Will Ferrell Talladega Nights Quotes

Will Ferrell Talladega Nights Quotes
Photo by Movieclips Classic Trailers from YouTube

Check some of Talladega Nights quotes by Will Ferrell or we know as Ricky Bobby that will tickle your whole body.

  • “Hi, I’m Ricky Bobby. If you don’t chew Big Red, then *bleep* you.”

  • "Here's the deal. He's not gonna break it because I'm gonna slip out of it right now. Houdini!"

  • “Chew big red, or get out of my face, motherf*cker.”

  • “Well, let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said… ’I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.’”

  • "You don't understand. You don't understand because you don't understand liberty. You don't understand freedom. So you put a crack in my arm like the crack in the Liberty Bell! You hear me?"

  • "Yeah. I'm not gonna say it. Nope. Break it, Pepé Le Pew!"

  • "The room's startin' to spin real fast...cause of...cause of all the gayness. Cal... I love you."

  • "Well, let's see. I got mauled by a cougar, my Crystal Gayle shirt is ruined, and I didn't learn dick about driving. Other than that, it was great.”

  • "Someone might as well get me a beer while I'm down here."

  • "I wo—I wish I could crawl into one of those right now. I'd eat my way out from the inside.”

  • “No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high-level income, it’s not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300.”

  • "I really regret opening my mouth and talking to you.”

  • “This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons.”

  • “Hey Jamie, losing's never fun, but here's a little something to keep your spirits up! (flips the finger) It’s real nice…I got it at Target…it was on sale.”

  • “Are we about to get it on? Because I’m as hard as a diamond in an ice storm right now.”

  • “When you work on your mysterious lady parts and stuff, you need the right tools too. That’s why you should use [is tossed a box of tampons" Maypax. The official tampon of NASCAR.”

  • “Did that blow your mind? Because that just happened!”

  • “I sent in my application to The Real World, so I’m hoping to hear back from that. I’m putting a lot of my eggs into that basket, the MTV basket. I’m also thinking about getting a gun and dealing crack. Being a crack dealer. Not, like, a mean crack dealer, but like… like a nice one. Kinda friendly, like, “Hey, what’s up guys? You want some crack?”. I’m just waiting on those two things to just kinda flesh themselves out.”

  • “I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

  • “I’m just a big hairy American winning machine, you know?”

  • “Wow. I feel like I’m in Highlander!”

  • “You can’t have two No. 1s.”

  • “I came here to tell you one thing: come race time tomorrow, I’m coming for you.”


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