon." – Kevin Mitnick
  • "Hackers rarely have full knowledge of the technology stack of a target." – John McAfee
  • "If I compared myself to my kids, they know everything, and they're like small little hackers. I feel also that my identity can be stolen; I'm very paranoid about it compared to other people in the younger generation." – Michael Nyqvist
  • "See, unlike most hackers, I get little joy out of figuring out how to install the latest toy." – Jamie Zawinski

Hacker Movie Quotes

Hacker Quotes - Photo by keepcoding from Unsplash

If you’re looking for hacker quotes from movies, you’ll definitely love this section as have compiled some of the best lines from various movies.

Before we start, you have to understand that these hacker quotes might seem very sort, by they are some of the most popular phrases that are used by the hackers – they are powerful.

  • "We're in." – WarGames
  • "I don't play well with others." – Hackers
  • "I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried." – The Core
  • "I invented it." – Skyfall
  • "Now the hunted becomes the hunter." – GoldenEye
  • "Let the hacking begin."  – The Social Network
  • "Come on, baby." – Johnny Mnemonic
  • "It's a beautiful system." – The Net
  • "Now, we wait." – Blackhat
  • "Too easy." – Swordfish
  • "In English, please!" – Wargames

Hacker Quotes and Sayings

Hacker Quotes - Photo by Arget from Unsplash

Many people have said many things about hackers or being hacked. Here, Tripboba is providing you with more hacker quotes that are related to hacking.

  • “Hackers are breaking the systems for profit. Before, it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill, and now hacking is big business.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “Social engineering has become about 75% of an average hacker's toolkit, and for the most successful hackers, it reaches 90% or more.” – John McAfee
  • “Should we fear hackers? Intention is at the heart of this discussion.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “When hackers have access to powerful computers that use brute force hacking, they can crack almost any password; even one user with insecure access being successfully hacked can result in a major breach.” – Toomas Hendrik Ilves
  • “In the aftermath of the oh-so-predictable crash, the Bitcoin fanatics have begun marshaling out excuse after excuse for why this non-investment investment lost so much of its value so fast. One was that hackers attacked some of the exchanges for Bitcoins and crippled it. Really? A hacker can wreck an entire market?” – Kurt Eichenwald
  • “Computer hackers do not need to know each other's real names, or even live on the same continent, to steal millions in mere hours.” – Robert Mueller
  • “Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in conjuring up new ways to hijack your system by exploiting technical vulnerabilities or human nature. Don't become the next victim of unscrupulous cyberspace intruders.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “Younger hackers are hard to classify. They're probably just as diverse as the old hackers are. We're all over the map.” – Larry Wall
  • “We face cyber threats from state-sponsored hackers, hackers for hire, global cyber syndicates, and terrorists. They seek our state secrets, our trade secrets, our technology, and our ideas - things of incredible value to all of us. They seek to strike our critical infrastructure and to harm our economy.” – James Comey
  • “I don't hate technology, I don't hate hackers, because that's just what comes with it, without those hackers we wouldn't solve the problems we need to solve, especially security.” – Fred Durst
  • “I really didn't understand why hackers would want to hack into a classroom. Are they going to learn algebra? Maybe calculus?” – Eric Yuan
  • “New security loopholes are constantly popping up because of wireless networking. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and system administrators is still in full swing.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “An element of virtually every national security threat and crime problem the FBI faces is cyber-based or facilitated. We face sophisticated cyber threats from state-sponsored hackers, hackers for hire, organized cyber syndicates, and terrorists.” – James Comey
  • “I think the thing that our government lacks - just about more than anything else - is technological competence. We have some of the greatest white-hat hackers in the world here in the U.S., but the government seems to be technologically illiterate.” – John McAfee
  • “Are hackers a threat? The degree of threat presented by any conduct, whether legal or illegal, depends on the actions and intent of the individual and the harm they cause.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “Too many public and private entities simply don't take advantage of tools already at their disposal to protect themselves from hackers. No amount of information sharing will help solve that problem.” – Jared Polis
  • “It is only the inadequacy of the criminal code that saves the hackers from very serious prosecution.” – Ken Thompson
  • “Most hacking incidents that you see are freelancers - maybe government sponsored, maybe not. They are out there trying to steal intellectual property, make some money. Or they might just be hackers who want to damage something for whatever reason. That's a fact of life that internet companies deal with all the time.” – David Drummond
  • “U.S. computer networks and databases are under daily cyber attack by nation states, international crime organizations, subnational groups, and individual hackers.” – John O. Brennan
  • “You have a very large population of hackers in Eastern Europe in general and Russia especially. A lot of them consider themselves patriotic individuals and will take broad direction from government policies.” – Dmitri Alperovitch
  • “If hackers, if anyone committing a criminal act, wants to reduce their risk, they obviously don't involve anybody else. The greater the circle of people that know what you're doing, the higher the risk.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “The one thing that I know from the personal experiences that I've had with hackers and from people in tech who are brilliant at this thing, is there's a lot of angst.” – Sam Esmail
  • “My parents had a software company making children's software for the Apple II+, Commodore 64 and Acorn computers. They hired these teenagers to program the software, and these guys were true hackers, trying to get more colors and sound and animation out of those computers.” – Bre Pettis
  • “I am well aware of the facts presented by numerous security experts on the many ways in which the United States' digital networks have come under siege by cybercriminals and under daily assault by hackers in league with various foreign governments.” – Rebecca MacKinnon
  • “As economic life relies more and more on the Internet, the potential for small bands of hackers to launch devastating attacks on the world economy is growing.” – Evgeny Morozov
  • “What we're looking at is a future where cars will be comfortable and safe and offer the luxuries of both home and office. That means lots of sensors and software, as well as the critical safety systems to protect the car's information from hackers.” – Dinesh Paliwal
  • “For countries such as Kenya to emerge as economic powerhouses, they need better infrastructure: roads, ports, smart grids and power plants. Infrastructure is expensive, and takes a long time to build. In the meantime, hackers are building 'grassroots infrastructure,' using the mobile-phone system to build solutions that are ready for market.” – Ethan Zuckerman
  • “If you give a hacker a new toy, the first thing he'll do is take it apart to figure out how it works.” – Jamie Zawinski
  • “The key to social engineering is influencing a person to do something that allows the hacker to gain access to information or your network.” – Kevin Mitnick
  • “If you go to a coffee shop or at the airport, and you're using open wireless, I would use a VPN service that you could subscribe for 10 bucks a month. Everything is encrypted in an encryption tunnel, so a hacker cannot tamper with your connection.” – Kevin Mitnick


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