5 Best Afternoon Tea Restaurants in London, See Why It is So Tempting to Try

5 Best Afternoon Tea Restaurants in London, See Why It is So Tempting to Try
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Afternoon Tea and Britain are inseparable. This culture has since rooted since 150 years ago when the seventh Duchess of Bedford began serving a meal between lunch and dinner. The classic that the Duchess like is an Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea with scones with jam and cream. Don’t forget finger snacks such as pastries and cakes.

When you ask Londoner what is their favorite afternoon tea restaurant, they will give different answers. Each one has their own favorite. It is a personal and individual experience that can be enjoyed by yourself. What’s more, to attract patron, restaurants are rushing to give a unique experience that others simply can’t offer.

For example, London offers afternoon tea on top of a London Bus, a pink-themed restaurant, and many more. So much choice that taking a walk in London you are greeted with afternoon tea restaurants serving its own specialties.

So, what should you do? Here is our recommendation for 5 best afternoon Restaurant in London, buckle-up, here we go!


Take a tour around London and partake in calming afternoon tea with Bustronome. You are boarding a bus that has been modified as a restaurant. You can check out various landmarks as you pass by them. Nothing beats a great tea while seeing the greatest of what London can offers. You agree right!

Sketch Gallery afternoon tea

A pink and feminine theme afternoon tea restaurant? Yes, please! Here you can wash away all your worries and indulge in calmness and soothing atmosphere. They offer cakes, fruit tarts, and the masterpiece fresh scones. A perfect choice for a woman or someone looking for a pink themed restaurant.

The Ultimate Afternoon Tea at The Cookery School

Just like a culinary school, this restaurant offers hands-on experience in making your own treat and afternoon tea course. Believe me, it is tastier because you workout sweat to make it. Here you can partake in the making of cakes, sandwiches, pastries, and scones. Lastly, wash down all your sweat with a glass of sparkling wine at the end of the session.

Bite Me Burger Co Afternoon Tea

What is it like to eat a burger in a single bite? A real burger and not a fake one? This restaurant offers aged grilled beef with cheese, sauce, and pickle. There is a traditional fish and chips if you so desire. 15 burger varieties served in here made sure that you never run out of options.

What’s The Tea at W London

This restaurant has a twist in its presentation. Instead of plate or cup, they served the treat using cosmetic cases. You will see a theme of vibrant drag queen right when you step into the restaurant. It is as glamorous as it gets. If you’re lucky, you can see a performance that held once a month in What’s The Tea at W London.


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