5 Must-Read Guides for First Time Flyers

Mar 11, 2020 12:00 PM

Photo by Nick Harris from Flickr - Are you going to fly for the first time? follow these tips so you'll be less confused at the airport.

Tripboba.com - Traveling by air has become one of the alternatives for vacation.

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It is definitely the fastest way to cut the distance. Traveling by air will make your trip feels shorter than ever. Also, it won't make you exhausted.

But, some people might not yet be experienced in traveling by air. We understand that flying for the first time can be confusing. You’ll have to deal with baggage, check-in procedures, which terminal you’ll have to wait at, and many more.

Don’t worry, we are here to give 5 useful guides for you, first-time flyers!

Check the baggage allowance policies

Most airlines have their baggage allowance policies written on the website. If you are planning to bring baggage for your trip, make sure that the maximum weight required by the airline covers your needs.

Don’t use suitcases larger than the airline's rule or you will have to pay an extra charge. So, it’s better to calculate the load of your baggage carefully.

Arrive early

It is always a good idea to arrive early at the airport, doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or you’re used to flying. If you are a first-timer, you’ll be able to adapt yourself to the airport’s procedures without panicking.

It is possible that you’ll be confused at the airport. If it's your first time, you will probably have a difficult time in finding the check in counter and the terminal you’re supposed to wait for your plane at.

In addition, you will never know if the check in counter and the security check have a long line queue. So, it's highly recommended to arrive early at the airport. You can plan to arrive at the airport 1-2 hours before your departure.

Be ready for security check

The airport staffs will perform a security check on you at least 2 times before you can finally wait at the terminal. The first security check is before checking in and the second one is after check-in.

You will have to say goodbye to your friends and family before the first security check. It's because only passengers are allowed to pass the first security check.
You don’t have to be panicked when you’re about to pass it. As long as you obey the rule, you are good to go.

Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll probably be asked to take it off in the process. Your bags and other belongings will have to go through a scanner right next to you.

Prepare yourself for check in

There are two options of check in for your flight. The first option is to go to the check in counter and the second one is through online check-in. Unfortunately, not every flight has this online check in feature.

While checking in manually, you’ll be asked to show your ID and passport. If you haven’t chosen your seat yet, you can choose any seat. For instance, you can choose between window seat or the aisle seat, of course if it's still available. The staff will also receive and weigh your baggage when you check in.

If the online check in feature is available for your flight, you can do check in up to 24 hours before departure. With online check in, you can choose your seat earlier and you don’t have to rush to the airport. For your information, some airlines provide separate desks designated for baggage check only.

Prepare your travel documents

When you’re traveling by plane, you’ll have to bring your travel documents such as passport and visa. To avoid losing your travel documents, don’t keep them deep inside your bag.

Instead, you can keep them in the front part of your bag so you don’t have to go through so much hassle searching for them. Also, you won't cause a long queue line.


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