65+ Memorable KDrama Quotes That You Will Never Forget, from Sweet, Funny, to Sad!

65+ Memorable KDrama Quotes That You Will Never Forget, from Sweet, Funny, to Sad!
KDrama Quotes - Photo by Goblin from Imdb

Tripboba.com - Watching Korean drama might be the perfect idea to do while we have free time on the weekend, especially if we have many lists of KDrama titles to watch. 

Korean dramas are a rich resource of vocabulary, grammar, and cultural lessons. So, Tripboba has rounded up the memorable Kdrama quotes about love and life. 

Let's get started!

Goblin KDrama Quotes

Kdrama Quotes - Photo by Goblin from Imdb

Goblin or Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is a South Korean drama television series that stars Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun, Lee Dong-Wook, Yoo In-na, and Yook Sung-Jae. 

It is about a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty that the young king killed. In this part, you will see KDrama quotes about Goblin!

  • “Do not pray to anyone. No one is listening.” – Goblin/ Kim Shin.
  • “The lonely, ever so radiant ‘Goblin’. ” 
  • “At the moment of life and death, make a wish with a powerful desire. A soft-hearted creator might grant you that wish.”
  • “To whom am I praying? Deities don’t exist.” – Eun-Tak.
  • “But what does Buckwheat flower mean?” – Eun-Tak.
  • “Lover.” – Kim Shin
  • “Why do you keep following me?” – Eun-Tak.
  •  “I’m not. You called me.” – Kim Shin.
  • “Live in reality, not in rumors … because you aren’t the Goblin’s bride.” – Goblin/ Kim Shin.
  • “If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.” – Eun-Tak.
  • “I once thought considered my endless life a  reward. In the end, it’s  a punishment” – Goblin/ Kim Shin.
  • “He still lives  a life of eternal suffering.” 
  • “When you’re coming home on a rainy night, what is it that becomes your umbrella. A voice that answers when you call. A memory of seeing the same thing at the same time. The first time you matched someone’s pace. Does someone come to mind? Yes, it’s that person.”
  • “Don’t look for death because death will find you!”
  • “When I’m not here, you should just slack and not work.”
  • “I’d like to appear smart and perfect all the time” – Goblin/ Kim Shin.

Funny KDrama Quotes from Goblin Episode 3

Funny KDrama Quotes from Goblin Episode 3
Kdrama Quotes - Photo by Goblin from Imdb

Here are the other KDrama quotes about Goblin episode 3.

  • “The person who caused my 1000 years of rage, the reincarnation of the king who slew me” – Goblin/ Kim Shin
  • “When will we hear her thank us for saving her life?”
  • “A girlfriend is something that may come and go, but this is something that will stay with you if you buy it.”
  • “Who’s going to pay for the ring? It doesn’t matter who pays. You’ll both pay a heavy price for it anyway.”
  • “I think it’s unfair. Why don’t I get to the harvesting part in my life? There’s no progress.” – Eun-Tak.
  • “Mass is not proportional to volume. A girl as small as a violet. A girl who moves like a flower petal is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass. Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her, with a thump. With a thump. My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love.” – Kim In-yook,  “The Physics of Love.”
  • “Your choice is the only answer in life.”
  • "That girl, as tiny as a violet. That girl, drifting in the sky like the petals of a flower, draws me to her with force greater than the one exerted by the earth. In a single moment, I fell and rolled toward her without a rhyme or reason, just as Newton’s apple did. With a thump. With a thump-thump. My heart bounced from the heavens to the earth in a dizzying pendular motion. Such was the moment I’d first fallen in love."—  Kim In-yook,  “The Physics of Love” (From – Goblin)

Love Rain Quotes KDrama 

Kdrama Quotes - Photo by Love Rain from Imdb

Love Rain is a South Korean television series that Yoon Seok-ho directed in 2012. 

It sets in the seventies and the present day.

Love Rain tells about a love story over two generations with Jang Keun-suk, and I’m Yoon-ah. Now, you can choose one of your favorite KDrama quotes about Love Rain below.

  • "It took me 3 seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was impossible in just three seconds.” – In Ha.more incredible
  • “One, two, three. In just three seconds, I fell in love.” – In Ha
  • “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” – In Ha
  • “Love comes from the heart.” – In Ha
  • “Love never says sorry.” – Yoon Hee
  • “The reason people have two arms is for them to hug the people that they love.” – Yoon Hee
  • “I don’t want you to get any misunderstandings. Those paintings don’t mean anything. They were just sceneries for me. You just happened to be in the scenery that I was going to paint on that day.” – In Ha
  • “I couldn’t tell her how much I liked her, or how much that it hurt me to leave her. The watercolor twilight dusk was ending.” – In Ha
  • “I realise I didn’t like you. I just wanted to meet someone that understood me. I didn’t know that you were speaking from the diary. I had mistaken it for love.” – Yoon Hee
  • “The scenery with love is always beautiful. But just because love is beautiful, does not mean that it’s always happy.” – Yoon Hee
  • “Love always has two different faces of sadness and happiness.” – Yoon Hee
  • “Perhaps the reason memories of youth are always in watercolor, is because it ends before it can be put in more vivid colors.” – In Ha
  • "From the moment I first saw you, my scenery has been you.” – In Ha
  • "From now on, can't you just think about you and me?" -Seo Jun
  • "Please, stay by my side. As a friend." - Lee Sun Ho
  • "Back then, i heard you say i love you" Ha Na
  • "I love the rain, I love you" - In Ha

KDrama Sad Destiny Quotes

KDrama Sad Destiny Quotes
Kdrama Quotes - Photo by Love Rain from Imdb

Find more about KDrama quotes that are sad below.

  • “Nobody loves me, but I’m alright. I’m alone in this world anyway.I NEED ROMANCE 3
  • “I’m not good at anything…and I feel like I want to die.” MY MISTER
  • “What you see isn’t all there is. To understand what’s happening in front of our eyes, we have to look back in the past. The present is the result of the past. Therefor, the future… our future…is unpredictable.”BIRTH OF A BEAUTY
  • “Lies gives rest to uncertainty, and gives people a sense of peace.”I HEAR YOUR VOICE
  • “It was like a midsummer night’s dream. I’ll be disappearing now, like last night’s dream…”THE HEIRS
  • “Trust and love are two different emotions. When you love someone, you can go until the end even if you don’t trust the person.”DOCTORS
  • “When your heart doesn’t tell you the truth, the pain will tell you the answer.”MASTER'S SUN
  • “If you wear a mask, you can’t ever be happy, if you don’t wear a mask, you can never survive.”MASK
  • “Open your heart, someone will come for you. But first, you have to open up your heart.”MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR
  • “We will continue to fall down at hurdles in life. We’ll make mistakes me get hurt because we’re inexperienced…but I will not regret. Because we’ve tried our best to be happy today.”CHEER UP
  • “If you’re really in love, appearance aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s hearts.”WINTER SONATA
  • “For a person to grow there needs to be pain and sacrifices.”THE PRODUCER
  • “Sometimes when I say ‘I’m okay I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight and say ‘I know you are not.’UNCONTROLLABLY FOND
  • “We still have to trust someone. In fifty people you trust, one will backstab you. Don’t live your life doubting the other forty-nine just because of that one person.”HEALER
  • “You are suddenly terrified, don’t know what to do, and wonder if your life is over. And maybe you should just die. You get all sorts of thoughts, don’t you?”SCHOOL 2017
  • “We realize we are alone when we’re among people. When you feel that no one amongst all these people is on your side, loneliness can surge up and it’s more terrifying than anything else. THE LIAR AND HIS LOVER
  • “There are times when people start walking a path they cannot turn back on.  At that point, though, all they have to do is turn back. If you extend a hand out, I will always take your hand and help you return.”SASSY GO GO
  • “I should do whatever I can to live. Am I supposed to just die? Is it a crime…to want to live?”SCARLET HEART RYO
  • “No matter how important revenge is, there can be times where love goes beyond that.”TWO WORLDS
  • “At that moment, we both realized that the opposite word for love isn’t hate or dislike. The opposite word for love is ‘I loved you’. It’s the past tense.”I NEED ROMANCE 2012

KDrama Quotes Life

Kdrama Quotes - Photo by Heirs from Imdb

More about KDrama quotes about life.

  • “You’re amazing, but you’re too dangerous.”
  • “It will be in an instant, my friend.”
  • “There’s an Indian proverb that goes, ‘Sometimes, the wrong train takes you to the right station.’”
  • “Don’t look for death. Death will find you.”
  • “Bad memories stay longer in my heart.”
  • “There are moments when you suddenly realize something.”
  • “Why do you look at me like that?” “How else should I look at you?”
  • “I left my heart.”
  • “I wish you luck. Going through this life is the first time for all of us anyway.”
  • “Dance like no one is watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Work like you don’t need the money. Live life every day as if it were your last.”

Thank you for visiting Tripboba and reading all those KDrama quotes above. Hope you like it!


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