Cacapon State Park Cabins

Cacapon State Park Cabins
Cacapon Resort State Park - Photo by d

Customize your comfortable retreat at Cacapon State Park. There are four types of cabins to choose from with the complete amenities you need. The total cabins are 31, with 13 of them are available year-round, and the other 18 cabins only available from April to October.

You can experience a comfy stay at home in one of the park's classic or vacation cabins. Meanwhile, if you expect to rest in a wooded area, you may love the legacy or economy cabins.

Cacapon Resort State Park - Photo by William Bird from Flickr

1. Classic Cabins

Classic cabins are entirely wooden building feature various rooms and bedding. Each cabin is equipped with a kitchen, electricity, linen service, bathrooms with showers, fireplaces, and cable TV. This type of cabin is suitable for those who expect like staying at home.

2. Vacation Cabins

Just like its name, Vacation cabins are great for family vacation camping. Cabins are more modern with heating and air conditioning. Television, microwave, outdoor grills, and refrigerator also available to use. The cabin is handicap accessible.

3. Economy Cabins

Economy cabins are wood construction. Each cabin provides electricity, water, a kitchen, and a combined sleeping area. 

4. Legacy Cabins

This type of cabin is also popular as CCC Cabins. It is made from a combination of wood and stone. Each cabin is also equipped with complete amenities.


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