Banning State Park: Reconnect with Nature in Minnesota's Hidden Treasure

Nov 21, 2020 03:00 PM

Banning State Park - Photo by McGhiever from Wikimedia Commons
SHARE - Get away from the stressful life and escape to Banning State Park! This beautiful park spans along a ten-mile leg of the Kettle River in Minnesota. During your retreat, you’ll be served with scenic views around the beautiful Banning State Park.

Located near the city of Sandstone in Pine County, Banning State Park has a wide range of fun and activities to offer for people of all ages. From swimming to rock climbing during the summer, and skiing to snowmobiling, you’ll always find something to do all year long here.

To help you plan the best journey to Banning State Park, Tripboba will share with you this travel tips to collect all the things you need to know. Let's get started!


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