60+ Top Kevin Gates Quotes on Love, Life, and Success

60+ Top Kevin Gates Quotes on Love, Life, and Success
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Tripboba.com - Kevin Jerome Gilyard, better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is a rapper, singer, and entrepreneur from the United States. His lyrics frequently deal with sadness, poverty, and prison time, and he is well known for his autobiographical themes in his songs.

If you like Kevin Gates' songs, these Kevin Gates quotes are just what you need right now! Make sure to check out Tripboba's collection of Kevin Gates quotes below! This collection of Kevin Gates quotes will show you that his music is so much more than just those songs.

Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Photo by Kevin Gates on Facebook 

  • “Don’t get mad at me for being the best of what I was created to be.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Never break or fold, that’s what it takes to be major.” – Kevin Gates
  • “If you associate yourself with peer pressure or complacency, you’re destined for failure.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I don’t sleep much. I don’t sleep much – I work, I work, I work.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I live by the ten percent rule. Save one, you save a thousand.” – Kevin Gates
  • “You can’t make everybody else happy and still stay on top.” – Kevin Gates
  • “You can learn from a dummy. You can watch a dummy and learn what not to do. I’ve always been an observant individual. You don’t know how much you love something until you can’t do it. That’s one thing I can say that I learned. I learned how much I love music.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I’ve had mixtapes that have been better than albums I’ve heard from other artists. I take my time; I put my heart into it.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Out my window.. I see everything I dream about and wished I had”– Kevin Gates
  • “I’m inspired by everything that goes on around me. I’m a sponge. I’m very analytical. I notice the things that most people don’t notice.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Why accept failure when success is free?” – Kevin Gates
  • “I don’t pay attention to sales because it’s not about that for me. It’s about the music. Music is all I have.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I suffer from deep depression, so my only release is music.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I always had music growing up, but music was also like a journal. It was like my personal diary or personal journal. A lot of the things I couldn’t express to an individual, I would express them in my music.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I could care less about the particular. I like to make music.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Rap was more of a release for me, a journal.” – Kevin Gates


Quotes by Kevin Gates

Quotes by Kevin Gates
Photo by Kevin Gates on Facebook

  • “People can change anytime and pounce on you. You just have to be ready so that it doesn’t surprise you.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “The energy of the daytime is very different because then everyone is mostly sad and depressed. So, I like to go out at night. Then everything is organized, you can see more.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “Yes, I like to accept. But I am not seeking anyone’s approval.” ― Kevin Gates Quotes
  • “When someone tries to destroy you, they also destroy themselves in the process. So fuck them and hard work!” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I always treat people the same way as I would like other people to treat me.” ― Kevin Gates Quotes
  • “Inspiration in life comes from many things, and for me, inspiration comes from music.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “There is a perfect imperfection in me, but my craft is complete. I just need affection emotionally. I am an introvert but it comes in the form of aggression. ― Kevin Gates
  • “I may come from below, but my aim is higher than the stars.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “The only thing that is difficult for me is to speak in words about something. And I understand such things with my music.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I never fall between any kind of expectations.” ― Kevin Gates Quotes
  • “I had no problem in jail except for one thing. And this is that in jail I cannot make music.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “If I tell you that I am different, will you be able to understand the difference?” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I really don’t like talking because I like to act. I’m not just a talking person. I’m an action person.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “While I was in jail, it was to my advantage that I was able to think of myself. I knew what I really like.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “We can learn something from everything. You can also learn from the dummy. You can learn from a dummy what not to do.” ― Kevin Gates

  • “Being logical gave me reason to doubt everything.” ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Quotes About Love

Kevin Gates Quotes About Love
Photo by Kevin Gates on Facebook

  • “Things that were interesting at one point don’t seem as interesting going forward.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I have trouble with letting go and this is my problem.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I don’t believe in religion. But I live my life with one principle: As far as I exist, I will love God and will continue to love others like myself.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “You have two ways. you learn fast or you die young.” ― Kevin Gates Quotes
  • “As much as my popularity increases, I become lonely. Because people don’t really know me. People only know this part of me that they see. People fell in love with him. But it is more complex than completing the surface.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I always like to be a reader.” ― Kevin Gates Quotes
  • “I am a super sensitive person. The smallest thing can be big for me. I always say what I think.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “Our true wealth is our mind. Because if you give me a fish, I will be able to eat it for a day. But if you taught me fish, you fed me forever. So this is my real philosophy.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I have always been taught not to answer no questions. I’m not really good at answering everyone because I get excited very quickly.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I like simple things. All my clothes look very much alike. I am a simple and simple kind of man. I don’t really do the busy colors. I think less is more.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “The person whose borderline is brilliant. He mostly suffers from depression.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I don’t mind how other people see the world. I look at him like this. I look at it from a different perspective.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “I do not know what is perfect. But I am very close to perfect. But I’m sure God is perfect.” ― Kevin Gates
  • “Everyone around you pretends that they are your partner. But everyone has a problem that prevents them from helping others.” ― Kevin Gates

  • “Entertainment and streets can never run together. Because when the entertainment starts, the streets stop.” ― Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Song Quotes

Kevin Gates Song Quotes
Photo by Kevin Gates on Facebook

  • “A hot producer might not make a hot beat for me. I just love music.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I love to make music, I love to get tattoos…That’s just what I love. If I wasn’t getting paid I’d still do it.”– Kevin Gates
  • “I know I write a lot of my best music in the car, like late night. Three, four in the morning.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Music’s the most therapeutic thing for me. Because I suffer with depression, and it’s my only form of releasing it.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Music is all I have.” – Kevin Gates
  • “My music is incredible. I don’t know what to call it because I’ve yet to see an artist display the different talents I display or create the different genres that I have created; from the rock and roll to heavy metal to soft rock to rap to country. I display so many styles. That’s why they love me.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Marriage is the most wonderful thing ever.” – Kevin Gates
  • “Some may consider this a problem, I easily fall in love.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I like being with my family. That’s my party.” – Kevin Gates
  • “To be honest I am not looking to be romantic, already got someone at home.” – Kevin Gates
  • “To inform, to improve, to make better, and I believe that’s what my first daughter did to me, so I named my first album after my first daughter.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I love God, I love everybody else around me as myself, and I love my enemy.” – Kevin Gates
  • “I always wanted a family.” – Kevin Gates
  • “It is illegal to steal my feelings and leave.”  – Kevin Gates
  • “Loves a battlefield it’s not a one night stand.” – Kevin Gates


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