Diamond Valley Lake: Everything You Need to Know About This Popular Fishing Spot in California

Nov 24, 2020 03:30 PM

Diamond Valley Lake - Photo by Diamond Valley Marina from Facebook

Tripboba.com - Diamond Valley Lake (popular to be called as The Diamond) is a man-made off-stream reservoir located in California, known as a very good fishing place. it is one of the largest reservoirs in Southern California as well as one of the newest. The lake has a capacity of 800,000-acre feet, 260 ft deep, with over 4,500 surface acres.

Not only for fishing, but Diamond Valley Lake also offers other activities such as hiking around the lake. The first set of trails are along the northern hills overlooking the lake, while another one circumnavigates the lake. 

At the east dam area, you can find more amenities, including the Metropolitan’s partnership with the Valley - Wide Recreation and Park District developing a positive recreational environment. This area includes a swimming pool, soccer, and other fields. 

Diamond Valley Lake Fishing

Diamond Valley Lake - Photo by Diamond Valley Marina from Facebook

At Diamond Valley Lake, you will experience the best fishing in the state. This lake is renowned worldwide for its black bass fishing. A home to bluegill and redear sunfish, rainbow trout, and both blue and channel catfish. 

The lake attracts fishermen from all around the world who feel challenged to test their fishing skills against monster sized fishes in Diamond Valley Lake. If you’re a beginner, you may need some fishing tips! For example, if you want to catch bass, come to the lake when it’s a gloomy cool day in June. Top water lures in shad patterns are the most effective to catch this type of fish. 

As for trout, they tend to swim in deeper waters when the temperature rises. So, you will want to head to the west end of the lake – especially the southwest corner. 

Fishing permits are USD 3 per person. 


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