The Little Mermaid Quotes

The Little Mermaid Quotes
Photo by Little Mermaid on IMDb
  • "The human world, it's a mess."
  • "Geez, man. I'm surrounded by amateurs."
  • "This has got to be, without a doubt, the single most humiliating day of my life."
  • "You gotta bat your eyes, like this."
  • "Isn't this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. A perfect day to be at sea!"
  • "Are you okay, miss?"
  • "I’m sorry if this knucklehead scared you."
  • "Have we met?"
  • "You’re the one, the one I’ve been looking for."
  • “I consider myself a reasonable merman.”
  • “As long as you live under my ocean, you’ll obey my rules.”
  • "Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it's important!"
  • "It's a dinglehopper. Humans use these little babies to straighten their hair out."
  • "I don't know. He looks kind of hairy and slobbery to me."
  • "Now, the snarfblatt dates back to prehistorical times, when humans used to sit around and stare at each other all day."
  • "Ya look great, kid. Ya look sensational."


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