Come to Lone Elk Park in Missouri and Find the True Happiness!

Nov 27, 2020 10:00 PM

Lone Elk Park - Photo by Mollyroselee from Pixabay
SHARE - Lone Elk Park has a thousand of happiness that will make you forget about the tiring and boring routines. If you've been planning to visit Lone Elk Park for a vacation, you are on the right page!

Inside this article, Tripboba will reveal to you what kind of happiness you can get in Lone Elk Park. So, let's get started!

1 Lone Elk Park Rd Saint Louis mo 63088   

Lone Elk Park - Photo by Scott Spaeth from Flickr

1 Lone Elk Park Rd St. Louis MO 63088, this is the exact address of Lone Elk Park if you are curious. Lone Elk Park is a beautiful park located in Saint Louise, Missouri, the United States. The natural beauty of Lone Elk Park is very well-maintained by St. Louis County, so do not worry about the loss potential of the park that maybe haunt you.

But, something you should know how Lone Elk Park gets its name. During World War II, Lone Elk Park was acquired by the US Government as store ammunition. And it wasn't until 1947 that the park was acquired by St. Louis County to be fixed. But, it was not over yet.

In 1950, the Korean War was started and made the Federal Government take back the park and killed all elks as food, and moved the bison for safety reasons. But the spirit of the park might guard one lonely elk to keep survive when they found it in 1964. Therefore, they chose "Lone Elk", a name for the park when it announced officially in 1966.

Of course, In this 546 acres (2.21 km2) of area, there are other animals in the park when you look carefully, like deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl. You may also find some fish in the lake of Lone Elk Park. Luckily, you can catch them now, after the fishing ban regulation that was announced in 2017 was officially lifted, even though you should do the reservation first and then you can catch them not for the purpose to eat; just catch and release. And remember, you also are not allowed to bring your domestic animals into the park. 


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