Bahia Resort Hotel San Diego, CA

Jan 13, 2021 10:24 PM

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Here below is the type of room that you need to read one by one to find out what is the best type of room that perfectly suits your needs.

1. Bay or Garden View Studio

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Available for one King size bed or 2 Queen size beds, this type of room has a fully-equipped kitchen, refrigerator with separate freezer, microwave, and toaster. You can choose what kind of view you wnat to see (bay or garden) in the morning while you sipping your morning coffee from the private balcony. If you plan to stay a little bit longer, then this type of room is the most suitable one.

2. Bay Front Room

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Bay Front Room is the best room to stay in if you want to enjoy some beach activities on your holiday because these rooms are located only some steps away from the secluded private beach on Mission Bay. 

3. Bay View Room

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Offering the best scenic view of Mission Bay directly from the windows room, Bay View Room is the perfect choice for you who loved to embrace the moment when the sun goes down to the horizon while mesmerizing the sea breezes which smoothly touch your skin.

4. Garden View Room

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Garden View Room is the right room to stay in if you want to wake up in the morning by greeting the exotic plants growing happily in their private garden mingling around with the trickling streams and duck ponds.

5. Courtside Garden Room

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Featuring the magnificent view from the private garden, Courtside Garden Room is the ultimate choice for you to getting lost in the middle of the green while having a comfy stay.


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