Emma Long Park: A Wonderful Place in Texas You Should Never Miss!

Emma Long Park: A Wonderful Place in Texas You Should Never Miss!
Boating at Emma Long Park - Photo from austintexas.gov

Tripboba.com - Emma Long Park or also known as Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a pretty large park that is located at the northwestern park of Austin, Texas. This is a beautiful park that sits on the shores of Lake Austin.

Emma Long Park was also known as the City Park of Austin. There are so many interesting activities and things to see around the area of Emma Long Park in Texas, including the amazing open space, campsites for the campers, boat ramps, picnic tables, and many more.

You can also enjoy the clear water at Austin Lake and dip in your body and swim at it. Emma Long Park's top activity that is loved by many who visited this wonderful park in Texas is boating.

Emma Long Park Austin

If you are visiting Emma Long Park in Texas, Tripboba strongly recommends you to experience the boat ramps activities around the amazing Lake Austin. Come and visit Emma Long Park in Austin and enjoy the wonderful activity around the park with your loved one!

Are you currently looking for more information about Emma Long Park? You come to the right path! In this article, you will be provided with all information related to Emma Long Park exclusively by Tripboba.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Emma Long Park Nature Trail - Photo by sbmeaper1 from Flickr

Emma Long Park or also called Emma Long Metropolitan Park is a great place to conduct a variety of outdoor activities around the area of Texas.

They have so many things to check and experience including swimming activity, picnicking, sightseeing, boating, camping, and many more. Emma Long Park covers a total area of 1.784 miĀ² that also features so many great facilities for the visitors.

To enjoy all the fun at the Emma Long Park in texas, you will need an entrance pass that you can buy through the official online sites or go straight to the management's park. For day users at Emma Long Park, it will cost around USD 5 per day/vehicle from Monday through Thursday.

Meanwhile, on Friday through Sunday, the entrance fee to the park would be USD 10 per day/vehicle. If you only wish to have a walk-in or bike in at Emma Long Park, you can buy the pass for about USD 1 per day (Monday - Wednesday).

You will need a coin or credit if you want to do the walk-in or bike in on Thursday to Sunday. Multi-entry pass is also available for only USD 75 (maximum 20 entries per car) and USD 40 for the senior age of 62 and older. 

Emma Long Park Hours

Emma Long Park - Photo by Floyd Wilde from Flickr

Emma Long Park operates year-round all day starts from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can enjoy all the fun at the Emma Long Park in Texas in between the time that has been mentioned before.

You can stay the night in the park by reserving the amazing campsites at the park. Whether you want to have a day at Emma Long Park or you want to camp the nights, it is all possible thing to do at Emma Long Park in Texas.

Emma Long Park Camping

Emma Long Park - Photo from austintexas.gov

If you are coming to Emma Long Park for camping purposes, Emma Long Park has amazing campsites ready for you.

There are several types of camping sites at the Emma Long Park including the Primitive Camping Site (no utilities), Primitive Camping Site (with water), Premium Camping Site (Non-Waterfront with water & electric), Premium Camping Site (Waterfront with water & electric). You can choose one of the camping sites that will match your camping style.

For the Primitive Camping Site with no utilities around, you will be charged around USD 10.00 per night. The Primitive Camping SIte with water also costs around USD 10.00 per night.

Meanwhile, there is also the Premium Camping site where you can choose whether you will be close to the water or not that would cost around USD 20.00 per night for the non-waterfront site and USD 25.00 for the waterfront site. Please note that the premium camping sites are eligible for the 32" tent size. 

That is all the keynote that you need to know before visiting this wonderful park in Texas. Pack your belongings and invite your lovely family and friends to go and enjoy the fun activities only at Emma Long Park in Texas. If you need more information about travel planning, you can keep scrolling and find out more in Tripboba!


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