60 Speed Quotes to Discover What Life Has to Offer

60 Speed Quotes to Discover What Life Has to Offer
Speed Quotes - Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Tripboba.com - To learn about speed can be from anywhere. Seeing movies or reading book can be a solution you need. The following speed quotes by Tripboba revolve around movies, books, personalities, as well as other powerful speed quotes.

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Paul Walker Speed Quotes

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What better starter could it be than to bring some famous Paul Walker speed quotes? As a fan of the man, one of the things you can learn from him has to be about speed where he talked during his life.

And knowing that we love speed quotes, Tripboba is here to share some of the best speed quotes by Paul Walker. Let’s take a look!

  • "Speeding is very difficult; It is not easy. But this is what makes it fun."
  • "If speed one day kills me, don’t be sad because I was smiling."
  • "I wish I could do every single stunt of the car which is from the rear wheel."
  • "I believe that certain things happen at certain times for all the right reasons."
  • "I never take advantage of any situation."
  • "I got a great job in Hollywood, and I have a blast. Today I can go on a trip whenever I want and have the luxury to invite my friends, who cannot afford it."
  • "There are many people in the world who are comfortable with their situation and rest on their appreciation. But I want to make my own way."
  • "Never hate those who envy you. We should respect the envy of those people. Because they are people who think you are better than them."
  • "I have lived my whole life, day to day, without any plans and I like to live like this. I wonder how fast things change in the world, but it is amazing."
  • "If you feel that everything is under your control, then understand that you are not going too fast."
  • "I love doing the action stuff. It’s so much fun!"
  • "I do not care what is happening in life. I only listen to my heart. So I win in whatever I do."
  • "Life is like a journey with no guarantee. But still, we get one run in life"
  • "I just want the freedom to do what I want."
  • "I live by ‘Go big or go home.’ That’s with everything. It’s like either commit and go for it or don’t do it at all. I apply that to everything. I apply that to relationships, I apply that to like sports, I apply that to everything. That’s what I live by. That’s how I like it."

Quotes About Speed

Speed Quotes - Photo by toine G from Unsplash

Here are various speed quotes you can read. They come from many personalities that had something to say about their experiences on speed.

  • "Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed." – Arthur Schopenhauer
  • "Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow's speed." – Howard Nemerov
  • "When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed." – Russel Honore
  • "If you are in a spaceship that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?" – Steven Wright
  • "I have one speed, I have one gear: go!" – Charlie Sheen
  • "The speed of the boss is the speed of the team." – Lee Iacocca
  • "The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue." – Edward R. Murrow
  • "There is more to life than increasing its speed." – Mahatma Gandhi
  • "Direction is more important than speed. You can go fast in the wrong direction." – Redfoo
  • "Speed is often confused with insight. When I start running earlier than the others, I appear faster." – Johan Cruyff
  • "The dragonfly is an exceptionally beautiful insect and a fierce carnivore. It has four wings that beat independently. This gives it an ability to maneuver in the air with superb dexterity. A dragonfly can put on a burst of speed, stop on a dime, hover, fly backward, and switch direction in a flash. This is a hunting behavior known as hawking." – Richard Preston
  • "There is no doubt that online shopping has fed the craze for speed, because when you can't touch the fabric or try on the outfit, the only emotion you experience is the excitement of the purchase and the thrill of beating everyone else to it." – Suzy Menkes
  • "Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use." – Charles M. Schulz
  • "Whatever you are studying right now, if you are not getting up to speed on deep learning, neural networks, etc., you lose. We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate automation." – Mark Cuban
  • "Precision, speed, unambiguity, knowledge of files, continuity, discretion, unity, strict subordination, reduction of friction and of material and personal costs - these are raised to the optimum point in the strictly bureaucratic administration." – Max Weber

Speed of Trust Quotes

Speed Quotes - Photo by Sincerely Media from Unsplash

The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything is a book written by Stephen M. R. Covey. Today, we’re bringing plenty of great speed quotes from the book.

  • “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “Trust is equal parts character and competence... You can look at any leadership failure, and it's always a failure of one or the other.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “Above all, success in business requires two things: a winning competitive strategy, and superb organizational execution. Distrust is the enemy of both. I submit that while high trust won't necessarily rescue a poor strategy, low trust will almost always derail a good one.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “In a high-trust relationship, you can say the wrong thing, and people will still get your meaning. In a low-trust relationship, you can be very measured, even precise, and they’ll still misinterpret you.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “A person has integrity when there is no gap between intent and behavior…when he or she is whole, seamless, the same—inside and out. I call this “congruence.” And it is congruence—not compliance—that will ultimately create credibility and trust.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organization, nation, economy, and civilization throughout the world—one thing which, if removed, will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love. On the other hand, if developed and leveraged, that one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life. Yet, it is the least understood, most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time. That one thing is trust.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “One thing to be careful of with regard to skills is what author Jim Collins calls “the curse of competence.” It’s the idea that sometimes we become good at doing something we’re not really talented in or passionate about. As my father often says, “Your current skill-set may or may not correspond with your natural talents.” We need to make certain that the skills we develop don’t limit or define us. At the end of the day, talent provides a deeper well than skills.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business—or life. There are, basically, three kinds of people: the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “The moment there is suspicion about a person’s motives, everything he does becomes tainted. —MAHATMA GANDHI” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “Whether you’re on a sports team, in an office or a member of a family, if you can’t trust one another there’s going to be trouble.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “Keeping your commitment becomes hard, you have two choices: You can change your behavior to match your commitment, or you can lower your values to match your behavior. One choice will strengthen your integrity; the other will diminish it and erode your confidence in your ability to make and keep commitments in the future. In addition, that shift in direction with regard to values—even if it’s slight—will create a change in trajectory that will create a far more significant difference in destination down the road.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “Low trust causes friction, whether it is caused by unethical behavior or by ethical but incompetent behavior (because even good intentions can never take the place of bad judgment). Low trust is the greatest cost in life and in organizations, including families. Low trust creates hidden agendas, politics, interpersonal conflict, interdepartmental rivalries, win-lose thinking, defensive and protective communication—all of which reduce the speed of trust. Low trust slows everything—every decision, every communication, and every relationship.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “The principle is simply this: We tend to get what we expect—both from ourselves and from others. When we expect more, we tend to get more; when we expect less, we tend to get less.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey
  • “The first job of a leader—at work or at home—is to inspire trust. It’s to bring out the best in people by entrusting them with meaningful stewardships, and to create an environment in which high-trust interaction inspires creativity and possibility.” ― Stephen M.R. Covey

Need for Speed Quotes

Speed Quotes - Photo by hdwallpapersaz from Flickr

In 2014, an action/drama film called Need for Speed was released. It became one of the most successful films of the year, and it starred Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Rami Malek, Dominic Cooper, along with others.

If you love automotive films, you’ll totally love this one! And reading speed quotes from the film can only add excitement for you.

Let’s take a look at these speed quotes by Tripboba:

  • "Racing is an art but racing with passion, that's high art, and I think that's Tobey Marshall racing the chariot of the gods." – Monarch
  • "I spent two years thinking about one moment. He set me up. In our world, you always go back. He just left him there. That's what I can't forgive." – Tobey Marshall
  • "Got anything faster?" – Tobey Marshall
  • "I can feel love, vengeance, motor oil all swirling together." – Monarch
  • "Why jump parole unless you are innocent and hell bent to right a wrong?" – Julia Maddon
  • "They took everything from me. I do not fear, for you are with me. All those who defied me shall be ashamed and disgraced. Those who wage war against me shall perish. I will find strength, find guidance, and I will triumph!" – Tobey Marshall
  • "You're going to have to answer for what you've done… We'll settle this behind the wheel." – Tobey Marshall
  • "Everyone knows he's a better driver." – Little Pete
  • "There's an APB out for your arrest in 10 states. Maybe we should rethink the plan." – Joe Peck
  • "I'm willing to give $6 million to anyone who puts a stop to him." – Dino Brewster
  • "Racers should race, cops should eat donuts." – Monarch
  • "Hey, I've been doing some homework on this kid Tobey Marshall from Mount Kisco. This kid was a phenom. Used to tear up the local circuits. Him and his dad, man, they campaigned like champions. Of course, Mount Kisco had another great, Dino Brewster. You all know Dino. He went on to race in the big leagues at Indy, and Toby just kind of fell through the cracks. Well, here's some news, cretins. Tobey's been running again, and running fast. Real fast, fast as that "Grim Taquito" will take him. Tobey, you wanna fly with the eagles, you need bigger wings, son." – Monarch
  • "I find life to be full of people who think they're smart 'cause they have a fancy accent. No offense." – Little Pete
  • "Beauty will go bingo on that route, so we're gonna have to hot fuel and top off." – Tobey Marshall
  • "Alright beauty, this is gonna sound insane, but I need a 2 lane grasshopper in order to get these guys off your back." – Benny


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