Who Knows Me Better Questions For Family

Who Knows Me Better Questions For Family
Photo by Mohau Mannathoko from Unsplash

If you think your family really know you well, these who knows me better questions should be their best test to answer. It is an interesting game to play and also you can know whether do they really understand you or just know you. Let's check 'em out!

  • "Am I a good driver?"
  • "Can I change a tire on a car?"
  • "Did I ever have a babysitter or nanny?"
  • "Did I have a happy childhood?"
  • "Do I believe in horoscopes?"
  • "Do I take leftovers home when I eat out?"
  • "Do you know of a thing that annoys me irrationally?"
  • "Have I ever been on a cruise? If not, would I want to?"
  • "How can you tell if I’m having a bad day?"
  • "If money is no problem, which vacation destination would I choose?"
  • "Was I good at making friends?"
  • "What do I usually do on weekends?"
  • "What is my dream car?"
  • "What is my favorite alcoholic beverage?"
  • "What meal could I eat every day?"
  • "What unusual thing do I love to eat?"
  • "What was my favorite subject in school?"
  • "What’s my biggest fear?"
  • "Which countries have I been to?"
  • "Who is my favorite band, musician, artist?"

Questions For Who Knows Me Better

Photo by leah hetteberg from Unsplash

When it comes to family gathering, there's always this silly uncle or aunty who talks a lot about you. Rather than listening to their speech, you'd better give them these who knows me better questions to test whether they truly know you or not. Let's take a look!

  • "Can I handle my alcohol?"
  • "Did I have an imaginary friend growing up?"
  • "Did I vote in the last election?"
  • "Do I go on blind dates?"
  • "Do I have any allergies?"
  • "Do I have any hidden talents?"
  • "Do I have any useless talents?"
  • "Do I still keep in touch with any of my childhood friends?"
  • "Have I broken any bones?"
  • "Have I ever been in a fight?"
  • "Have I ever performed on stage?"
  • "How long would I survive a Zombie apocalypse?"
  • "Was I a good student in school?"
  • "What do I do to destress?"
  • "What is my shoe size?"
  • "What profession did I dream of becoming when I was a child?"
  • "What was my favorite cartoon?"
  • "Which word do I say excessively?"
  • "Who was my childhood best friend?"
  • "Who was my childhood pet?"


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