Best Water Park in Gulfport Mississippi

Best Water Park in Gulfport Mississippi
Water Park In Mississippi - Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

1. Gulf Islands Waterpark

Water Park In Mississippi - Photo by Gulf Islands Waterpark from Google Maps

Experience a cool summer in a huge water park in Mississippi, Gulf Islands Waterpark. Provided some wild water slides, pools plus cafes & rental cabanas in the water park, you are free to try all of it, as long as you are brave enough.

One of the water attractions using math on the slide, Riptide Racer, will make a great and carefree moment and, together with your beloved family or friends in a fun race.

Gulf Islands Waterpark is located at 17200 16th St, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States. About the tickets, you have to pay $49.99 for Gulf Islands Waterpark Season Pass or pay $54.99 for the premium one, which of course, has some benefits for you.

There are also Day Tickets, priced at $ 37.99 for those 42 cms and above and $ 28.99 for those under 42 cm. In June and July, the prices are $39.99 for those 42” and taller and $29.99 for those under 42” on weekends.

You can book the ticket online at this link or by phone at 228-328-1266.

2. Geyser Falls Water Theme Park

Water Park In Mississippi - Photo by Geyser Falls Water Theme Park from Google Maps

Visit Geyser Falls Water Theme Park, a water park in Mississippi which carries a tropical island atmosphere around the water area. With a lot of rental cabanas by the pool, you can relax after trying 15 challenging attractions in the water park.

Located in Philadelphia, at 209 Black Jack Rd #7746, MS 39350, United States, Geyser Falls Water Theme Park opens daily. From Sunday through Friday, the general admission is $36.99, and on Saturday the admission is $44.99.

Meanwhile, for the kids, the admission is $26.99 from Sunday through Friday, and on Saturday, it is a little bit expensive, which is $34.99. It is free for kids 3 and under. All entrance tickets to this water park in Mississippi include tax.

This tropical water park allows you to book the tickets online by clicking this link.


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