The Lighthouse Quotes Movie

The Lighthouse Quotes Movie
Lighthouse Quotes - Photo by engineermikey from Flickr

The Lighthouse is a film that was directed and produced by Robert Eggers in 2019. 

  • Now, you can see the following Lighthouse quotes from the movie below.
  • "Doldrums. Doldrums. Eviler than the Devil. Boredom makes men into villains." Thomas Wake
  • "How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days? Where are we?"Thomas Wake
  • "Should pale death, with treble dread, make the ocean caves our bed, God who hears the surges roll, deign to save the suppliant soul. To four weeks." Thomas Wake
  • "It's bad luck to leave a toast unfinished, lad."Thomas Wake
  • "Meaning no disrespect."Ephraim Winslow
  • "A man what don't drink, best have his reasons."Thomas Wake
  • "Ain't it, I had understood it's against regulations, sir."Ephraim Winslow
  • "Then you do as I say. That's in your book too." Thomas Wake
  • "The cistern needs a look too. One of your duties, lad. Or didn't you read it yourself about it? You will clean the brass and the clockwork, and you tidy the quarters after. There's well more to be mended outside. You hear me, lad?"Thomas Wake 
  • "When the fog clears, you will work through the dog watch."Thomas Wake
  • "Dogging it? I was expecting to have to see to the lantern."Ephraim Winslow

Lighthouse Beacon Quotes

Lighthouse Quotes - Photo by lotu's from Flickr

Here are the other Lighthouse quotes:

  • "Let those who drink not, but austerely dine, dry up in law; the Muses smell of wine." - Author: Horace
  • "Most women are one man away from welfare." - Author: Gloria Steinem
  • "Impressive, most impressive." - Author: George Lucas
  • "I think it would be charitable to believe that he was mistaken about." - Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • "I'm going to put a diamond on you the size of a lighthouse beacon. There won't be a man in this city who doesn't know you're married." - Author: Kristen Painter
  • "I was a manual laborer. I figured out really early on that the value of my life could be determined by my hourly rate as a manual laborer digging holes." - Author: Cliff Curtis
  • "These are all I have. I do not have the wide, bright beacon of some solid old lighthouse, guiding ships safely home, past the jagged rocks. I only have these little glimmers that flicker and then go out." - Author: Rebecca Wells
  • "Rock star do not jump!" The launch was cutting sharply, its skipper calling out a phrase that bore no relationship to the English language as Amy knew it. "Rock star in a hurry!" Nellie replied, one foot on the boat's gunwale." - Author: Peter Lerangis
  • "Black-met black on the distant horizon, the stars alone distinguishing the sky from the lake. On the sand below, Silver Beach glittered at the water's edge while on the north side of the river the lighthouse's beacon signaled safe harbor." - Author: Erin Farwell
  • "The author reveals a cultural change that took place when clergy were paid based on a tax on the land's value rather than what it produced. This meant that, while parishioners could suffer through a terrible year, clergy would always have a comfortable one." - Author: Bill Bryson


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