21 Questions to Ask A Girl

21 Questions to Ask A Girl
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Before playing, make sure you have a list of questions in your mind. Read these 21 questions to ask that can be accepted by the girls.

  • "In four minutes, tell me your life’s story.

  • "What or things or person has influenced you the most?"

  • "Who do you think knows you the best?"

  • "What’s your favorite childhood memory?"

  • "What’s the nicest thing someone could genuinely say about you?"

  • "If you had unlimited money, what would you do with it?"

  • "Can you speak in any foreign languages?" If yes, can you show me?"

  • "What’s your dream career?"

  • "What’s one thing on your bucket list?"

  • "Are there any places you would love to travel to?"

  • "What is your greatest accomplishment?"

  • "Would you rather live in a small house with an amazing view, or a massive mansion in a subdivision?"

  • "Would you like to be famous, if so, in what way?"

  • "If tomorrow you woke up with a new quality, talent or ability, what would you like it to be?"

  • "If your house caught on fire, what would be one thing you would have to save first?"

  • "What’s your most terrible memory that you’d love to forget about?"

  • "If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, past or present, who would you choose?"

  • "What skill would you like to become a master at?"

  • "If you could play the role in any movie, what person would you want to be?"

  • "What’s your favorite photograph of yourself?"

  • "Imagine yourself in 10 years: what do you see?"

21 Questions to Ask A Guy

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

For the game, you will need this bucket list of 21 questions to ask your guy friends.

  • "What type of food do you like?"

  • "What kind of music do you like listening to?"

  • "What would you do if you won a million dollars?"

  • "Do you like pets?"

  • "What is your dream job?"

  • "What’s your favorite hobby?"

  • "Do you like traveling?"

  • "Do you like sports?" If so, what are some of your favorite sports?"

  • "What’s your favorite drink?"

  • "Do you like cooking?" If so, what do you like to cook?"

  • "Do you believe in karma?"

  • "Do you believe in destiny?"

  • "What is your favorite season of the year?"

  • "What’s your favorite movie?"

  • "Do you have a favorite car?"

  • "If you could be any celebrity, who would you be?"

  • "Would you want to travel back in time?" If so, what period would you go to?"

  • "What do you see in your future?"

  • "Would you rather leave your hometown and never be able to return again, or stay in your hometown but never be able to leave?"

  • "Did you have a favorite cartoon as a child?"

  • "Would you rather live in the city or the suburbs?"

  • "Do you have a pet peeve?" If so, what is it?"


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