Andrew Molera State Park: An Important Guide for Your Trip to Wonderful Nature of Big Sur

Jan 13, 2021 12:45 PM

Andrew Molera State Park - Photo by Jennifer Yakey-Ault from Flickr
SHARE - Big Sur has everything for you, including the popular Andrew Molera State Park. When you visit Big Sur, make sure to explore this beautiful state park. If you are looking for a guide to Andrew Molera State Park, you have landed on the right page!

Here, Tripboba has complete information about  Andrew Molera State Park. Know what makes it wonderful here in this article. Keep scrolling!

Andrew Molera State Park Big Sur CA

Andrew Molera State Park - Photo by Hannah H from Flickr

Andrew Molera State Park is the largest state park within the magnificent Big Sur area. This popular state park is located on the northern stretch of the Big Sur Coast. The park attracts thousands of visitors each year because of its wonderful natural beauty.

As Andrew Molera State Park features a scenic and accessible beach, an abundance of wildlife, and the Big Sur River, there are always unlimited fun things to do here. Whether you expect hiking, fishing, beachcombing, and even camping near the beach, you can do it all at this park.

Explore the wildlife and miles of trails winding through meadows, beaches, and hilltops are great ideas to spend the day at Andrew Molera State Park. Moreover, not a few people coming here is to access the beautiful Andrew Molera State Beach. This coastal gem runs 3 miles to the south.

One more thing you should explore during visiting this state park is its historic Cooper cabin. You may love to stay overnight at this old cabin built between 1681 and 1862. This cabin is the oldest structure in Big Sur. 


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