6 Best Forest Hills Restaurants with Different Specialties for Culinary Hunter


Italian Restaurants Forest Hills

Craving for Italian cuisines while visiting Forest Hills? No worries. Here are some great restaurants for you to try:

1. Tuscan Hills

6 Best Forest Hills Restaurants - Photo by Tuscan Hills from Facebook

Looking for the best Forest Hills restaurants with Italian special? Then head to Tuscan Hills and have the most memorable dining experience in the area. This restaurant can be found easily in the center of Forest Hills. Here, you can order the most authentic Italian specialties with Tuscan style. The foods tend to be light and simple, but they are rich in spices and herbs. Cacciucco alla Livornese is the most recommended one here. It's a fish stew cover with pizza. Once you order your food, you can choose your table and enjoy dining on a classic wood table. The dining hall itself is just as beautiful decorated in exposed brock wall and an Italian chandelier.

2. Cipollina Gourmet

6 Best Forest Hills Restaurants - Photo by Cipollina Gourmet from Facebook

Don't have too much time to dine in? Cipollina Gourmet is where you should stop by to get your food. This gourmet is family owned and operated. They specialize in serving Italian gourmet products. Here, you can order a variety of fresh or frozen pasta. Their product is gluten-free and vegetarian friendly. You can find a great selection of vegan and organic items here.

Chinese Restaurants Forest Hills

Chinese foods are just perfect to eat anywhere you are. Here are some of the top restaurants serving the most authentic Chinese foods located in the area:

1. Spy C Cuisine

6 Best Forest Hills Restaurants - Photo by Spy C Cuisine from Facebook

Spy C Cuisine is definitely where you should head to find the most authentic taste of Chinese specialties in innovative ways. This restaurant is one of the best Forest Hills restaurants to eat Chinese cuisines. The two famous chefs will surely make the best Chinese cuisines that will spoil your tastebuds. They offer to pick up and dine in an outdoor dining area. The service and food quality are both excellent. Stop by and dine in to enjoy dining with the views' around the area!

2. Memories of Shanghai

6 Best Forest Hills Restaurants - Photo by Eating In Translation from Facebook

Memories of Shanghai is one of Forest Hills restaurants that specializes in Chinese cuisines located in Queens, NY. It is known for its modern Chinese cuisine with also its excellent service and friendly staff. This restaurant serves Chinese cuisines for dine-in, takeout, and also delivery around the area. The modern interpretation of classic dishes offered by the restaurant gives a unique attraction for the guests here. Most important, they are known to only use fresh ingredients with the high-quality conditions. What's the most recommended meu? Definitely it's their dim sum! So, what's more, to wait? Visit!


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