Sunbanks Resort, WA

Jan 13, 2021 10:49 PM

Sunbanks Resort - Photo by

Here are some of the cabins, villas, and RV sites that you can freely book to meet your needs.

1. Lago Del Sol Villas

Sunbanks Resort - Photo by

Planning to stay at Sunbanks Resort with your beloved partner? Then, Lago Del Sol Villas may be the best choice for a romantic getaway. All of the villas have Spanish-style which located around a cobblestone courtyard. The setting is perfect for an intimate stay and each villa can accommodate up to 4 people at a time.

2. Water's Edge Cabins

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Offering a simple concept of stay, Water's Edge Cabins is suitable for your youthful soul. Located on the shore of Banks Lake, these dry camping cabins able to accommodate up to eight people in each unit which perfect for families with children.

3. Beachfront Cottages

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If you are planning to do a morning ski or doing a cruise in the lake, Beachfront Cottages is the most suitable villa for you to stay overnight. The moment when the sun goes down to the horizon is no joke!

4.  Osborne Bay Cabins

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Able to accommodate up to 5 people at one time, these cabins which located on the slopes of Sunbanks Resort is also offering a spectacular view of the sunset with the camping facilities.

5. Lakeview Villas

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Like its name, these villas boasting a beautiful view of the lake which has up to five bedrooms in one unit. Located nearby the RV sites, Lakeview Villas able to accommodate up to 12 guests who loved to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake.

6. Tent & RV Sites

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These sites are the perfect place for the outdoor enthusiast. All of the sites were located on the grassy lakeside lawn and every site can accommodate up to 6 people.


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