65+ Happy 7th Birthday for Your Lovely Daughter and Son!

65+ Happy 7th Birthday for Your Lovely Daughter and Son!
Happy 7th Birthday - Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Tripboba.com - Turning seven years old is so cute. If your daughter or son is turning 7, you should send and wish them a birthday wish if you have no idea, no worries!

Tripboba has collected some happy 7th birthday for your lovely daughter and son that are cute!

Let's check it out!

Happy 7th Birthday Boy

Happy 7th Birthday - Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Here is some happy 7th birthday to your lovely son that you can copy-paste.

  • "Happy 7th birthday to a truly unique little boy!"
  • "Happy birthday, my dear! I can’t, I believe you’re 7 years old already!"
  • "A very happy birthday to you today! May you celebrate your 7th birthday with overflowing happiness and joy, my dear girl, and I hope that this year ahead blesses you with all the wonderful things you’ve been wishing for!"
  • "May your 7th birthday today be as adorable and as beautiful as you are, my little sweetheart! You deserve all the happiness in the world for being so cute!"
  • "Wishing you a super 7th, my dear! I hope your special day is everything that you had hoped it to be!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday to the world’s best nephew! I hope that your special day this year is as awesome as you are, kiddo!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday, my dear!I hope that this year is the best one yet for you and that each day of it is filled with as much happiness as possible!"
  • "It’s the day you’ve been waiting for, my dear! It’s your 7th birthday! Happy birthday to you!"
  • "Happy birthday, my man! I hope that your 7th birthday bash is awesome and filled with endless fun and games!"
  • "My wish for you this year, on your 7th birthday, is that you have the absolute best day possible surrounded by all of your friends and family!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday to one cool dude!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday, my princess!"
  • "Sending you all the love in the world today as you turn 7-years-old! Big hugs and kisses to you on your special day, my dear!"
  • "I hope that I will turn 7 years old. Fills your heart with joy, and makes each of your dreams and all your wishes come true!"
  • "A spectacular young boy like you deserves an equally spectacular birthday!"
  • "May you be granted 7 wishes to come true as you reach the seventh year of your life, sweet girl!"
  • "I’m sending 7 wishes to a very special little girl who is celebrating her 7th birthday today!"
  • "My little princess is celebrating her 7th birthday today!"
  • "Happy birthday to you on your 7th birthday today, and I hope that you are blessed with all the happiness in the world just as you deserve it to be!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday to you, my gorgeous granddaughter! You are my whole entire heart and I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I already do!"
  • "My handsome boy, today is your 7th birthday which means that for 7 years now you have been filling my days with joy and my heart with love."
  • "Today is far from just another ordinary day, today marks that you’re another a year older and more grown-up, my dear! Happy 7th birthday!"
  • "I’m wishing you a very happy 7th birthday!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday to a little superstar! I am so very proud of you and I hope you continue to shoot for the stars, my dear!"
  • "Your 7th birthday today represents one year for each color of the rainbow, and today of course has to be filled with everything pink! Happy birthday, princess!"
  • "To the sweetest little princess in the whole wide world, I’m sending lots of birthday love and cute wishes on your very special 7th birthday!"
  • "Wishing a spectacular day to the birthday princess on her 7th birthday today!"

Happy 7th Birthday to My Daughter

Happy 7th Birthday to My Daughter
Happy 7th Birthday - Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Here is the other happy 7th birthday that is perfect for your lovely daughter!

  • "We love you today as much as we loved you the moment you were born: infinitely."
  • "There’s no simpler or more truthful way to say it: You mean everything to us. Best wishes for your big day."
  • "Hope your birthday makes you as happy as you make us, although that’s probably not possible!"
  • "As you grow older, you continue to amaze us with your kindness and intelligence, your passion and perseverance. You make us nothing but proud every single day."
  • "The one present I wanted to get you was happiness for the rest of your life. You deserve it — you make everyone around you happier."
  • "We brought you into the world, and then you became our world. Happy birthday, dearest one."
  • "Strength, compassion, and independence are great qualities in a person — as you prove all the time. Today gives us the perfect opportunity to remind you of that."
  • "Jump for joy! It’s the birthday celebration of our one and only peanut!"
  • "Not everyone can say they are as blessed as your mom and I when it comes to having a hard-working, intelligent, generous, and genuine daughter. You are the apple of both of our eyes."
  • "Happy birthday to the best tomboy around."
  • "From dresses to sports, you’ve got it covered. You are amazing!"
  • "Your smile lights up a room and your thoughtfulness lights up our hearts. Happy birthday to our dear girl!"
  • "Awesome is just one small word to describe how amazing you are each day."
  • "Beautiful, compassionate, and driven. These three words embody just a small portion of who you are and continue to be. We love you very much!"
  • "Praise to the heavens for what an amazing daughter we have in you! Happy birthday, sweetheart!"

Happy 7th Birthday Son

Happy 7th Birthday - Photo by Dan Prado from Pexels

These happy 7th birthday son wishes will let you speak straight from your soul.

  • "Dear son, today you are turning 7 and it’s the happiest day for me and for the family. I am proud of you, son.
  • "I always feel proud because I have such a wonderful kid who is brilliant and smart. On your birthday, I am sending all the good wishes and love for you, dear son, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "My dear son has turned 7 today, and it’s an amazing milestone for him, Happy 7th Birthday to you, dear." 
  • "I am sending 7 times more love and blessings for my dear son on his 7th birthday, Happy Birthday to you."
  • "Dear son, it’s not possible to express how much I love you. You are the most important thing for me in this world. Whenever I see you happy, I feel I am the happiest person ever, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "On my son’s 7th birthday, I am sending all the beautiful wishes and love for you, Happy 7th Birthday to you."
  • "Number seven is a lucky number and I am sending lots of beautiful wishes for you on this amazing day, Happy 7th Birthday to you."
  • "Dear son, we are so blessed and happy to have a wonderful son like you. You always made us feel great, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "Today my dear son is turning 7 and it’s a huge day for the entire family, Happy 7th Birthday to you, dear." 
  • "Hey dear son, I am sending all the beautiful wishes and love for you on your big day, Happy 7th Birthday to you."
  • "Today is the best day for me because it’s my son’s birthday. My dear son is turning 7 today and we are ready to celebrate his birthday, Happy 7th Birthday, dear son." 
  • "Nothing is pleasing in this world more than your smile, I love to see you smiling always. I want my son to stay in love and blessings forever, that’s my wish on his birthday, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "I always want my son to live with love, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "I am the proudest mom in the world. I am so blessed that I got you as my son. Today you are turning 7 and we are celebrating the day with so much fun, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "Hey son, today is the best day of the entire year for me. I know this day will come with lots of happiness and joy in your life, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 
  • "Hey son, you are the most important person for me in the world, I am so proud as a father that I have such a brilliant boy in my life, Happy 7th Birthday to you, dear son." 
  • "I am sending all the beautiful wishes and love for you, dear son, Happy 7th Birthday to you." 

Happy 7th Birthday Princess

Happy 7th Birthday Princess
Funny Christmas Wishes - Photo by Hier und jetzt endet leider meine Reise auf Pixabay aber from Pixabay

Pick one of your favorite happy 7th birthday princesses!

  • "Happy 7th birthday, kid. Seven is the year of the Lord so this will be a more blessed year for you. Take chances wisely when you can. Enjoy!"
  • "It’s your 7th birthday! I pray that your birthday today is going to be seven times more fun than last year’s celebration. Then cherish each moment and you’ll surely remember it in your lifetime. Happy birthday!"
  • "Happy 7th birthday, my dear. You are special to us and also your life. I pray that this year will be filled with many discoveries as you try to explore the universe each and every day."
  • "Oh my! I can’t believe you’re already seven. It’s one of the happiest occasions for us. We are so proud to have you. Be cool all the time. Happy 7th birthday!"
  • "Since it’s your 7th birthday, I pray that all that you ask for, you will receive (and so do some of my wishes). This will be a blessed year. Happy birthday!"
  • "Kiddo! You already have seven years in your life but a week only has seven days. You won! Enjoy your special day. Happy 7th birthday!"
  • "Turning seven is one of the special years in a person's life. They say it brings luck. Enjoy your special day and may it bring not only luck but overflowing blessing! Happy 7th birthday!"
  • There’s going to be a grand celebration today because it’s going to be the start of a blessed year for you. So I hope you’ll have a blast on your birthday. Happy 7th birthday, my dear!
  • "It’s amazing how time flies so fast and now it’s your 7th birthday. At seven, you are so big and smart and I know that you’ll continue to grow smarter and bigger. Continue to be diligent in your studies. Happy birthday!"

Happy 7th Birthday Girl

Happy 7th Birthday - Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

More about happy 7th birthday for your lovely girl. 

  • "They say that the 7th birthday is one of the best. It’s a blessed year and I hope that blessings will overflow this year. Happy birthday!"
  • "Say bye-bye to being six because you are now seven years old. I pray that this year will bring you more good things and happy experiences. I love you! Happy birthday and enjoy!"
  • "Today is an extra special day and if you behave well, you will get a reward. I guess you didn’t know that. So today, do well and enjoy the celebration. Happy 7th birthday!"
  • "At seven, you have grown into a wonderful kid and you have so much ahead of you. Always dream big and work hard for it. God bless you now and always. Happy birthday, dude!"
  • "Seven is God’s number and it’s perfect. For me, you are a perfect kid and I know that you will handle your responsibility very well at seven years old. Happy birthday, my little one. Enjoy!"
  • "Baby, at such a young age, you have shown your parents much love and respect like no other kid your age has. I love everything about you. Happy 7th birthday! You’re the greatest!"

Thank you for reading all about the happy 7th birthday. Hope it can be helpful to you to wish your children a happy birthday!


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