All About Mammoth Mountain Inn: The Best Four-Season Destination Offering the Beauty of Mammoth Mountain CA

Jan 11, 2021 10:30 PM

All About Mammoth Mountain In - Photo by Mammoth Mountain Inn from Facebook
SHARE - Mammoth Mountain Inn is the best place to spend holidays for any vacationer. This beautiful inn is beautifully located in Mammoth Lakes, California. It's situated just at 9,0 m slope-side on Mammoth Mountain.

For your perfect holiday, Mammoth Mountain Inn offers the best amenities with various kinds of activities possible year-round. Year-round? Yes, the truth is that winter is not the only time to enjoy Mammoth Mountain Inn.

The inn offers a four-season vacation offering a variety of convenient facilities, excellent amenities, and also hotel accommodations. They have a variety of rooms to stay in. Choose the rooms that suit your preference and needs!

During your trip here, you will have a  lot of fun things to do. You can also have a variety of dining options here. Good restaurants are everywhere around the inn. No matter when you visit, you will always be served with good things here.

Through this guide, Tripboba will help you to explore and collect all the information you need before your amazing stay at Mammoth Mountain Inn. Enjoy reading!

The Mammoth Mountain Inn: Best Things to do For a Holiday

All About Mammoth Mountain In - Photo by Mammoth Mountain Inn from Facebook

The Mammoth Mountain Inn offers the guest the best accommodations featuring coffee and tea facilities. There is also a TV and a DVD player provided in each room. Want to travel to the city? Guest can also enjoy the town shuttle services, so it'll be much easier to travel around the area.

Being a four-season destination, Mountain Mammoth Inn also offers a variety of winter activities like gondola rides, skiing, and also snowmobiling. The skiing area just steps away from the Main Lodge.

In summer months, the place is just as great with a lot of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and also touring around the area.

All About Mammoth Mountain In - Photo by Mammoth Mountain Inn from Facebook

Others amenities include a heated outdoor pool where guests can spend their time leisurely swimming or hang out with friends. Ski and bicycle storage is also provided by the inn. Dining options are available within the inn and also the area.

Mammoth Mountain Inn Rooms

Here is the list of the rooms you can choose within the Mammoth Mountain Inn:

1. Queen Hotel Room

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Queen The hotel Room is the hotel's standard room. It's perfect for those who want to save their money for the trip. Each unit can accommodate up to 2 guests offering one queen bed and also a bathroom. The rooms include the basic facilities provided by the hotel.

2. 2 Double Hotel Room and 2 Queen Hotel Room

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Want to have more beds in a room? Book the 2 Double Hotel Room or 2 Queen Hotel Room. The 2 double hotel room features 2 double beds and also a bathroom. While the 2 queen hotel room features 2 queen beds and also a bathroom. The queen one can accommodate up to 4 guests.

3. King Hotel Room and King Hotel Room with Loft

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If you are looking for a more spacious room, you may want to stay at the King Hotel rooms. There are two kinds of king hotel rooms provided by the hotel. One provides a loft and the other doesn't. Each room provides 2 guests and a king bed.

The bathroom features a tub or a shower. For the room with loft, they provide 4 guests, a king bed, a loft (with a queen or twin beds), and also a bathroom. They are located on the Main building of the hotel.

4. Condo Options

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Aside from the hotel rooms, Mammoth Mountain Inn also features condos for families to stay. There are studio condos, one-bedroom condos, and also bedroom condos. Each of the units will get additions to a kitchen and also a dining area.

These condos are located in the East and West Wing buildings. If you are here with up 6 guests, you can choose to book the 2 Bedroom Condos. Rooms with ADA accessibility are also provided here.

5. The Chalet

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The Chalet is for those who want to stay in private. It's a  1,311 square feet private building provided by Mammoth Mountain Inn. At the Chalet, you will be provided a stay featuring an outdoor deck and great mountain views.

This unit can accommodate up to 6 guests with 3 separate bedrooms. For the amenities, guests will have a full kitchen, dining area, and living room to enjoy. In the living area, they feature a gas fireplace and private washer.

6. Pinnacle Suite

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Luxury is what you will get for a stay here. In the Pinnacle Suite, guests will be provided with upscale furnished rooms featuring the most breathtaking views of a mountain. This unit can accommodate up to 8 guests. There are 3 separate bedrooms, a loft with a queen bed, a full kitchen, a dining area, a living area, and a bathroom.

Mammoth Mountain Inn Reservations

You’ll never run out of things to do and places to explore in this inn. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip and get your reservation now. To make a reservation, you can book a stay through their resort specialist at 800.MAMMOTH. They are on duty 7 days a week from 8 AM to 6 PM.


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