Best Rat Trap: 6 Effective Tips on How to Set a Rat Trap

Best Rat Trap: 6 Effective Tips on How to Set a Rat Trap
Rat Trap - Photo by ardeshir etemad from Pexels
SHARE - Rats can be a lot of burdensome and nuisance. Moreover, there are many of them living close to us. All you can do is to reduce the population around your environment, and one of them is to set a rat trap.

Now that you want to get rid of the rats, you need to set the best rat trap to catch them. In order to determine which products you should try, there are many considerations you should take before.

For example, you need to know whether you're going to trap the rats indoor or outdoor. You cannot place a wooden snap rat trap indoor where your children and pets are around. Indoor rat trapping is much different than outdoor trapping.

It is important to know exactly what is the most effective trap and baits to trap rats. Here are the 6 best tips you can follow to get rid of traps in an effective way!

6 Effective Tips on How to Set a Rat Trap

6 Effective Tips to Trap Rat - Photo by Tanner Johnson from Pexels

1. Make Sure to Wear Gloves When You Set Rat Traps

It's crucial to wear proper gloves before setting trap and baits of a snap trap. This can prevent the traps from being 'contaminated' by human smell as rats are sensitive with smells from the oil left by fingerprints. You can also wash the traps before setting to prevent this kind of situation.

2. Place Rat Traps Effectively

Traps can be effective when they are put in the right places. Rats usually roam on the house corners or fences, so you can place the traps mostly against the walls or on the house corners where the light is dim.

Putting traps alongside the wall will make it easier to trap rats coming from various directions. It's most effective when you put it 90-degree angle against the wall. You can as well put the traps inside closers or place it under furniture where they mostly appear, for example under the chairs or cabinets.

3. Make Sure to Use the Right Trap

Firstly make sure what you really want to catch, is it rat or mouse? Considering that rats are regularly larger than mice, so you need a larger trap to catch them.

To ensure this one, you can check on the paw prints made. The rat paws prints are usually 20 mm in width, but for mice, they are usually 10 mm. In addition, rats usually nest indoors and outdoors, while mice are likely to roam inside the house.

4. Set Rat Traps Together as Many as Possible

A single rat can breed in multiple numbers. There's a high possibility that there is more than one rate in your house. In this rate, you need to set more rat traps to prevent the invention. The most effective way is to place one trap in each 2-feet distance on the area you are mostly spotting mice.

You can place several traps around your backyard especially on the sides of the fences, the corners of your house, and alongside the walls as well as on the attic. You’ll need to place a dozen traps. 

5. Make Your Rat Traps Poison-Free

Using a poisoned bait on your trap can increase the odds of a rat meeting its slow death in another part of the house. This way, you could have difficulty locating the rat corpse.

If you have pets or children in the house, this could be dangerous if they touch the poison. To effectively trap the rats, you can set a small bait in the center of the trap. Your traps can fail sometimes, but it's okay. All you need to do is to be patient.

6. Set Electronic Traps for Indoor

Setting electronic rat traps can be most effective and convenient when it's used at home. This trap is a powerful alternative than a snap trap as it's easy to set up and operate.

This kind of traps rats into a chamber then attacks them with a quick electric shock. With the no-touch, no-see disposal design, it can avoid humans and pets from the electric shock.

Once the rat is trapped, you can see a certain signal, such as a light, that indicates the trapping inside. You don't have to see or touch the rat corpses and just throw them away when the signal turns on.


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