Explore Enchanted Forest BC and Let Your Kids Lost in the World of Fantasy!

Explore Enchanted Forest BC and Let Your Kids Lost in the World of Fantasy!
Enchanted Forest BC - Photo by enchantedforestbc.com

Tripboba.com - Do your kiddos start whining about their next adventure they would explore this upcoming holiday? If yes, then you should make a plan to bring your kids to Enchanted Forest BC. This fairy tale-themed recreation area will perfectly actualize their imagination about some of the popular characters in the fairy tale book.

What are those characters and what are the most fun activities to do there? Well, look no further! You are landing on the right page because Tripboba will guide you visually through this handy guide before you bring your kiddos to Enchanted Forest BC.

Ready to explore? Here we go!

Enchanted Forest Sicamous, BC

Enchanted Forest Sicamous, BC
Enchanted Forest BC - Photo by enchantedforestbc.com

Initiated by Doris Needham who is an artist in Revelstoke, Enchanted Forest BC is her dream-come-true natural growth forest which she made wholeheartedly. It is during the 1950s when she started to make the first fairy tale figures using cement and shape them by hand.

After two years, she finally found a place which is suitable to put her handiwork and it is located between Sicamous and Revelstoke, British Columbia. She is not working alone, along with her husband Ernest, she named the forest Enchanted Forest.

In the early years, it is not an easy job for her and her husband to build the natural growth forest, since the location is isolated. But, it does not become a big problem because her love for nature is bigger than that.

In 10 years, they developed the land until it reached 40 acres and purchased the property which originally leased from the Kingdom. The trails where the tourist can easily step on today were made by hand only using ordinary tools such as shovels, picks, and a crosscut saw.

You can find the "Candy Cane" house which builds by Ernest to live with his beloved wife. A gravity water system powered by the waterfall across the highway was also still can be explored by your kids to learn about how powerful our nature is.

After so many years of effort, Enchanted Forest BC officially opened its door on July 1st, 1960 for the public with the giant mushroom as the only building. Start packed with tourists in 1962, Ernest keeps continuing the construction of the Candy Cane house along with the nature trail which all of were made by hand.

Enchanted Forest BC - Photo by enchantedforestbc.com

All of the original construction was ended in 1970 and it has successfully brought one million tourists to visit. The family of Needham personally guides the tour and tells about the history of the Enchanted Forest BC in detail.

But, there is a point where they cannot handle service anymore since the number of tourists who come to the Enchanted Forest BC keeps increasing every year. So, they sold their belove forest. You can still embrace their love for nature through the vibes which radiate in every building and construction at the Enchanted Forest BC.

Nowadays, your kids will easily find any fun things to do at Enchanted Forest BC such as strolling around the forest while mesmerizing over 350 jolly folk figurines, the grandest tree house, a giant cedar stump house, castle, and any other interesting figures.

Available for all ages, the SkyTrek Adventure Park also an attraction of the Enchanted Forest BC that you cannot miss to be explored to rising up your adrenaline and giving a new fantastic experience for your beloved kiddos. Challenge yourself through some fun activities in the SkyTrek such as freefall, swing, jump, climb, and zip from the 15 meters off the ground.

Besides, there is also a boardwalk that will lead you to the wildlands of the lush BC forest and if you want to explore its wetlands, you can ride the paddle boat to see beaver dams, lodges, frogs, and lily pads in the wetland beaver pond.

Lastly, if you are exploring Enchanted Forest BC in the Fall, you can see the Kokanee Sockeye, Spring, Cohoe salmon, and Rainbow trout coming across to the Eagle River which located in the northern side of the forest.

How is it? Rady, to bring your kids to Enchanted Forest BC this upcoming holiday? Tell us about your experience later!


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