Schweitzer Mountain: Read This Guide to Plan Your Best Winter Getaway

Schweitzer Mountain - Photo by @schweitzer_mountain from Instagram

Apr 09, 2020 12:00 PM

Schweitzer Mountain is a mountain resort in Idaho. The mountain is 6,400 feet high with 2,400 feet vertical drop. The Schweitzer Mountain offers the visitors breathtaking scenery of three states including Canda and the Lake of Pend Oreille. 

Schweitzer has all the good things to offer. Escape your everyday routine to this best family-friendly resort in the Pacific Northwest. Located in the rugged Selkirk Mountains in northern Idaho, Schweitzer is ranked one as the nation's winter destination.

The mountain covers 2,900 acres area with amazing terrains and two massive bowls and renowned tree skiing. Not only known as the best destination in the country, but Schweitzer Mountain also provides a fun summer holiday with a wide range of activities. 

Activity from classic and relaxing hiking, adventurous mountain biking, a thrilling side-by-side zip line, fun wall climbing, adrenaline trampoline jumper to the calming scenic chairlift rides could be done in Schweitzer Mountain. 

It has a whole year full of fun with the best accommodation on the mountain. From classic lodging like hotel-style rooms to the full ski condominiums in winter is available in this mountain resort. 

Want to know more about Schweitzer Mountain for your upcoming vacation? Scroll down to find out the easy guide and bring your whole family to feel the most thrilling summer or winter holiday there!

1. Schweitzer Mountain Weather

Schweitzer Mountain Weather - Photo by @schweitzer_mountain from Instagram

Just like any other mountains, Schweitzer Mountain has mostly sunny weather with the highest temperature of 21°C from July to August and the lowest temperature is around  -7°C in December. Rainy days usually happen in November. 

Schweitzer is quite cold even on a summer season. We recommend you to prepare yourself to fight the cold weather before coming there. Layering clothes is necessary to avoid freezing on winter days. Prepare well all your belongings as well as food supplies to have a comfortable holiday in Schweitzer Mountain.

2. Schweitzer Mountain Operating Hours

Activities in Schweitzer Mountain - Photo by @schweitzer_mountain from Instagram

Schweitzer Mountain is the largest ski area in Idaho and Washington. The ski season is starting from early December to early April, it depends on the conditions. Meanwhile, the summer season is from late June to Labor Day. 

The Schweitzer Ski Resort is operating from 9 AM to 3:30 PM every day in the winter season. During summertime, it is open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM. There are 92 trails and open bowl skiing in a 2,900 acres skiable area. 

You can explore the ski resort as much as you want! But please keep the safety regulations in mind, so you will have a pleasant and memorable holiday in Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

If you need lodging to take a rest after a day full of sports activities, you can check out some accommodations available near the mountain. There are Selkirk Lodge, White Pine Lodge, Condos, as well as Sandpoint Properties. They also offer vacation package for you to save more of your money. Have a great deal and enjoy the holiday!

3. Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort

Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort - Photo by @schweitzer_mountain from Instagram

Ranked as the nation's top ski resort, of course, you cannot miss this snow sport activity. Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort was first opened in 1963. There are three terrain parks available in the Schweitzer Mountain including Stomping Grounds, Southside Progression Park, and the Terrain Garden.

Pick the best terrain park based on your ski ability to feel the utmost ski experience! Spend your beautiful day going down at full speed at their 32 kilometers long cross country trails.

Good news for you, there are 10 lifts for the visitors with 15,900 capacity per hour. They are one high-speed six-pack Stella, three high-speed quads, two triple chairlifts, two double chairlifts, one T-Bar, and one Conveyor Lift. 

4. Schweitzer Mountain Season Pass

Skiing in Schweitzer Mountain - Photo by @schweitzer_mountain from Instagram

To be able to explore this famous ski area in Idaho, you have to purchase tickets. The prices are ranging from USD 749 for early bird to USD 1199 for the late season after October. They have different prices based on which package you purchase and the age category. 

All ages from a child under 6 years old to seniors above 80 years old are welcome to have the fullest fun in Schweitzer Mountain. They offer several seasonal passes such as Winter Season Passes, Spring Fling Passes, Pass Perks, and Lake Louise Plus Card.

Not only ski packages for adults, but Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resorts also provides several fun packages for kids. There are 4 types of packages to choose including Kids Lessons & Camps, 6 & Under Day Care/Lessons, Kids Night Out, and Ski Idaho Peak Season Passport.

Plan your trip carefully and choose the best package to purchase so you will have the best holiday ever in Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort!