Alum Creek State Park: A Whole Package Guide to Explore the State Park

Alum Creek State Park: A Whole Package Guide to Explore the State Park
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SHARE - Spreading over 4,630 acres of land in Delaware County, Ohio, United States, Alum Creek State Park is well known for its historical Alum Creek Clake which was constructed from 1970 to 1974 as part of the Flood Control Act of 1962.

This park has many natural features that create a unique environment perfect for healing. Thus, exploring Alum Creek State Park can be the best choice if you need an escape from your routines.

If you plan to visit this park, here is some valuable information that will help you to find out how to explore Alum Creek State Park. Keep scrolling this article by Tripboba to find out how!

Alum Creek State Park Ohio

Alum Creek State Park - Photo by

Over 2000 years ago, the Adena tribes are living in the current land which now becomes the Alum Creek, State Park. Some years later, the Indian tribe take over the land and create several villages near the Alum Creek. 

In 1805, Colonel Moses Byxbe built his home along the Alum Creek State Park and become the first permanent white settler in the area. He owns 8,000 acres of land on the creek and names the township of Berkshire after his native Berkshire, Massachusetts.

As it is located amid fertile land, Alum Creek State Park offers many natural features that create a unique environment to purify your tired soul. The most notable one is the Cliffs of Ohio shale which is a muddy remain of the ancient sea. The cliffs were formed by  Alum Creek streams and others that cut beneath the bedrock.

There are plenty of fun activities that you can do in Alum Creek State Park, such as boating, camping, biking, fishing, hunting, and many more.

As for hunting, you are allowed to do it in the designated area like in the northern half of the park, you will be able to find squirrel and deer while the southern half is dominated by the rabbit. But before anything, you need to purchase the Ohio hunting license first. 

You are also allowed to fishing to catch bass, bluegill, crappie, muskie, and saugeye. But you need to be at least 16 years old. And again, you need to purchase an Ohio fishing license first that you can get it online on their official website.

If the time only allowed you to explore the Alum Creek State Park in the winter, you do not need to be upset because you are possible to enjoy sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and ice boating but under proper winter condition.

Alum Creek State Park Campground

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The main attraction of Alum Creek State Park which successfully brings tons of tourists every year is the campground. The campground offering heated shower facilities with flush toilets, a dump station, beach and boat ramp, basketball courts, volleyball, and playgrounds. 

Good news for you who loved to explore nature with your four-legged buddy because all of the campsites are pet-friendly. You are free to choose over 286 campsites and make a reservation up to six months in advance also possible.

Each site has 20-,30-, and 50-amp electrical hookups, and the campsites are open for 24 hours.

If staying overnight in the open air under a tent is not your thing, then you can book a camper cabin which is also located in the campground. Sadly, the camper cabin only available from April through October.

Once you make a reservation, you will be able to enjoy a two-room wooden structure that can accommodate up to 4 people. But you are not allowed to bring your pet to stay at the cabin and smoking in the cabin is also prohibited. You need to bring your linens and cooking utensils if it is necessary.

Besides the camper cabin, there is also Sherman Cabin which available year-round. There is one set of bunk beds and a single bed. The other amenities and prohibition are the same with the camper cabin, but one of the Sherman Cabin is wheelchair accessible.

Just in case you explore the Alum Creek State Park by horseback riding, you may stay overnight at the designated equestrian camp which is a primitive campsite but has restrooms.

And if you bring your group camping, there is an area which can accommodate your group, just call the campground staff in advance and let them know.

Alum Creek State Park Trails

Alum Creek State Park - Photo by

For you a hiking enthusiast, the state park offers 4 easy level hiking trails and 2 moderate level hiking trails. There are Storybook Trail which only 0.5 miles, followed by Park Office Trail 1.5 miles, Hollenback Trail also 1.5 miles, Multipurpose Trail 5 miles away. And the moderate trail is Rocks to Roots Trail which takes 4.1 miles to explore.

But if you desire to explore the Alum Creek State Park by riding your bike, you can explore the three mountain bike trails which have different level, there are 2 miles for the easy level, 5 miles for the moderate level, and 7 miles for the difficulty level.

Alum Creek State Park Map

Here are the State Park Map along with the hunting, fishing, and campground map to make you easier to explore the Alum Creek, State Park.

Alum Creek State Park Map - Photo by

Alum Creek State Park Campground Map - Photo by

Alum Creek State Park Fishing Map - Photo by

Alum Creek State Park Hunting Map - Photo by


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