Chula Vista RV Resort California

Jan 11, 2021 09:00 PM

Chula Vista RV Resort - Photo by Jim Jameson from Google Maps

For your convenience and the others, Chula Vista RV Resort has some regulation to keep the resort become a place where everyone can enjoy in so many ways.

First of all, visitors are not allowed to ride a bike, do skateboard, roller skating, and scooter riding on sidewalks, grass, and vacant RV sites. But you can freely do it at the blacktop roadway and the wheeled vehicles are limited to 5 miles per hour.

If you are planning to swim or linger around the pool, please do not bring any food or drink to the water. It's strongly advised for the visitors to keep the pool and spa safe.

To make sure that every guest has their quality night and gets a night of better sleep, there are quiet hours that start from 10 PM to 8 AM. During these quiet hours, the children under 18 years old must be supervised by the adult and stay on their campsite. There will be Rangers that will inspect the RV sites to make sure that everything is on the line.

Only 6 guests are allowed at one site and only 1 sleeping vehicle is allowed on one site. Tents are not allowed to pitch in the sites and you are also not allowed to sleep outside of your RV or site.


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