Batangas Beach Resort: 6 Best Resorts Perfect for a Staycation

Batangas Beach Resort: 6 Best Resorts Perfect for a Staycation
Photo by Robin Kutesa from Unsplash.
SHARE - Batangas is a province in the Philippines. It is also known as a popular tourist destination because of the many points of interest that the place has, such as the Taal Volcano, Taal Heritage town, and the many charming beaches. 

Photo by Teamjonalynviray from Wikimedia Commons

While you’re in Batangas, you will be able to explore the numerous beaches located in different municipalities, such as the Laiya Beach in San Juan, Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Sampaguita Beach in Bauan, and many more.

Because of the many beautiful destinations, this makes Batangas a great place to visit for a vacation. And one of the most important things for a vacation is the accommodation. In this article, Tripboba will share several Batangas Beach resorts located in different municipalities in Batangas that have easy access to the beach.

Batangas Beach Resort

Batangas Beach Resort
Photo by Dan Tabifranca from Unsplash.

Laiya Batangas Beach Resort

Laiya is a beach located in San Juan, Batangas. Laiya Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in the Philippines that many people love because of its white sand and clear water. Here are three resorts located near Laiya Beach that can be a great option for accommodation.

1. Acuaverde Beach Resort

Photo by Acuaverde Beach Resort from Google Maps.

Acuaverde Beach Resort is a resort located in Lobo, Malabrigo, Laiya Rd, San Juan, Batangas. This resort is the perfect place to go if you want to stay in a quiet and serene atmosphere. By staying here, you will also get easy access to the white sand beach and clear water since the beach is located only a few steps away. 

There are various cozy guest rooms that the resort provides to accommodate the guests’ needs which come with standard amenities. Besides the amazing guestrooms, staying at this pet-friendly resort also allows you to play water sports such as kayaking, fly fishing, flyboarding, jet skiing, and many more

2. Palm Beach Resort

Photo by Palm Beach Resort from Google Maps.

Palm Beach Resort is another resort in Laiya, approximately in Barangay Hugom. This beachfront resort offers various types of accommodation for a honeymoon, family vacation, company retreat, as well as a great place for a wedding, party, and other special events. 

Here, you will be served with the view of the sea from your window. The greeneries that surround the hotel area also makes it a perfect place to relax and help you to get back in touch with nature. Water sport activities are also definitely possible to enjoy here, like snorkeling, speed boating, banana boating, and many more.

3. La Luz Beach Resort

Photo by La Luz Beach Resort from

La Luz Beach Resort is the perfect accommodation if you want a more private vacation. This small beachfront resort is located adjacent to a marine sanctuary in Hugom, which makes it a great place to enjoy nature, rejuvenate your body, and relax your mind.  

While you’re staying here, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the spa service they provide. Enjoy a relaxing massage by professional staff from the local Barangay.

Also, make sure to have a fun time enjoying the many outdoor activities that you can do at this resort, such as hiking, biking, windsurfing, diving, and many more.

Batangas Beach Resort

Batangas Beach Resort
Photo by Jonal Dela Cruz from Unsplash.

Nasugbu Batangas Beach Resort

Nasugbu is another municipality in Batangas that is also home to numerous beautiful beaches. Because of its beautiful beaches and number of resorts, Nasugbu was declared as a special tourism zone. Here are three resorts in Nasugbu that offer top quality accommodation.

4. Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort

Photo by Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort from

Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort is a resort located in Piloto. This beachfront resort is known as an ecotourism destination. One thing that you can’t find at other resorts in Batangas is the breakwater that allows the guests of Canyon Cove beach resort to swim safely.

Besides the breakwater, Canyon Cove beach resort also features the largest swimming pool in Batangas. The many activities that you can do at the resort, such as island hopping, paddle boarding, and snorkeling, make it a perfect destination for a staycation.

5. Pico Sands Hotel

Photo by Pico Sands Hotel from Google Maps.

Pico Sands Hotel is a hotel located on Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast Barangay, Nasugbu. This modern tropical-themed hotel offers various rooms that come with a view of the surrounding mountains and the lagoon. 

The hotel also features several dining spots that serve tasty seafood and Filipino dishes that you don’t want to miss. There are also many things to do during your stay at Pico Sands hotel that can make your stay even more fun, such as bowling, exploring a secret beach, sailing, and snorkeling.

6. Calayo Green Terrace

Photo by Pico Sands Hotel from Google Maps.

Calayo Green Terrace is a resort that is overlooking the South China Sea. This resort is a great place for a weekend getaway where you can explore the fishing village and have fun at the beach with light brown sand and blue-green water.

Here, you can have a relaxing time indulging in the stunning view of the sunset and the sea breeze. And if you’re up for more challenging activities, you can go kayaking in the bay and explore the water that is surrounding the resort.


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