50+ Emotional Quotes That Project Your Emotional Condition Now

50+ Emotional Quotes That Project Your Emotional Condition Now
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Tripboba.com - As a human, it's normal to have several emotions. From basic to combining emotions, we experience all of those as we live. And as long as we live, all of these emotions will give a contribution to how we live and interact with others. So, you can imagine how important our emotions are.

Inside this article, Tripboba has several emotional quotes that you can read when you are happy, sad, hurt, love, or might be all of them at the same time. Read and find yours.

Emotional Abuse Quotes

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Find some emotional quotes about abusing here that are related to your experiences.

  • “The scars from mental cruelty can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps but are often not as obvious. In fact, even among women who have experienced violence from a partner, half or more report that the man’s emotional abuse is what is causing them the greatest harm.” ― Lundy Bancroft

  • “The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs.” ― Shannon L. Alder

  • “So often survivors have had their experiences denied, trivialized, or distorted. Writing is an important avenue for healing because it gives you the opportunity to define your own reality. You can say: This did happen to me. It was that bad. It was the fault & responsibility of the adult. I was—and am—innocent.”  ― Ellen Bass

  • “Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” ― Danielle Bernock

  • “My dad had limitations. That's what my good-hearted mom always told us. He had limitations, but he meant no harm. It was kind of her to say, but he did do harm.” ― Gillian Flynn

  • “With emotional abuse, the insults, insinuations, criticism, and accusations slowly eat away at the victim’s self-esteem until he or she is incapable of judging a situation realistically. He or she may begin to believe that there is something wrong with them or even fear they are losing their mind. They have become so beaten down emotionally that they blame themselves for the abuse.” ― Beverly Engel

  • “Some scars don't hurt. Some scars are numb. Some scars rid you of the capacity to feel anything ever again.” ― Joyce Rachelle

  • “It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.” ― Aisha Mirza

  • “I hope you see what you've done to me.” ― Matthew Little

  • “The only people that can't handle the truth are those that suffer so much anxiety that they will live in denial, in order to prevent their illusion from being destroyed and feeling more anxiety.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Emotional Pain Quotes

Emotional Pain Quotes
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Find some emotional quotes about pain here that is related to your experiences.

  • “The best people all have some kind of scar.” ― Kiera Cass

  • “Everyone keeps telling me that time heals all wounds, but no one can tell me what I’m supposed to do right now. Right now I can’t sleep. It’s right now that I can’t eat. Right now I still hear his voice and sense his presence even though I know he’s not here. Right now all I seem to do is cry. I know all about time and wounds healing, but even if I had all the time in the world, I still don’t know what to do with all this hurt right now.” ― Nina Guilbeau

  • “But pain's like water. It finds a way to push through any seal. There's no way to stop it. Sometimes you have to let yourself sink inside of it before you can learn how to swim to the surface.” ― Katie Kacvinsky

  • “Among my stillness was a pounding heart.” ― Shannon A. Thompson

  • “You know what truly aches? Having so much inside you and not having the slightest clue of how to pour it out.” ― Karen Quan

  • “Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.” ― Vironika Tugaleva

  • “If you can sit with your pain, listen to your pain and respect your pain — in time you will move through your pain.” ― Bryant McGill

  • “Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.” ― Anthon St. Maarten

  • “There are moments when we have real fun because, just for the moment, we don't think about things and then--we remember--and the remembering is worse than thinking of it all the time would have been.” ― L.M. Montgomery

  • “...our family became a place where you screamed for help but no one heard, not ever.” ― Marceline Loridan-Ivens

Emotional Intelligence Quotes

Emotional Intelligence Quotes
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Find some emotional quotes here to help you to know and manage your emotions.

  • “Be patient. Your skin took a while to deteriorate. Give it some time to reflect a calmer inner state. As one of my friends states on his Facebook profile: "The true Losers in Life, are not those who Try and Fail, but those who Fail to Try.” ― Jess C. Scott

  • “As more and more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership.” ― Amit Ray

  • “Let us fear the torment of emotions that might sway in its wake chaos through the sound construction of reason and discernment. Let us cherish instead emotional intelligence along the intricate and tortuous paths of life’s labyrinth. ("No handkerchief, when you need it")” ― Erik Pevernagie

  • “Who knows? Life may just be a Positive Conspiracy bent on putting us in the right place at the right time every living, breathing moment of the day. It just takes a certain kind of perspective to see this. Realizing this can put our "analyzer" on hold, our interpretive mind on "ga-ga" and our hearts on breathless.” ― Antero Alli

  • “One of the easiest ways to discover if someone is compatible with you is to gauge their emotional intelligence. Are they a kind and sensitive person? Will they be respectful towards your sensitivities? Or, are they emotionally stunted? Remember, we tend to attract narcissistic types who lack empathy.” ― Aletheia Luna

  • “To develop emotional and erotic intelligence we need to practice enlarging our inner passion at every moment. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in our world, or even how we feel about ourselves in the moment. In fact, the best time to accomplishing something maybe when we least feel like trying, because the hopeless part of ourselves most needs the light.” ― Alexandra Katehakis

  • “Having healthy boundaries not only requires being able to say “no”, but also being willing and able to enforce that “no” when necessary.” ― Jessica Moore

  • “The study of modern mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence is deeply rooted in the ancient Vipassana meditation techniques.” ― Amit Ray

  • “Sometimes anger is a good, true thing, because the world is so often unfair, and unfairness deserves to be acknowledged. But all too often, anger is another feeling in its Sunday clothes, sadness or envy or--most dangerous of all--fear.” ― A. Deborah Baker

  • “Whatever trauma you may face, or have faced, you have to pick up the pieces and find the strength to move on. It may not be easy but it is up to you to turn your life around.” ― Jake Hollow

  • “If you lack emotional maturity, your ability to go far in your journey to success in leadership is very limited.” ― Dele Ola

Emotional Quotes about Love

Emotional Quotes about Love
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Find some emotional quotes about love here that is related with your experiences.

  • “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” - Unknown

  • “Steal my heart and I will steal yours. This would be the perfect crime for both of us.” - Unknown

  • “The way you smile gives me butterflies…” - Unknown

  • “If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how much I love you. You hold a very special place in my heart! I will love you forever!” - Unknown

  • “I don’t need a thousand reasons to feel special. All I need is you to live in this world. You are the sunshine of my life.” - Unknown

  • “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller

  • “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.” – Rabindranath Tagore

  • “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” - Unknown

  • “I’d rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime knowing I never could.” - Unknown

  • “I just want to lay on your chest and match my heartbeat to yours." - Unknown

  • “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” – Leo Christopher

Emotional Rollercoaster Quotes

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Find some emotional quotes about combining emotions here that is related with your experiences.

  • “God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes never knowing where it'll take us next.” ― Carrie Underwood

  • “It's like I get into a roller coaster, and sit there while it goes up and down and upside down and sometimes I get thrown out and I hit my head, but I crawl back in again and the moment I'm back in, it just keeps on going and going again...all of this, so I can find things out and then I write about the things I find out so you can find them out from me. All the bruises, all the wounds, all the bumps on the head, all the scars, just so I can take that and I can write all these things, and sometimes I say "God, I don't want to be in this roller coaster anymore." But when I think about it, if I'm not right here, then where the hell would I be? On the sidewalk? I wasn't born to stand on the sidewalk, I was born to fly around crazy in the sky!” ― C. JoyBell C

  • “With peaks of joy and valleys of heartache, life is a roller coaster ride, the rise and fall of which defines our journey. It is both scary and exciting at the same time.” ― Sebastian Cole

  • “Sure I eat my feelings, but I save the emotional roller coaster for dessert” ― Josh Stern

  • “It’s a lot like a roller coaster. There are lots of twists and turns, and some of the hills are a bit scary, but you stay on the ride just to feel the thrill of that fall again,” Julia said. “And, when you find that person; no matter where you are in life; don’t you be afraid to take that ride,” she instructed the girls. “Hold on up the hills, and let go during the falls, just like you do on the roller coaster.” ― Nancy Ann Healy

  • “I gulped, mesmerized by his hypnotic eyes and charming, spearmint smile, and uttered something intelligent like, "Uh, huh." ~ from Dragon Flight” ― J. Keller Ford

  • “Life can be like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. What matters is whether you are keeping your eyes open or closed during the ride and who is next to you.” ― Ana Ortega

  • “Marriage is a lot like a roller coaster. You have extreme highs and you can have some pretty extreme lows, but the ride is worth it.” ― Teresa Collins

  • “The idea makes my stomach drop a little—not in a bad way, more like at the moment right before you reach the highest part of the roller coaster, when you know that at any second you’ll be at the very top of the park, looking down over everything, pausing there for a fraction of a second, about to have the ride of your life.” ― Lauren Oliver

  • “Nothing wrong with you a good roller coaster wouldn't fix.” ― Elizabeth McCracken


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