Amangiri Resort: A Luxury Place to Stay Tucked in the Majestic Desert

Oct 31, 2020 12:45 PM

Amangiri Resort - Photo by
SHARE - Have you ever imagined staying overnight in a 5-star hotel that spreads over 600 acres in the remote Canyon Point? Stop your imagination and book a room instead!

Why? Is it worth money to stay overnight? Without further ado, let Tripboba guide you through this article.

Amangiri Resort Utah

Amangiri Resort - Photo by

The Amangiri is geographically located in Utah, but it is closer to Arizona. Having more than 30 hotel and villas in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, Aman Group is popular in managing a high-end hotel which offers luxury amenities without no doubt in every country.

Different from another hotel which is managed by Aman Group, Amangiri Resort only offers 34 rooms to stay and it has a minimalist and modern concept well-blended with the desert surroundings. Located in the middle of one of the prettiest desert landscapes in the world, you will be able to see the majestic view every morning once you open your windows room.

At first, you may not find the Amangiri Resort from the main road, but after you find the leads towards the entrance road, you will be sure that paradise also exists in this world.

Whitestone floors and concrete walls with an unlimited desert view will give you an unforgettable stay experience for the rest of your life. So, if it is possible for you, you need to stay at the Amangiri Resort at least once in your lifetime!

Every suite offered by the Amangiri Resort includes an outdoor lounge and fireplace, you will be able to warm yourself while getting mesmerized in the dessert vibes that you cannot get in other places. And some of the suites are featuring a private pool or roof terrace.

Maybe you want more private space, you may book the Mesa Home which has a 50-feet edge pool. So, if you desire to stay overnight at the Amangiri Resort, it is better to start making a reservation to get the best deals and get the room that you want. 

Besides, you may enjoy other valuable floatation therapy pavilions, a sauna, steam room, step-pool, fitness center, and for yoga enthusiasts, there is a yoga pavilion to accommodate your hobby.

Once you stay a night at the Amangiri Resort, you may be inspired to explore the nature that you can only find in Canyon Point. There are plenty of landmarks that you can explore only within some miles away such as the Colorado River, riding a motorboat in Lake Powell, or looking for a private air tour overlooking some of the region’s top sights like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park or Monument Valley.

Amangiri Resort Spa

Amangiri Resort - Photo by

If staying in a luxury suite and exploring the surrounding landmarks still cannot release the stress on your shoulders, then you need to make time to enjoy the spa service of the Amangiri Resort to have an ultimate relaxation.

Inspired by the Navajo traditions, the therapists will serve you right through four elements. The signature treatment of Amangiri Resort Spa is Hozho Healing, it is an extensive menu of massages, beauty treatments, and restorative treatments. The menu concept is inspired by the harmony of ourselves and nature in this universe.

Amangiri Resort Restaurant

Amangiri Resort - Photo by

As for the restaurant which will serve your tummy, the Amangiri Resort offers the authentic culinary heritage of the Navajo along with the American Southwest. All of the menus are presented sustainable and seasonal, so your taste buds will be experiencing a wide range of menu at its finest.

The chefs of the restaurant only bring a fresh product cooked with locally sourced ingredients and you may enjoy your meals while getting immersed with the stunning views of the dessert through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Amangiri Resort will treat your tummy and taste buds seriously by offering three kinds of restaurants which have a different location.

The first location is called the Fireside pavilion, it would be the best choice for you who want to have private dining in an open-air pavilion under the stars and beneath the desert sky.

The second one is the Chinle Site which offers a unique and atmospheric setting for private dining. It needs a short drive or hike from the Amangiri, but your effort will be awarded once the set your step at the restaurant.

Last but not least is the Desert Lounge which lets the scenery in the center stage of the restaurant. The majestic views as far as the eye can see, become the best deal to enjoy it while having a glass of cocktails.


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