Eleven Mile State Park: A Breathtaking Tourist Destination You Can Visit Year-Round!

Nov 21, 2020 09:00 PM

Eleven Mile State Park - Photo by David Kusanagi on Google Maps

Tripboba.com - For those who are looking for great outdoor opportunities in Colorado should go to Eleven Mile State Park!

This park is a great destination for a day vacation or even several day trips. Get interested to visit Eleven Mile State Park? Tripboba brings detailed information about this park for you. Keep scrolling.

Eleven Mile State Park Colorado

Eleven Mile State Park - Photo by Nati Bont on Google Maps

Eleven Mile State Park is a decent state park of Colorado situated in Park County, 11mi south of Lake George, Colorado, United States. Built in 1970, this park is a 7,662-acre area that surrounds 3405 acres, the 5.5 miles long Eleven Mile reservoir.

There are 5-mile trails available for cyclists and hikers. Fish species that live in this area include rainbow, cutthroat, northern pike, and brown trout. The Eleven Mile Reservoir is well known for the thriving population of Kokanee salmon that is discovered in the river along the north side of the reservoir that is known as the Dream Stream. Also, this reservoir is known to be very windy in the afternoon.

A required daily vehicle parking card can be gained at the park entrance. Cottontail rabbits, coyotes, white-tailed rabbits, ground squirrels, and muskrats are usually seen in parks. The reindeer donkey, forked horns, hedgehog, weasel, black bear, and deer are seen occasionally.

Eleven Mile State Park Map

Eleven Mile State Park - Photo by Michelle Kantor-Hagarty on Google Maps

Eleven Mile State Park is located at 4229 Co Rd 92, Lake George, CO 80827. Find it through Map easily using this Maps: WFHJ+Q4 Lake George, Colorado.

Best Time to Visit Eleven Mile State Park Colorado

Eleven Mile State Park - Photo by joseph ritner on Google Maps

Eleven Mile State Park and Lake Gorge is an amazing region to visit no matter what season you go here. However, if you want to come at the warmest time, you can go in June, July, and August. 


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