Deer Creek State Park: Where The History Left Its Traces

Oct 25, 2020 12:00 PM

Deer Creek State Park - Photo by
SHARE - Located on a long ridge which overlooked the majestic Deer Creek and its valley, the researchers found that Deer Creek State Park is an ancient native camp which officially opened as a state park in 1974. 

Lies near the eastern edge of Ohio's land, here are some important guidelines that may help you when exploring Deer Creek State Park. Keep scrolling!

Deer Creek State Park Ohio

Deer Creek State Park - Photo by

The researchers discovered that in the past around 2000 BC, the land where Deer Creek State Park was laid is inhabited by the nomads who camped. There were the hunters and gatherers who used the camp periodically throughout the year.

The nomads were not do farming, so they moved on into a new land when all of the plants and animals are not found anymore in the area. The researchers also discover burial sites near the camp, it means that the nomads were living in the sites over a period of time.

There is a rustic cabin that still keeps its place since 1918 which is owned by Harry M. Daugherty. The rustic cabin was built overlooking the valley and now it was named after President Warren G. Harding since he was visited the cabin at that time.

There is a lake in the Deer Creek State Park as the result of the construction of the dam which completely builds in 1968. 

If you make a plan to explore the Deer Creek State Park you have to make sure to bring your camera with you to catch come beautiful shoots of many wildflowers that grow with beauty spread along with the fields and the woodlands. If you come to the park in spring, then you will able to snap the Dutchman's breeches, rue anemone, trillium, spring beauty, and bloodroot.

But if the time allowed you to explore the park in summer, you will get thimbleweed, wild lettuce, jewelweed, and daisy fleabane as your object of photography. Just in case you come in the middle of autumn, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of aster, goldenrod, and chicory.

Besides the beautiful wildflowers which bloom in a different season, the Deer Creek State Park also home for tons of wildlife fauna. You will be able to meet the local amphibians such as the chorus frog, spring peeper, and American toad.

If you wonder what kind of wildlife mammals which living among them, then you will get the red fox, raccoon, opossum, woodchuck, skunk, rabbit, and white-tailed deer as the answer. Are there any birds that flock around the park? Yes, it is. There are eastern meadowlark, song sparrow, eastern bluebird, barn swallow, and woodcock are in the house.

Deer Creek State Park Lodge

Deer Creek State Park - Photo by

When exploring the Deer Creek State Park is not done in a day, then you need to book a room or a cabin at the Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center for your convenience and your family. Offering 110 guest rooms, 22 standard cabins, and 1 historical Harding cabin, the lodge is a perfect place for you who looking for not only a place to stay but also a place to getting away from the daily routine. 

All of the guestrooms have a private balcony to overlook the park, lake, and outdoor pool. With 8 types of rooms, you may find out which one is the most suitable for you whether you are staying with your beloved or your family.

But, just in case staying in a room make you feel stuffed, cannot get in touch with nature, and cannot bring your pets to stay with you, then staying in the cabins may be the best choice. Offering a spacious place to stay, the comforts that you get from the hospitality will make you feel at home.

Each cabin has a well-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, a shower, a living room, a dining place, and you can stay connected with the world through a WiFi connection.

If you want to have a more historical experience, then you need to make a reservation in advance at the Hardin cabin. The cabin still has the original structure but the facilities were upgraded into modern for your convenience. Fun fact, the Hardin cabin is already listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so staying there might be an unforgettable experience that you cannot be erased from your memory.

Deer Creek State Park Campground

Deer Creek State Park - Photo by

The best way to enjoy Deer Creek State Park as a whole is by building a tent in the middle of the woods. There are more than 200 electric campsites that will be ready to accommodate you and your family. The campsites have shady and sunny side, so you might choose the most suitable place to stay.

Every campsite has a shower, flush toilet, and a dump station so you do not need to worry about that. And there is also a volleyball, basketball, pickleball, and gaga ball course for your children to make a memorable memory by playing in the open nature.

You may rent a bike in the camp office if you want to explore nature through the biking trail. There are also 3 primitive equestrian sites especially for you who explore the Deer Creek State Park by riding your horses.


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