Explore Blue Mounds State Park to Meet the American Bison in Their Homeland!

Explore Blue Mounds State Park to Meet the American Bison in Their Homeland!
Blue Mounds State Park - Photo by dnr.state.mn.us

Tripboba.com - As part of the state park of Minnesota, United States, in Rock County, Blue Mounds State Park faithfully protects the American Bison which grazes on one of the state's largest savanna.

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Blue Mounds State Park MN

Blue Mounds State Park - Photo by dnr.state.mn.us

The local folklore said that in the past before the European settlement, the land where the Blue Mounds State Park lied is a place for bison hunter by the Native American. But, until nowadays there is no evidence to prove that the local folklore was right.

At first, the parkland was originally built as a mission to relieve the Great Depression in the north of the Blue Mound. As the years go by, the Blue Mounds State Park was continuing to grow up larger by additional lands added by the government and in 1989, the state park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

In the Blue Mounds State Park, you will be able to find four structures and one building, there are Upper Dam, Upper Mound Lake, Lower Dam, and Lower Mound Lake which were created in 1938. One building, a latrine was built from 1939 until 1942 in the current cart-in campground.

All the structures in the Blue Mounds State Park were considered an example of important historic buildings and architecture for their unique National Park Service Rustic. Surely, you will notice that two dams in the state park are great structures which can be blending into the natural rock walls of the creek.

As we explained before, the Blue Mounds State Park is a homeland for Bison and until nowadays there are over Bison live happily by grazing in the state park. The management of the state park is keeping the balance population of the Bison which close to the natural herd based on the sex ratios. So, there will be an auction in the fall to cut off the number.

You are not allowed to stay close to the fence line where the Bison herd because the Bison is unpredictable and it can be dangerous if one of them is getting provoke. Keep some distance is the solution. 

Blue Mounds State Park Camping

Blue Mounds State Park - Photo by dnr.state.mn.us

One of the popular things to do in Blue Mounds State Park is staying overnight in the middle of wild nature under the tent or simply to say camping. You only need to bring $11 with you and the staff will be offering you their best campsites. 

You will get a fire pit, picnic table, WiFi access, indoor showers, and restrooms. If you are riding your campervan, let the staff know and you can upgrade to the electric sites or RV sites with an additional fee.

*Pro Tip: If it possible, you need to book the campsite in advance to get the best angle while watching the sunset or sunrise. Seriously, the view is no joke!

Not all of the campsites are wheelchair accessible, there is only one in the electric sites and the other one in the non-electric campsite. It would be better to tell the staff if you bring people with the condition.

If pitching a tent or parking a campervan is not your thing, you can also doing glamping in the Blue Mounds State Park.

Your $11 is worth it because you will get free access to do Bison and Prairie Tours and some miles of hiking trails. But for the firewoods, you need to spend $6 for some bundles.

Blue Mounds State Park Hiking Trails

Blue Mounds State Park - Photo by dnr.state.mn.us

Two popular hiking trails become the favorite of the hikers when in Blue Mounds State Park. The first one is the Quarry Trail that will lead you towards the iconic red rock cliffs. This trail is considered an easy trail, so if you are a beginner this trail is for you to challenge your skill.

the second one is Eagle Rock which also becomes the highest point of the state park. The view that you will get once you reach the peak is incredible!

The other trail to climb is Bur Oak Trail which only 0.75 miles away but it has steep terrain and bare rock. Besides, there is also a 1.5 miles Upper Cliffline Trail which has a gradual hill that goes along the upper edge of the cliff line of the pink color rock.

On the other hand, if you want to explore the grassy and flat trail, you can hike through a mile of Lower Cliffline Trail.

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