Blue Harbor Resort: A Paradise For Family Getaway All Year Round

Blue Harbor Resort: A Paradise For Family Getaway All Year Round
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SHARE - Offering a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan, Blue Harbor Resort always ready to giving you its best hospitality which is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States.

Before you book a room at this perfect spot for a family getaway, you need to gain some important information from the Blue Harbor Resort by reading this article thoroughly. Keep Scrolling!

Blue Harbor Resort Sheboygan

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When a cup of coffee cannot waking up every cell in your body in the morning, then you need to stay somewhere far from your home to mesmerized and recharge your energy with new vibes.

Overlooking the view from the Lake of Michigan, Blue Harbor Resort will accommodate your needs to stay with its world-class hospitality. Many rooms and some villas with chic and modern style are always ready for you to book all year round.

The Blue Harbor Resort also put some care to your tummy by providing four eateries on-site which serve a diverse range of Sheboygan dining options. In Beacon restaurant, you will be able to have delightful breakfast, lunch, until dinner which is located in the stunning lobby.

On the other hand, if you do not own plenty of time to have breakfast and only need some sips of coffee along with sandwiches, you may come to Shoreline Cafe.

Just in case you need some sips of wine in the middle of vacation, you may head to On the Rocks Bar & Grill which is also located in the lobby. The friendly bartenders will serve you right with what kind of alcohol drink that suit your mood.

Offering some snacks to wrap while waiting for your kids to have some splash at the waterpark, Rocky Bottom Snack Bar will be rescuing you from the hunger attack. Burgers, pizza, and fresh fruit are all the things they can offer for the kids. As for the adults, you can get a selection of beers and frozen cocktails.

Blue Harbor Resort Rooms

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It is not hard to find the most suitable rooms to meet your needs when you decide to stay overnight in the Blue Harbor Resort because there are many rooms to choose from. Here are the rooms that may suit your needs:

Captain Suite King

This room will make you feel like staying at your home with two bedrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen. The comfortable dining area with a warm fireplace will make you forgot that time also flies in the Blue Harbor Resort.

Kid Aquarium Suite

If you bring your kids with you, then, this room is should be on your top priority to book. The room has underwater-themed with murals of sea life. Your kids will have their TV and you will have your own too, so you don't need to share it with your children.

King Suite

This room is the smallest guest room which makes you able to watch the sun goes down from the balcony with a warm drink in your hand.

Family Suite

Family Suite is the most popular guest room in the Blue Harbor Resort which can accommodate up to 6 people with 2 queen-size beds. 

King Executive Suite

If you stay at the Blue Harbor Resort for a business trip, then this room is the best for you to stay. With the executive desk in the room, you will be able to finish your work before laying down in the comfy king size bed.

Boathouse Suite

This room is the best choice when you want to have private time with your family with a warm glow fireplace, larger living space, and the beautiful scenery from the balcony.

Whirlpool Suite

With a whirlpool tub and warm fireplace, this semi-private room will be giving you a comfortable stay which can accommodate up to 4 people to sleep.

Presidential Suite

Offering four comfy bedrooms, Presidential Suite can accommodate up to 8 people, and if you will be able to wake up by the beautiful view of Lake Michigan in front of your nose. The spacious private balcony is the perfect spot to relax all of your stress.

Blue Harbor Resort Villas

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Besides the guest rooms, the Blue Harbor Resort also capable to serve you right if you come in a group and willing to have private space with your group.

2 Bedroom Villa

Located in the lakeside, the 2 bedroom villa has a master bedroom with a king bed and 27-inch TV along with a master bath. The additional bedroom is accommodated with a queen bed, bunk bed, or queen-size sofa sleeper. This villa can accommodate up to 8 people to sleep.

4 Bedroom Villa

If you bring a larger group with you on vacation, then the 4 bedroom Villa can accommodate up to 14 people to sleep. there will be a master bedroom with a king bed and the other 3 will have queen bed-size, queen-size sofa sleeper, bunk beds, and two additional bathrooms.

The 4 Bedroom Villa is not handicap accessible, so you need to put more consideration if you bring people with the condition.

Blue Harbor Resort Spa

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Rejuvenate all of your cells on your body through a gentle treatment from the therapist at Blue Harbor Resort Spa. The highly skilled staff will serve you right with natural, organic, and vegan products. 

There are many kinds of packages which can be suited to your needs, so call them in advance to get the best deal.

Blue Harbor Resort Waterpark

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Giving your kids their time splashing with 84 degrees of water and they will make their happy memory in their life. While watching them having fun, you will be able to enjoy our relaxing time with some cold drinks in your hand. 

This waterpark is open all year round since it is one of the most popular indoor waterparks in Wisconsin. The concept of this indoor waterpark is large enough for the kids to do some fun but small enough for the adults to supervise the kids. Such an inviting place to have some fun with our kids, right?


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