Alameda Beach: All You Need to Know Before Visiting!

Nov 14, 2020 03:00 PM

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SHARE - The island of Alameda is a secret treasure of stunning beaches and shop-lined avenues in the Bay Area. You will see locals and other visitors winding their way through the town every afternoon to explore what it has to offer.

Alameda Beach CA

Alameda beach is a hidden game in Alameda, California. This beach should be on your top bucket list if your preferred spot to enjoy your holiday is a beach vacation. It's because Alameda has a bit of something for everybody, from military ships and hiking trails to arcades and museums.

So, what kind of summer break are you saving for this year? If Alameda beach has been your dream vacation, here Tripboba has gathered all the stuff you need to know about Alameda Beach. Check it out!

Alameda Beach Weather

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From 9 am to 5 pm, Beach Alameda is open. Going to the beach early in the morning is advised because you can enjoy the beach with a smaller crowd lining the beachside.

Explore the best things to do for free at Alameda Beach. The best thing you can do here is to stroll on the beachside of Alameda Beach against the backdrop of soothing waves. Don't forget to take some fun pictures of memories.

Crown Beach Alameda

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Crown Beach, Alameda provides a typical view of the Bay Area: downtown San Francisco in the background and cranes on the Port of Oakland's outskirts. However, what makes Crown Beach Alameda so perfect for families is that the water in the Bay is shallow for hundreds of feet. This results in an immense baby pool free of waves, the temperature of which has been warmed by the sun. As in a bathtub, even non-swimmers will frolic in the water and feel in control.

The sand's texture is okay; this is not Hawaii. The biggest attraction is that big wet sand areas make for lots of construction. Currently, every June, a huge Sandcastle Contest is held here. Up for a walk? On the paved path next to the sand, a ten-minute stroll leads to Crab Cove, where a visitor center holds aquariums and allows the public to come in for free.

For families who are likely to haul many things down to the ocean, a large parking lot makes life easy. Depending on if anyone works at the kiosk, it can cost $5 to park. From the intersection of Otis Ave and 8th Street in Alameda, enter the parking lot. Walk between the parking lot and the beach on the road.

Picnic tables on the edge of the road welcome you away from the sand to enjoy lunch. When you leave, a building with bathrooms offers a spot to clean off your feet. On the beach, dogs are not allowed. Bring your own shade as it completely reveals the sandy field.

Neptune Beach Alameda

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Alameda was the birthplace of Neptune Cove, the destination of a massive swimming pool and amusement park. The park was situated at the front of the beach, today known as Crab Cove. The attraction was the biggest outdoor swimming pool in the country, more than 300 feet tall, and had 8,000 changing rooms.

The park also featured a roller coaster with views of the bay, a hand-carousel, picnic areas, BBQ pits, and a dance clubhouse, in addition to the swimming pool. Steeplechase and horse trials, high-diving events, and tournaments for ballroom dancing were held. Any of the first synchronized swimming demos also featured it.

"By drawing thousands on weekends for special occasions such as boxing matches with John L. Sullivan and Jim Corbett, Neptune Beach Alameda resort" was made popular under the management of Fred J. Croll. It became "the Coney Island of the West" at Neptune Beach (1917-1939).

In 1870, Terrace Baths opened in Alameda before Neptune Gardens existed. Along with amusement centers, ballrooms, and saloons, the resort along the coast featured "baths" for swimming.

The Cottage Baths, including Ethel Barrymore, Al Jolson, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Jack London, were holiday cottage rentals and welcomed celebrity guests. The Croll Building (Central and Webster) was once the 1883-1914 Croll's Gardens and Hotel, famous for some of the greatest boxers of the day as training quarters, and many champions lived and practiced here.

Today, 1400 Bar & Grill is the home of this house. The house is designated as a Historical Landmark in California and is listed on the Historic Places National Register.


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